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  1. I hear Leicester City are in town this week in a training exercise!! Anyone see them about on the town??
  2. gulf baggage allow goes up 30 kg if you join their FF Programme
  3. jogsuk


    I went with Jet in September and they were ok and reasonable! The weight allowance was around 30kg in economy.
  4. Its an option at that price!! and only 90 minutes stop over!
  5. They have been reinstated back in June/July 2009!
  6. Just seen this airline offer of BHX to BKK for £330 including all taxes. Anyone tried them yet?? Good price and 30Kg weight allowance on luggage. It has a 2 hour stop over in Tehran (Iran). For those on a budget no a bad deal!! http://www.mahanairline.co.uk/ Have a look
  7. I used mr dream transport for both bkk to pattaya and the return (sept 09). Booked both trips beforehand and found then to excellent in both directions.
  8. Just got back from LOS and all I can say is that the taxi and driver turned up carried my bags and were helpful. The cars were comfortable and the air con worked. Plus got 100 batts knocked off for being a FLB member. I've seen some shit written on this site about it but my experience is as above for whats it worth!!
  9. hi, i'am in sabai lodge right now the wifi is good on all floors, router on each floor! just seen sabai inn they have a promotion on right now 700 batts a night, good rate! have fun!
  10. jogsuk

    Gulf Air

    have flown with gulf several times and have been good! If you join there FF programe your baggage allowance goes up by 10kg!! have fun!
  11. Hi all, Just booked my next trip and will be goinf to Pattaya! I have also booked with Mr Dream Transport for 1100 from Bkk to patts and 800 for the return. I'll keep you informed of my experience.
  12. Try jimmy mac's on soi 6!!
  13. Hi all, I arrive at BKK on the 2nd Sept! anyone wanna share taxi ride to Pattaya from airport?? I arrive at 1855hrs. thanks
  14. are you allowed to smoke it the taxi?? Thanks
  15. Thanks for that! Jet Airway from Lhr to Bkk via bombay for £365 for sept
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