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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Not forgetting it is 20 years since the death (murder!) of Kirsty MacColl on 18 December ... Although this year it seems the BBC will be banning this song because it includes the word "faggot"..
  2. I watched it last night and have a quick question....Is the bloke that took the new girl a BM on here ???
  3. You have just caught the "Internet" sign in that picture. Last month my PC went tits up so I went in there (as I had in the past) to carry out a bit of business but they were packing everything up and closing down. Another victim of no tourists I guess... I ended up using the one on soi post office if anybody is interested ...
  4. Thank you yet again for proving to me that I walk around with my eyes firmly focused on women's arses !!!
  5. Are their first names Bart and Lisa ???
  6. He sure does! I wonder if part 2 will cover his illness, the fund set up to pay for his treatment and his opinion of it. I have never heard a bad word spoken about Larry and kudos to those that gave ( I didn't). If you compare it with the conman Graham Briar (no I don't think he is alive living in luxury somewhere) I shall be vulgar and say the better man won.
  7. I took it to be a mixture of different stories to protect the guilty.. The guy that took Secrets girls to Phuket kept one girl "permanently" there in a condo (maybe still does - none of my business). He came back on holiday from HK with his wife several times but told his missus that he had business meetings there. The issue was kept secret because he would have lost a lot of money if she found out and divorced him. It bothers me not what people do with their lives .....until they start dragging other people into their subterfuge and staff losing their jobs over it ( Nothing to do with Mr Egg I might add)) ...
  8. It is an extremely odd map. Even if you realigned the bottom and right hand sections it shows "new" roads but excludes "old" roads. Apparently I don't exist.
  9. Hose bee lion .... is my guess or in English (women of questionable virtue are guilty of terminological inexactitude" Hope I've clarified things for you ..
  10. The best thing about Cats Corner was that anybody that had been involved in a "misunderstanding" in the surrounding bars/agogos went to the doctors surgery opposite to get patched up. Quite a few would then go to Cats Corner to have a beer through swollen lips and broken teeth. More than once I saw two protagonists "kiss and make up" in there .. As for Secrets - I have nothing good to say about the place nor the Management so won't say anything other than it was all personal experience rather than hearsay.
  11. When I wasn't flying up front, or up top on 747s, I selected my airline on whether they served wine by the bottle rather than by the glass. Unsurprisingly Air France served the best wine in cabbage class but you had to store it behind you before they closed the bar. I am sure that EVA would serve you wine in a large bucket if that is what you wanted and it could also be used to vomit in as the wine is harsher than swallowing barbed wire. The best balance of quality of wine and quantity for me was Ethiopiopio Airlines as my last Thai wife used to call them. In fact I'd guess that it was the only airline that she stayed awake for the food and wine!!
  12. Too fucking right! Kick the bastards out! Why should they get shelter and sanitation facilities when there is a perfectly suitable gravel track for them to sleep on and bushes to piss and shit in.
  13. I'll give it 5 .....if they Thank their Lucky Stars !!! (99% on here will have no idea what I'm on about ......... same as usual really !!!)
  14. Try using more petrol ....
  15. I had a company car for most of the time I lived there (Mitsu Lancer!) then my own Tiger. Also I worked as a Field Engineer before the BTS opened so I got to know the city better than most. Whenever I went out drinking NEP/Patpong/Soi Cowboy I worked out exactly where to stand to call one down to suit my destination....Also I never bothered trying to get one at the "wrong time of day" going in the "wrong direction" when most changed their shifts .... However, when it rained, almost every journey (if one stopped) was a nightmare!!!
  16. I have had so many, many nightmare taxi rides from airports all over the World but never had a bad pick up at the airport in Thailand...and I am well into triple figures when it comes to taxi pick ups in Don Muang or Suvarnabhumi .... never had a problem!
  17. Well Done mate. Lots of bargains out there .
  18. That gave me a hard on !!!!
  19. Bang! There you have it! Buy one of those toddler gate thingys that have been available for decades that are used to stop children going up/down stairs.....on the balcony doors... I am doing my best to avoid commenting on somebodies life choices ( this isn't Thaivisa) but looking at possible solutions ..
  20. Agreed. I am by no means a polyglot but I have spoken quite a few languages whilst living in a lot countries and all I can say is that anyone, from any country, rarely uses the "correct" pronunciation of their own language. I feel quite strongly that in Thailand the pronunciation and choice of words are chosen in such a way that the other person understands the meaning of what you are trying to say. Simples.
  21. One bloke that rented out my condo long term added very good quality mossie screen doors. They really did look very nice from the inside and the outside and it seemed to add a "luxury" factor to it when I sold it ......They were "made to measure" so that locks could be fitted at any heights you wanted. Condo management didn't have a problem with it either. Unfortunately I have no idea where they were purchased though .. The fundamental issue is stopping the child having access when unsupervised ..
  22. All true of course... but how do you pronounce the name "Areca Lodge" ... I do believe that a well known BM is named after the Thai pronunciation...??
  23. The 2 big black cocks have gone!! I remember when these shops spread along the road running along side Big C .... Excellent places to stock up house/condo/bar etc at very good prices ..
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