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  1. The first time I visited this mall I was impressed with the set up of the London, Paris, Italy, San Francisco, and Tokyo locations. However saying that there is absolutely nothing in there that I would buy. I have been there a few times now for an air conditioned walk after I have had my lunchtime meal to burn off a few cals. The toilets are hiso with automatic spray speeds and a heater to dry up your ass. Just a novelty ...Give me a squirter on a hosepipe any time.
  2. Before I moved to Pattaya, drove up there with the GF on motorbike and took it over on the ferry. Stayed at the Sichang Palace Hotel on the Island close to the dock and restaurants. It did have a pool. Drove around the island and it looked to be the best Hotel at the time. Others around the island on secluded beaches were more like wooden beach chalets. Also stayed in Sriracha in the Seaview hotel and had a night out in the bars. This has a view to the jetty and also to the Koh Loy Island Park which is worth a visit where I have eaten out many times (Thai food) My Island visit was 7-years ago and there was very little tourism at the time. It is probably more commercialized now with better facilities. And probably overrun with Chinese. View of Koh Loy Park from Sriracha Seaview Hotel View of jetty from Sriracha Loading the motorbike on the boat Good seaworthy vessel lol
  3. You could call me a bit of an expert on the matter or a bloody idiot whatever. In November took the car on another road trip up to Vientiane in Laos and then Chiang Rai/Golden Triangle/Chiang Mai and stopped off at a number of other places on route. Just a note that I have a heavy right foot on the gas. Speeding tickets started to arrive a day or two after I got back to my house. One on the way up from Korat to Udon Thani on the 11th Nov and four on the road back from Sukhothai to Bangkok within a 2-hour period. 11th Nov Time 12:22 Speed 120km/hr 25th Nov Time 08:47 Speed 144km/hr 25th Nov Time 09:22 Speed 128km/hr 25th Nov Time 0930 Speed 129km/hr arrived in post 20th Feb 2018 that is 3-months later 25th Nov Time 09:51 Speed 128km/hr These were paid at the Krungthai Bank (Pattaya Klang) 500 baht + 20 baht charge. Take your Passport. They have a bar code and can be scanned. All in all the road trip cost me an extra 2600 baht.
  4. Was wandering around the Harbor Shopping Mall yesterday, the place was almost empty. This did make me lol Would bet my house on it that it was a lady driver.
  5. Yesterday sat across from the GASC in Jolly's having my eat all you can Sunday roast for 259 baht. See that the lights are out and again today as I past.
  6. Yes, another 5-hours of my life but it is one of those chores you have to do. I did take my ear phones to listen to some music and was also busy taking some notes and pics. Foreigners queue at 07:30 Waiting for my number at desk 11 Doing the brake and colour test Mini TV Monitor Desk numbers 1 & 2
  7. Yesterday went to the LRO near Regents School to renew my car and motorbike licences. Time Line. 07:00 drive to centre and park up. 07:30 join the queue in front of main doors on the left-hand side for foreigners. At least 18-people in front of me. 08:05 Guy comes outside and gives a speech in Thai. Lets in the Thais first on the right-hand side and then foreigners. 08:10 Given a White ticket number 13 and sit down inside (ground floor) and wait for my number on the board. 08:50 Go upstairs for paperwork to be checked. 08:55 Given Red Ticket number 48 which says wait in training room 1. 09:10 Taken outside training room to cubicle to do reaction test, accelerator green lights and brake. And to do colour test red, green, yellow circles. Hand in ticket 48 to tester. I have passed the test. 09:30 Back to training room 1 to watch the video, the out-takes and re-run of video. 10:35: Basket of paperwork brought into training room and Thai numbers called first then foreigners with Passports and old driving licences. (Remember your number to collect Passport) 10:50 Join queue outside for desk number 15 to hand in paperwork and pay 555 baht car and 305 baht for motorbike licence. 11:00 Given Green ticket number 134 and wait to be called. 11:25 Go to desk number 2 to have photo taken and give paperwork to desk number 1. Then sit down and wait to be called. 11:40 Name is called and back to desk number 1 to pick up licences and receipts. 12:15 Arive back in Pattaya. Documents required: Passport. Car and Motorbike Licences. Copy of licences front and back. Residence Cert from Immigration. Copy of residence Cert. (one each for car and motorbike) Passport face page 2-off TM 6 Card 2-off Did not need: Copies of Visa. Old Passport or copy of old Passport (number on old licence) Other info: Grease up with mosquito cream/spray as it is infested at the test centre both inside and outside the building. Capacity of training room 1 is only 60-people so I guess you would have to wait for the second sitting if the number was over 60. When waiting to get photo the second sitting was in the cubicle doing the reaction test. Noted there was only around 15-people. I was in row number 4 in the training room and could just make out the English sub titles from the video. You also need to be a fast reader. Sub titles were in white and when there was a white background even more so. The TV was 40-inch max so if you were seated in the back-row number 10 you would have needed binoculars. No joke. To be honest the video was only informative on speed limits and fines and/or imprisonment for drunk driving. The road crash scenes with blood and guts was also worth watching. Most Thais attention span lasted around 15-minutes before they were asleep or playing with their mobile phones. Useful to take photo of your red ticket number. Told by the document checker that the renewal period was 1-month before and up to 3-months after the expiry date. If you get stopped by the Police, then there could be a problem. If you go a couple of days after your birthday (expiry date) then you will get almost 6-years validity. Hope this info is useful.
  8. A couple of photos from my walk yesterday on the way down to PBG. I have seen it much worse than that were you could almost walk on the floating debris and after rain the sea was black. Saw what looked like a Russian lady in the sea with a baby. Personally I would not dip my big toe in there.
  9. Yes the New Thai passport office is open on the top floor of the Avenue, one floor above the Robin Hood Bar. I was planning another trip to Laos so took the GF in there yesterday at 16:05 and came out 16:25. Closes 16:30. I counted 7- cubicles with fingerprint reader and digital cameras all set up. Only one other Thai person in there. 20-minutes and all the paperwork was done and paid for. Thai Passport in the post next week. 1040 baht. Very efficient.
  10. Last week found myself eating in Retox. Whilst everyone was having the baht busting breakfast I tried the Wednesday special which was the chicken tikka masala. The pompadoms were a little oily but otherwise not bad for 149 baht that's including a SML beer. Offer open for the month of July I did not realize Robin Hood in the Avenue and Naandos are all part of the same group. Photo taken outside the Avenue.
  11. I have re-named Chayapoom as 'Soi Pot-hole' Someone once told me that the road was owned by Toyota...not sure if that is true but possibly why it has never been fixed.
  12. Yes it was 3,000 baht, apparently Somchai used the credit card online but Barclays Bank UK flagged this up and blocked the card after around 11,000 baht of purchases. Made me laugh that he had to raid his 2-year old kids account at the ATM as he had run out of cash. The thieves must have been working in pairs as he was distracted with someone putting paste on his face whilst the other was rifling his pocket. Misdirection.
  13. Been here nearly 6-years now. Originally came with the intention to buy. Rented first apartment on the Darkside with tennants above and either side. Too noisy and too far from town 5Km. Now rent a house in the centre only 10-minutes walk from the beach and bars, yes location is paramount. I like the freedom that I can move anytime and if the shit does hit the fan for any reason I can open the safe, grab my passport and get the fcuk of here.
  14. Played golf on Friday with a Swedish guy who told me he was celebrating Songkran on Beach Road carrying a plastic wallet to keep his mobile phone and 3,00 baht dry. He noticed his wallet had been cut open but just lost the cash. Today my mate told me a similar story. He was a prime target carrying his kid in his arms, velcro pocket opened and wallet stolen with a shit load of Credit/Debit cards UK/Thai, Thai ID, and driving licences. One of the UK cards was used 5-times buying computer games in the first hour. WTF he was carrying all that lot on him I do not know....in retrospect. Anyway he spent an hour cold and soaked to the skin in the Police station reporting this. Told me many farrang also in there with wallets cut open lost money and documents. Just a warning that large gatherings are a prime opportunity for the thieving bastards....LOS it is not.
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