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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Even in the dirtiest knocking shop of the lot "The Star" in Patpong I never carried my own towel............Unless you meant "trowel" ..... to scrape up the dried spunk off their faces, the bar, the glasses, the floor or your mates best shirt...
  2. Aaaah The Ipcress file on YT...Far better entertainment..
  3. All I am getting is random flashing lights at the moment "Harry Palmer" style... I knew watching Spurs was bad but I didn't expect to have to ram a rusty nail into myself to endure it..!!!
  4. Or you could swap it with somebody else's and take theirs away to sniff...
  5. I was all set to watch the advertised free game on PPTV tonight but it has gone off air....Anybody have any clues what happened??
  6. ..And you get to take the towel away to sniff it later or show it to your friends..??
  7. Sod the view and noise ...What about the pool waitress and housekeeper?? Thinking about it, perhaps Hooters wanted to block off the view and noise coming from YOUR room..!!
  8. Regarding Cheap Charlies. I was in there last week and they have buggered about with the outside tables again..They can't seem to get it right!! Anyway, I have purchased a "Reward Card" for 200 Baht valid until 31st Jan 2020 starting 1st October. All specials are 99 Baht. I have my eyes on the Liver and onion, Beef stew and Spare ribs.....I am sure I will have got my money back by end of October.....
  9. Welcome! Where in Blighty are you from? Where will you stay whilst here..?? Be aware that when you are "Reading on various sites" .. Some are there to promote and sell their own "product" and aren't necessarily giving neutral advice ....
  10. Yes mate, I saw it on my way to Tesco Lotus but forgot to post....Also the new clinic by Bic C is now open...
  11. For some reason I am thinking about the film "A Clockwork Orange" ....
  12. The most embarrasing situation was when I was happily trying on glasses then somebody told me that I was actually standing at Dunkin Donuts next stall along....
  13. My main problem with using reading glasses isn't having to carry them around with me but that I am forever falling asleep wearing them or don't put them far enough away from me before falling asleep and then rolling over onto them and bending, breaking or crushing them with my arse,tits or belly!! Solution? I Just buy loads of cheap charlie reading glasses in Tucom! My eye test there is to bring along a shopping list, then I try on different strengths until I can read it!!! edit:- As for longer distance I don't drive any more so only need them when flying home to look for signs etc...
  14. Yeh..Yotel in arrivals was something I looked at too but the idea of being airside. popping out of my pod in my jymjams (not popping out of my jymjams) walking around buying bottles of wine and handfulls of food somehow appealed to me....In fact doing it "Willy out" sounds quite appealing too...!! I have so many shocking memories of driving hire cars drunk down the M3 and through the New Forest at Midnight ...Shameful....Quite honestly. National Express stopped in Ringwood , 20 mins from my house FFS but oh no Mr Swanky Bastard had to turn up in a posh car didn't he - wanker !!
  15. Yup...And here we go full circle to EVA PE...I love it for the price..Eco looks good too.....but for me it is the arrival times... It was either one of your posts or Jacko's posts that got me thinking about airside hotels at LHR..But after checking up on it they only have Daytime pods.....Imagine getting poured off EVA, stocking up on duty free wine and staying overnight in a Pod airside scoffing Vindaloo!!! They might have to treat the area as a nuclear disaster zone the following morning but I'd be well on my way home.......near Porton Down funnily enough!!!
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