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  1. You are probably right too !!!
  2. Irish and Scots will generally drink in any pub but an Englishman will not like a pub for the smallest of reasons and leave. Kubla on Soi Pothole is the same as this pub and is named after the poem by S T Coleridge. Y'see there are some educated people that use Pothole !!!
  3. I think some bloke and a girl did a livestream from there some time ago .. Is it Slow ride coffee and cafe or a place very near there ?
  4. Weren't they also involved with an encroachment project up North somewhere??? I'd keep well away ...
  5. I'm thinking of staying overnight but as always my plans are dependent on others ..... and be careful of using "tossing" in a sentence to an Englishman .....even though I wander Pattaya lonely as a cloud !!
  6. I'll probably pass by to quietly raise my glass to you ..... before being hounded off by expats that have no clue who I am, chase me off for being a Balloon Chaser !! Happy Birthday ..!!
  7. Thanks mate.... I am just a simple man leading a simple life.
  8. Can somebody please remind me what a TM30 is used for nowadays? I thought it was cancelled ..
  9. Be Quick!! They have moved to a tent in front of Big C Pattaya Tai ... (opposite KeyVisa)
  10. Have you compared the location to the latest map of the Government's vision of the new monorail system .... Could be a hub station or whatever they call it ....???
  11. Thank You for taking the time to post. It made me cry ... and put my own problems into perspective.
  12. How weird is that !! I saw a new laundry outside MaxxCity less than 10 days ago but didn't spot that one ..
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