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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have just had a thought whilst decanting my Mont Clair from box to plastic water bottles...Have you thought about Air France? OK, I have only flown ECO once with them but it wasn't too long ago...but I found CDG easy to navigate through (even though I was ratassed from the lounge and incoming flight) and the in-flight food was very good IIRC. The most important thing though was they served excellent wine in the small individual bottles so that I ordered 3 at a time stashing them in the seat pocket and all around my seat under the blanket for later...
  2. ... And if I remember correctly the original Post Office was located "underground" between the two terminals ...
  3. Of course you are correct, I get confused easily in my old age. Thanks for putting me right...!!
  4. Even the folks in the low rises too ......... I fucking loved those days..young, handsome and with money to throw away... None of which describes me now though ...
  5. Yup the old chequer board approach - but we digress and it was my fault- I'm sorry.. Back on subject. T5 just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid. I just don't want to get off a long haul flight to then jump on a coach to get to the T3 coach terminal....If you are travelling with family I wouldn't want to do it either... Thai just isn't worth the extra cost so I'd go for EVA....T3 has the added advantage for anyone that wants to buy an IDP from the Post Office...unless T5 has one now...no idea...
  6. In the 3rd picture "Mr white hat" monitoring the concrete pour seems quite happy that the secondary hand held trough is being held at the wrong angle such that the "mix" will seperate. Also there seems to be no evidence of what I call a "scoodger" in between the rebars to give the "mix" the right consistency....If he was working for me I would certainly be asking him to explain or dig it up and start again .All at his own cost.
  7. Flying into Kai Tak, up front and window was the only way to to travel.....Cue Barry White...
  8. I walked passed around 12 - ish thinking that I'd have a beer with the girls doing the balloon prepping but there was nobody there......
  9. I feel very strongly that passengers and their baggage should be weighed as a complete "package" and be charged accordingly...
  10. I have memories of flying on a plane that had a staircase in economy going down into a toilet area.. Perhaps the past will be the future....!!
  11. Yes it sounds a nice little earner doesn't it - say 5 turn up that is 4,000 for a songteow to take you a couple of miles....
  12. For me EVA PE was good when I could afford an overnight hotel on arrival but now I go straight to my destination by National Express I want to arrive at T3 only and before 1500hrs. I always found the service and "chattability" of crew very good... and the G&Ts to be the best of any airline...
  13. If it was 8am I'd be up for it but strange things happen when it gets dark in Pattaya and I get scared easily.. Happy Birthday ! and I hope everything goes very well for you tomorrow night!!
  14. I had problems flying via Amsterdam but my flights were into Southampton not Manchester and it was several years ago. This is only a friendly warning to check in advance. 1. I flew with my Thai wife into Amsterdam with the bags checked all the way through to Souhampton but when we landed we had to go from international through passport control to regional.....but my wife didn't have a Shengen visa!! Oh shit!! After loads of fucking about (including the threat to just turn us around) An immigration officer took us through and walked us to the Departure gate to Southampton.. 2. The leg to Southampton was with KLM UK on the return trip the bloody plane broke down and we missed our connection so we went to the KLM desk to get the next available flight..."Not our responsibility sir..It is the responsibility of the inward flight provider and KLM UK is not KLM" ..WTF!!! Anyway after lots of begging they sorted us our onward flight (as I am sure she was just making a point..) As I say this was yonks ago and this is just a friendly warning to check details in advance ... Things most likely have changed for the better ...(or not)..
  15. Thank fuck for that - I haven't got any hair ....
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