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  1. Working.... looking forward to a year of unlimited overtime with total job security until I decide to retire...... within weeks overtime was banned....... summer was spent under the threat of redundancy..... now back on flexi-furlough..... think I’ll be ok until next autumn when they’ll start redundancy talks again....... but you’d never have believed every McDonald’s would close!!
  2. I hope I’m wrong but I suspect with another 9 possibly 12 months being closed, the fixtures and fittings are going to be destroyed by the Thai weather....... to reopen is going to take a big investment at the end of the zero revenue pandemic...... new tables and chairs...... new kitchen...... before you start paying for ingredients and entire new range of alcohol
  3. I need to take my holiday entitlement before April..... so I’m looking around the world to see where is easiest.... if I end up escaping that’s my Thailand money gone, since most other places seem to be much more expensive.....
  4. If your retiring 10 years early,as well as all that, then I’m seriously envious....... otherwise the important point was born after 1966
  5. Worldwide this pandemic has had a dreadful financial impact on people born between 1965 and 1975.... those not quite retired, they haven’t quite realised the effect on their pensions...... even those with a relatively generous golden government pension aren’t going to be in the same position as those a couple of years older. the days of retirement abroad is numbered, if Westerners aren’t following it has a knock on effect on those already there
  6. Hopefully light at the end of the tunnel, vaccine should slowly improve things over the coming year...
  7. @mistereggloved your interview with Larry...... desperately looking forward to the next instalment An idea for a future interview...... how about a three way interview withDevils Den @Cerberus and his wife..... arguably one of the most successful and innovative businesses in Pattaya ...... but good to hear about running a business together and a successful relationship ....... sure they’d have some weird stories to tell!!
  8. OMB....... some great bars gone forever....... even looked like Tequila Reef is closed, it’s glory days were long behind but it had stumbled along. Really makes you wonder whether Pattaya as a whole will ever be able to recover, there will be so much prime real estate available it could be a building site for decades
  9. In the west pre COVID you can build a substantial business ....... have a very nice lifestyle and eventually sell it for enough to provide a nice retirement pot. Le Pub has very little value once the personality leaves...... so I hope Phil is saving wisely
  10. They can only survive if the government continues to support them........ absolutely ridiculous considering Thailand has consistently been one of the worlds top tourist destinations for the last fifty odd years
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