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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for those replies. FWIW, LK Empress got poor reviews from a friend who stayed there a couple of years ago. He said it simply wasn't worth the money. I'm thinking that they will want to be someplace on/near beach road or just off so they can walk up a block to get a bus to soi 6 or simply hop a bus to to walking street. I'm gonna give them the layout and hope to hook them up with a bar owner or manager who will give them the lowdown as they are not afraid to spend in a bar so it will pay off for both parties.
  2. I have some Chinese-American friends stopping off in Pattaya for a couple of nights. There Chinese friends in Bangkok are trying to get them to stay in The Hard Rock Pattaya. I told them they are nuts, probably a joiner fee, too expensive, and if they try to bring multiple girls back to the rooms they might have issues. These guys speak English pretty well, are not cheap, and they want a nice place that is close to the action and will allow them to monger at will for the short time they are in town. I should note, they are looking for a traditional style hotel with restaurant, etc as
  3. What would a unit like this rent for...realistic... and what are the costs to the owner? I know real estate is not the best investment for short - mid term growth but income potential seems like it might be better in Thailand due to the lower costs (mainly property taxes and condo fees) involved. Am I missing something? If I invested 30K and could eek out 7% vs. Investing 30K in a condo in Thailand vs. Investing 100K in a condo in the US with crazy property taxes and condo fees. I own rental property here in the US so I do understand some of the risks involved.
  4. I don't speak a lick of Thai, but it's obvious this woman has some underlying issues. The two cops are obviously married and have been through this before :) Yes, in the West should would have been tazed several times and restrained. I think the cops did a pretty good job, a bit of Mayberry going on there :)
  5. I like ambien. It does have strange side effects on some of it's users. I think the key would be to not take a drug for the first time when you are XX,000 feet in the air. I also have this strange problem, well not so strange really, in that I almost constantly feel like I need to take a piss (that's urinate for our Allies) when I'm on a long flight. I don't know if it's the unfortunate angle of the seat or the cabin pressure or a combination or what. I feel it much less in business or first class but it's still there. I sit very little in real life, I stand all day at work, if I
  6. Entourage meets...well,errr...Entourage. The song was OK right up until the ending when it got stupid right at the end. I did like how they managed to get Ronald McDonald into the shot, just before it went right back into that scene from every Entourage scene. I rather enjoyed that rant :)
  7. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I find myself saying that more and more as time goes on.
  8. That review actually made me hungry...for Pizza. Pizza comes in so many varieties of crust and sauce that it's hard to pin down a favorite. However, if one ever finds oneself in New Haven, Ct. please do try: Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
  9. Right Said Fred! And to think all these years we have been making fun of him...
  10. I never knew that's what they made canola oil from. Interesting.
  11. Nursing a cracked rib (or two). I was driving through Stoke-on-Trent and passed by a most beautiful field of rapeseed crop in full bloom. I asked my friends to stop the car and let me out to take a picture (to send to a girl back in the USA I have been chatting with...hoping to move on to the next level). So I jumped out and ran over to the field and took this nice photo with my iphone. Happy as a clam, I turned and trotted back to the car. Just as I reached the end of the grass I tripped over something and flew face down towards the pavement. My iphone went for a spin and I manage
  12. Siam international. Top of Soi six just across second road. I've used them countless times over the years. All my shirts and suits come from them. The shirts are top notch and some lasted years, even with constant pressing and heavy starch. Definitely not a tout or scammer. He's even stopped to see me and take orders in the USA on the way to visit family here. http://www.siamintertailor.com/
  13. I think you will find that any major Asian carrier is a breath of fresh air compared to Delta, United, etc. Try booking with United, if it's cheaper, but look for flights operated by another airline. This will allow you to build Star Alliance miles but maybe fly ANA, Thai, etc. Although sometimes ANA has good prices when you book direct with them. I just don't know how that would work from your home airport. My last Star Alliance flight was in a first class suite for about 130K miles with Asiana... absolute heaven. I could have just gotten back on that flight and done it all over agai
  14. Among other things, the review said the newer seats are harder and less comfortable than the economy seats.
  15. Oh sweet baby geezus, I'm flying United from Newark to Manchester in a couple of days. Pitty me. I got an upgrade to premium economy, then read the reviews that it's actually worse than economy...
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