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  1. I searched back as far as 2011 but can't find the original code to join. Because I have changed email addresses I am no longer auto renew ... No problem though ..
  2. Yep up and running again ..... I noticed that some players are in the FLB League ....Anybody got the code to join ..???
  3. I swapped Mitrovic for Ings 10 minutes before deadline !! Is their website down at the moment ???
  4. Mitrovic on the bench is gonna piss a few off ....unless he comes on and scores of course!!
  5. Only a few hours to go before teams are locked in ........ Plenty of time to change your selections a few hundred more times !!!! Or for others to join and press "Auto select" !!!!
  6. Alice RIP ....TVOD did their version of the same joke ..
  7. How big is it? The price seems very good!!
  8. Whoops I hadn't realised that this was in "The Market" forum ...Sorry for all concerned and good luck on the sale !!
  9. Keep up to speed Jacko ..You are not the sought that they are looking for ...
  10. I've used them into Yangon many times. Bloody excellent service, food and booze...... I'm gonna name drop and say I once shared a flight with Aung Suu Chi ...Small prop plane early morning.... EDIT = If this gets political please delete my post.
  11. You've been over 2,000 for two seasons ...That aint so bad as me !!
  12. I've joined, but bugger me with a pitchfork I'll be lucky to be in the top 100 ...... !!
  13. 2 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom condo (with seperate kitchen/ livingplus swimming etc facilities I presume),on Pratumnak Hill for 13k a month. Do it .... But I smell a rat...A Nordic rat ....
  14. Oddly enough it seems that some on here look at the screen with both eyes but neither of them do the reading... That's enough Bullfrog stop it NOW !!!
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