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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. In the west pre COVID you can build a substantial business ....... have a very nice lifestyle and eventually sell it for enough to provide a nice retirement pot. Le Pub has very little value once the personality leaves...... so I hope Phil is saving wisely
  2. They can only survive if the government continues to support them........ absolutely ridiculous considering Thailand has consistently been one of the worlds top tourist destinations for the last fifty odd years
  3. Emirates was run by a foreigner but still gave huge numbers of freebies to their extended royal family.......
  4. Convenient........ suspect the fuel company knew who was on board !!
  5. Big news.... this pandemic is devastating British aviation
  6. Great news...... always enjoyed my visits over the past decade...... @PattayaPete would be nice to see ongoing photos as you go forward
  7. It really depends what you want..... with a condo you usually get a bigger pool, a gym, your more likely to hangout with your neighbours rather than just pass the time. You can just lock your condo and go explore the country without too many worries But a house is more people’s idea of a home
  8. But also a lot of dividends went to ordinary peoples pension funds
  9. If anyone is really interested in buying in Nirun there are plenty of decent YouTube reviews to watch...... I think Kev in Thailand did a decent one but really you need to rent a unit for a few months first
  10. All countries will follow Thailands lead...... those already retired are the very lucky ones...... in ten years time retirement abroad will be impossible
  11. 20 or 30 years ago, southern Spain had a hugely successful tourist industry..... the "government " decided they wanted a different type of holidaymaker......... destroyed the holiday industry and now the whole country has been destroyed...... It was the arrogance and mentality of the Spanish government who destroyed Spain and that is the same with the Thai government...... it's not just Pattaya that will fail but the whole country
  12. Renting gives you flexibility to move around..... do you really want to spend all your retirement in one town..... I'd fancy six months in Cambodia ..... would I do that if I'd bought somewhere.... maybe not!!
  13. It would seem to me there are a few characters in Pattaya who seem to be generous with their sponsorship and advice:- I'm thinking:- Devils Den, Retox, Le Pub
  14. I'm always committed to flight times and therefore have few options. I always book direct with the airline. Can't see the point of saving £25ish, in case things go wrong. Recently I've had quite a few upgrades to business class, only one leg but very nice. Don't think I would have been chosen if I'd booked indirectly
  15. Blast films have been around for a long time, so know how to make money out of tv..... Be very careful
  16. I thought they had disappeared from the UK, where can I buy one?
  17. That map is real clever, thanks. Made any others that might be of interest??
  18. Anyone know about availability of girls?
  19. She states that most come across the border from Burma, but that country seems to be above criticism here in the UK. Aung San suu kyi, is viewed by the BBC as someone close to godlike and the country is beyond pure somewhere back in the 19th century
  20. I think they should have a sin bin, give the other side a 10 or 20 minute advantage, then normal play resumes... Much fairer for the fans who have spent a fortune to go and watch what should have been a fabulous game
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