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  1. thanks for the replys, coming from glasgow sounds like its easy and convenient to get from picadilly to airport, scotty
  2. not sure if this is in the right place, but here goes, approx how long does it take between manchester airport and the main train station , coming into town from scotland. scotty
  3. thanks for the reply guys looks like the 600 is as good as you get, just paid 495 from abz in sept with air france so looks like fares are on the increase, tom was that kingfishers own website ? bratpack interesting suggestion but think ill stick to being a cheap charlie lol hmmm basle never thought about that before scotty
  4. looking for cheapest fare mid feb returning mid april, prices i have seen seem to be a bit steep, maybe its because were out in the sticks (aberdeen). cheapest ive seen is 606 for emirates from glasgow.looked at the usual sites but quoting 700 and above for these dates, have any of you guys seen cheaper fares anywhere ive missed, or am i better holding off a bit yet. scotty
  5. thanks for the replies guys so looks like emirates giving all econmy passengers 30 kg is a good bet, failing that oman air cheers guys scotty
  6. can anyone tell me which airlines give a 30kg baggage allowance on joining their frequent flyer programmes scotty
  7. stayed there a couple times as previous poster says at 550/600 baht great value for money,the staff were very friendly and did everything to make sure your stay was enjoyable one of the night time receptionists used to sleep on the floor behind the desk scotty
  8. flown in buisness class with china a few times there service is quite good and planes usually on time from amz but often late from bkk, their safety record was not that great at one time but seems to have vastly improved of late i often call gazelle travel newcastle as they are speciallists/ agents china airlines and can often get things done that others cant scotty
  9. intown does have a lift also last time i stayed there was night a time receptionist scotty
  10. as far as i am aware the answer is no, she starts work at 9 am and finishes at 9 pm so i would think that would be enough for anybody gunshy best way to make sure of an appointment is to send pi an email asking for a booking bj
  11. on my next trip to los i will have a long(7 hr) layover in amsterdam since i have lost my gold card status with klm was looking at going into the menzies lounge £17 entry fee anybody used them and do they have a time limit on staying in them of 3 hrs like executive lounges bj
  12. alan at the present it is 80,000 airmiles from uk to bkk or 160 k business class. scotty
  13. there was some good advice posted on this before, mainly concerning the dog about its age etc and would it aclimatise to living in los, after all its the dogs welfare that is the most important factor in this, worth a thought maybe bj
  14. flew about 10 times with air asia inter thailand routes this trip cheap and cheerfull, no seats allocated but never been all that bothered on short haul, anything you want to eat or drink you have to buy but no probs there, quite often a wee bit late and usually have to be bussed in at bkk airport, all in all well worth flying with them for the savings involved bj
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