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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hahaha ! That took me a bit of time but I got there in the end !!
  2. Unfortunately they have been drowned out by anti-racists singing Ram Jam's "Ban The Lamb"...!
  3. Somewhere along that stretch is where I'd go for the best Fish n chips in Pattaya ..... it was a small resort of individual cabins with a small swimming pool in the middle. It is/was built and owned by a Welshman. He had some bloody good draught beers on if I remember correctly. By the looks of things he would have lost his car park and bar area ..
  4. Using my ex-GFs as a template, I'm afraid I'd guess the one with the crazy hair and the strange boss-eyed look staring sideways at you.. EDIT = I am also aware that my answer is opposite to the expected DS Solution ... not for the first time either ..
  5. What I've noticed on Pattaya Tai is that the new drains are still an inch above the "finished" road surface. This could be that the intention is to tarmac up to that level in the future or the new drainage system is for when the existing drains can't handle a heavier downpour.
  6. Not if you'm a Wurzell like I is !!!
  7. Too true mate! In a different thread I said that I kept away from farang in Pattaya ... or anywhere really .. Anyways, my mate has just come home from work with 3 very large live eels so with an afternoon of marinating, tonight looks rather promising..
  8. Interesting that you mention that. I get on very well with both my sons in UK (Mid to late 30's age wise) one is a "shop steward" or whatever the union rep is called nowadays and the other is business oriented mid right Tory. In my yoof I tried to join the WRP and was very far left but then later was a proud Maggie supporter. Nowadays I am neither one nor t'other because I don't see the world through binary yes/no vision but through it all I have been proud to be born English and despise anybody that is ashamed to be English. If they don't like the country then they should fuck off !!
  9. Ah! I thought it was St Gorgeous Day commemorating the inner and outer beauty of all women in England. All colours, shapes, sizes and even those with a willy !!!
  10. All three are white so they didn't really have to pose the question really !!!
  11. A bit like that old goat that used to hang around on the steps of 7/11s on Khao Talo and Khao Noi ... but enough of Jacko...move on..
  12. I think it would be more appropriate to have Pi Day on 22nd July (22/7)
  13. Just to increase the nerdiness a level ....It is impossible to eat an entire Pi ...!!
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