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  1. On Par Planet Hollywood.. Oh My God it's a Full Reuben "Sandwich" - OMG fuul ruben
  2. Okay Try the "Pla Tub Tim" "Khao Soi8" "Combo Meal Deal" - Okay - Can Do - Eat Already?
  3. Okay - "they raised your awareness" - Dificult to deal with the pay to the hotel - Suggestion: Agree/Suggest to pay on a weekly Basis. And arrange the pay for Room to be minimal on Checkout. Hotel then assured to the pay from your creditcard.. Consider Hotel into some kind of "Management Sort Cash/Cashflow-Problem" - Tips for Maids :: 40 Baht - Pattaya - Try Apex Hotel - You don't need more - myfriend - Sure - 100 procent....
  4. Thailand will have medals in womens weightlifting. betting bets up..
  5. 16 October 2005 - Dear Sirs - Re: BUFFET NEW PRICE - Due to many raw materials, food cost and ingredients in our kitchen are day by day increasingly, and could not control by both our supplier and our purchaising power. > We, therefore, wish to advise all our patrons and friends that, beginning on november 2005. The buffet price will be changed to :- Buffet breakfast @ 110.- Child @ 60.- Buffet Dinner @ 180.- Child 100.- > This decision was reached after careful consideration, to allow our food and service team to work with a full confidence in our best buffet'
  6. Thanks Newbie, Hired Hand. Thanks for the info photos look real good, very nice rooms. Take care the Homophobics on this Board. Smut Sauna.
  7. I, want a HOT chick to read out her MENU
  8. I searched my pockets, only small change. A thaigirl must be running: "The book of all accounts"
  9. Year 2007(next year) Loi Krathong will then be saturday 24th. november. Full moon this day.
  10. The Honey Inn Hotel is situated in Soi Honey, a soi conecting Second Road and Soi BuaKaow, entrace to this Soi is at the Bay Breeze Hotel, I think You can do this hotel and feel good, personally stayed at Apex Hotel for 2 visits 3-4 week stay. Some Hotel-sites have photos from a rooftop pool at the Honey Inn.
  11. Flipper Lodge - Soi 8 has King size beds. Can't remember the roomnumber, I think more than the room personally tested has King sized bed. Enjoy
  12. The code of the new airport will be: BKK. Departure tax will be 700 Baht, I have seen this mentioned in "Pattaya Mail"
  13. Hi http://www.goldtraders.or.th/ price for 9 dec. 2005:10200Baht/Baht Some shops sell 92% gold or pure thaigold(96.5%)
  14. Oh. I forgot - Lao Drone Music. Sour food. girl friend tell me. Sure.
  15. I visited the toilet (no water - no towel - Nothing) Norwegian standard. Up to You.
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