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  1. This one goes out to Jacko ... Bar Humour - Literally .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMIOBB7aR3E Sorry but YT doesn't allow embedding this one ..
  2. No No No ! You always get it wrong...You have to BE a big dick ....
  3. Yeh, but I don't have a car anymore ...
  4. Aren't/weren't you a Mod on "Live" ... or is that Firth I'm thinking of..??? Anyways, were Mods given discount in the Rock House ?
  5. This reminds me of when I took a job in the States and I went into a sandwich shop at lunchtime. The other customers behind me "standing in line" were obviously on a short break and on a short fuse....
  6. I still think things here are going to get worse before they get better. Let's see what happens in Myanmar over the coming month. I reckon it will be Xmas before "normal" tourists return and with another National lockdown in between. Miserable bastard aren't I.
  7. What the bastards have done to me twice at LHR is change the aircraft type. I had paid 30 quid or whatever to pre book my aisle seat selection online. Each time I ended up in a middle seat and was unable to get my money back there and then. The refund procedure was just about impossible with my travel plans but the worst thing was the flight "experience" ... Haven't used them in years for many reasons.
  8. That is a fantastic price! I no longer have contacts in the area so I'm afraid I know nothing about the extension.Sorry mate!
  9. Is it with KLM UK or KLM? I have a long list of horror stories with KLM UK - SOU. Perhaps things have changed so unless you ask I won't say. I spent years arriving back and driving through the New Forest drunk from LHR or SOU.. I have been a right wanker splashing out dosh for hotel hoppers/hotel rooms/car rental/parking and taxis. My advice? Get a National coach or look at Emirates LHR business class because SOU is within the free taxi zone. Another problem would be if you are flying with a Thai wife or Girlfriend....But that is yet another story...
  10. When my Mum died a few years ago, and on a couple of previous visits, the physical change was minimal but it took me a bit of time to realise there was no smell! Nothing ! It was as if a massive syringe had sucked all the "feeling" out of the village.
  11. Fuck don't get me started! I was the only boy in the family with six sisters. My job was to go into the forest with a bow saw and collect wood to stockpile for winter. I'd walk there and back but on the return journey carry and drag a trunk or branch over each shoulder to saw up over the weekends. Again I loved it. I think it made me a better school rugby player too!!
  12. My obsession with dairy farming is much less "romantic". Brought up in the Dorset countryside back in the 60s when there were 10 farms in the village, whereas there are now none .. Taken on the back of my mum's bike. The smell was fantastic but different on each farm. Yes I loved the smell of ripe sileage, pig sties and summer harvesting but above all there was no smell like the milking sheds, other than "the gate". The gate wasn't a specific gate but a gate dependent on where the cows approached from. It smelt of cows piss and cow shit.... but it was more than that. The cows' hides buzzing with flies, ears twitching, tails flapping with more fresh piss and shit coming out. Seeing how far you could walk into the mire before getting stuck. I loved it!
  13. It took me a long long time but I got there in the end !
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