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  1. LBJ

    Game show

    Since I'm not really into back door entrances, I'll guess "Luck be in the air tonight".
  2. Just down the street is the Metro Apartments bar run by a amiable Irishman.
  3. I flew on one from JFK business class and I thought it was terrific for the price. Transferring through Guangzhou was a breeze and the lounge was decent. Even had time for a shower. The only negative I found was some of the FA's English skills were lacking and they had apparently never heard of a Bacardi and coke.
  4. The Enterprise circa 1988-1989 visiting Pattaya. The last time I have personally seen a US Navy ship from the beach
  5. I hate to say it but there's more tomatoes on that garden salad then I get here.
  6. I prefer to go east because it seems to me that total travel times are shorter and arrival times are better. To Dubai you will be able to get nonstop flights, most others probably one stop choices. For Melbourne, maybe 1 or two.
  7. It does have excellent food. They will also deliver to the other bars in the Soi LK Metro area that do not have their own kitchen such as the Metro Apartments. I often order from the Golf Club when I am staying at the Metro.
  8. I haven't stayed there in a while but I remember my room having an Ethernet port by the desk and they supplied the cable.
  9. The Avenue is a tough place for whatever reason. I ate at that All American last year and knew then that it's days were numbered.
  10. The newer wing is the Evergreen which is behind the original wing and has easy access to the street that runs behind the Avenue shopping center. The second pool you saw is gone and was replaced with a better pool and an exercise room. In my opinion the Evergreen is where you want to stay.
  11. That's ok, this good cheap hotel question quickly became a motorbike rental thread. Yes, the FLB is closed and now only history.
  12. Yes, you could say this thread has become a goat rope.
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