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  1. It is spooky for sure.. A month ago he was reporting that Covid was fake news and Media hype....On the latest one he TWICE had a temperature reading above normal,blames it on the machine or the user then goes out......to the only places that he has been reporting on for at least 2 months.... Totally irresponsible in my opinion.....
  2. It would be good if Evil could update the thread.. Is Gleeful still under the same ownership/management? In the last year os so it has been Norwegian, Israeli, Oz? and American (The worst sort - loud and obnoxious)
  3. I,however, am quite relieved ........
  4. I look forward to using up my hoarded stock of KY jelly in case we are the only ones still alive.... but bring your own wigs...
  5. Of course you are correct, but a simple crisis management binary algorithm put in place would mean customers understand their position....."All in the shit but only the depth varies" was a military expression back in the day...but in today's world, with today's technology, what is happening to customers is unforgiveable. It must have been great to be a Corporate Crisis Manager..raking in loads of dosh , setting up imaginary processes and procedures only to shit yer pants when something real happens..
  6. Absolutely shocking customer service! At the moment I can't spot a trend towards better service booking with agents or booking direct onto an airline's website.. Where are you now..????
  7. I understand and agree with your point but I think most airlines try to offer the same service during an Emergency as they would normally do on a day to day basis and it just doesn't work. My example of my son's Aeroflot flight during the "volcano crisis" is an example of good crisis magagement. Make a decision and keep it simple. Everybody in the queue had the same two choices and were told of the choices before they even got to the desk to give them time to mull things over.No fannying about. I really feel the pain of those on the desk or on the phones trying to deal with individual problems in an individual way.It is not their fault that they have a spineless senior management team incapable of making quick and clear decisions.
  8. My eldest son was here during that time and we spent most of our time up in the village. When it was flying home time everybody was told to report as usual to the airport because things were changing rapidly. When we got there it was bloody chaos but my son flew with Aerolflot and they were very organised and efficient. There was a long queue but everybody was dealt with very quickly with a choice of either flying to Moscow on the scheduled flight and wait there or rebook on a flight in a week's time. My son decided to take another week in Thailand and I drove him down to Pattaya...Needless to say we went bloody mental in town...!!!
  9. Didn't Joni also sing (in the same song) "They paved Bali Hi to put up a parking lot" ??
  10. Yep, luckily I was one of the first in the queue, I was also lucky because ordinarily I don't carry my passport with me but yesterday I grabbed it just in case I was stopped for some "lockdown police checks" (no idea why I thought there would be - just spur of the moment thing). They initially asked for my bank book but I never carry it with me when I'm popping to the shops so in the end I did paperwork for the money to be credited back into my account. All in all 90 minute job! Regarding covid - they had seats with signs on to keep gaps but then people were instead just milling around close to eachother. It was chaotic there.....!! EDIT = Whilst waiting for the bank to open I went for a spicy pad krapow so when I got to the bank I was coughing, sneezing with a runny nose and sweating ...!!!
  11. You may have chosen a good day!! Today I used the ATM at Big C Pattaya Tai. It didn't give me money but I received an SMS to say that it had deducted the money from my account.I went to the Bangkok Bank downstairs and it was bloody chaos because of the ATM problems and because of fear of banks closing down on Thursday. With the ATM problems apparantly happening across Pattaya and maybe further I would guess that ALL Bangkok Banks were chaotic today...!!!
  12. And yet NDTVi hasn't posted a vlog since last Thursday ... I wonder why,........
  13. Are you sure some of those pics aren't taken from "The Giants' Causway" ....If they were I hope you had a taste of a different Black Bush today!!
  14. Thanks! I love the honesty of your report...On Thaivisa all you hear is "I did mine in 5 minutes today, what are you all complaining about" when they don't include travel time, preparation time and bank time. I once posted that it was a physical impossibility to do mine legally when I lived up North due to bank opening time, travel time and application closing time at the IO.....A Moderator said that it was a "sob story".. I look forward to hearing the success of today's visit... EDIT: The Bangkok Bank on 2nd rd opposite soi 6 opens at 08:30 ...
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