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  1. Bloody Hell I've just had a right scare! I woke up to check the scores and saw 8-0 ....It took a few seconds to realise it was Wigan not WBA !! 0 - 0 is fine for me ...Goodnight!!
  2. Today was my 3rd and final visit for root canal surgery treatment and, as promised, here is how much everything cost. 1. Initial consultation - as previously reported, 800 baht for consultation, x-ray and temporary filling 2 Root canal surgery - 10,000 Baht for 3 visits. - First visit to remove nerve - 2nd visit to remove temporary filling, clean and refill - 3rd visit to remove temporary filling clean and rebuild my tooth and fill permanently. My tooth had lost about a third of its outer "shell"and she took quite some time but it was definitely worth it. I can't afford a cap at the moment and am sure this solution will do me for a couple of years! As reported earlier, I am a coward but the treatment that I received in both medical terms and service was perfect!
  3. Well....Am I too early to resurrect this thread??? Brilliant 3 points today v Swansea, we need 4 points in 3 games.... Two posters in this thread need mentioning. Skygod: Are you watching???? Wig and Pizzle: I wonder if that was Simon from Retox...from Rotherham and a Leeds fan....
  4. Sorry, my spelling isn't that great. I meant "A far more expensive girl" .....
  5. Thanks. A far more expressive girl... Ammy was more Freemans catalogue ....even if she laid on her back with a double dildo inside her she would still have a detached look....This one, however,doesn't need to show her "bits" to look sexy! Well Done!
  6. I swear it was the death of Wetherspoons on Buakhao when they got rid of the Manager that brought in all the beer choices ... but I still have my free "Donker" glass from there ..
  7. Fucking brilliant! You have caught her look perfectly. That mouth, those eyes and that ass ....surely not the same Ammy ..??
  8. I think he must be quietly trying to suppress his inner joy at the Covid lockdown and lack of tourists. He must be dreading any mass influx of visitors ......
  9. - Dental smile 3rd road. - Junction of Pattaya Tai and 3rd road (Tony's Gym/Walkabout Creek/Veggie Restaurant) - Walk East on Pattaya Tai past Friendship direction turn left onto 3rd road heading North and it is on the left about 3 shops before the first soi. Tel:0863388568 .It opens at 0930hrs but "operations" start at 11am. Whilst waiting in reception other customers have been Thai female adults, Thai female children and farang male adults. EDIT= If you are on a motorcye then use the route I described earlier but drive passed it to the soi by the 7/11 and do a u-turn up onto the pavement and park outside.
  10. It looks a fair sized plot.....I wonder if it is gonna have a nice outside seating area like the "boat" 7/11 on Pattaya Tai.....
  11. Just a quick update. I went back on Tuesday to have the temporary filling removed, cleaning and refilling. I got home just before a thunderstorm hit and knocked out my internet for 2 days...!!! Final visit for root canal work will be next Tuesday.....
  12. Oh...so you are questioning another person's lifestyle...Shouldn't you be on ThaiVisa??
  13. Exactly. which fits in with my final comment in the initial post.
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