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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I’ve read that some of the Thai phone companies have better service in rural areas of the country, but I guess for me, that doesn’t much matter. For other people, that might be a big deal.
  2. What about people who want a Thai number? For example, my Thai bank? It would be nice if I could do without a Thai number, but that sounds like it won't happen. Anyway, the sim cards are cheap and with "pay as you go" pricing, it doesn't need to cost too much.
  3. In the past, I've used 1-2 Call with no problem. It pays to look into the different plans, though, as they have more than a few and the features differ. For example, some plans may require topping up more frequently. Another thing I've been looking into is Google Fi. I'm in the USA, and I can get Google Fi and keep my USA number for $39 a month for phone service and data. Supposedly, the phone will work in 165 countries and there's no need to change sim cards every time you change countries. Somehow, the phone knows where you are and makes the necessary adjustments, automatically. Anyway, I have an extra phone around that I can use with the Google Fi. I'll use another phone for the Thai sim card, so I guess I'll have two phones and two phone numbers. Probably won't use the Thai phone too much.
  4. js007

    Pictures from around Pattaya

    I'd add some pics, but all my pics of Pattaya are old. Some from 2006 and some from around 2010-2011. I guess I should use my camera more. Next time I'm back, I'll try to take more pics. If nothing else, I guess I'll always have my phone in my pocket. Those kind of pics are better than nothing, I guess.
  5. It's hard to imagine that a new mattress would be all that terrible. I've stayed in places with the opposite problem. Old, saggy, soft mattresses. Not good for my back.
  6. I'm sure some effort will be made to resolve the current lack of clarity. Deposits into a Thai bank account would work, I suppose, but what about the people applying for the first time? How many months will they have to show such deposits? What about people with easily verifiable pensions and social security income? I'm about to return and have decided simply to have enough money wired into my Thai account to satisfy the 800,000 baht requirement, then draw that down over the course of the next nine months. I can always top it up, as necessary. Maybe in a few months, I won't have to do that and can prove my income when necessary? I've also been looking at Vietnam as a home base of sorts. As an American I can get a one year visa and would only have to leave the country every three months. Maybe spend part of the year in Vietnam and part of the year in Thailand. There are lots of options.
  7. js007

    The rate on the street.

    I just read that Thailand just raised interest rates, for whatever that's worth. Should strengthen the Baht a little?
  8. js007

    Did I remember?!?

    Maybe it's old age? I can drive out of may house and, two blocks later I can't remember whether I pushed the button to close the garage door., so I have to drive around the block to go back and check.
  9. js007

    Did I remember?!?

    They now have thermostats that can be connected to wi-fi and the internet. You can check/adjust the temperature in your house from anywhere. Of course, that assumes you would still have wi-fi and the internet in your old house. Anyway, broken pipes can be a mess. Why not turn off the water to the house?
  10. js007

    90 day visa

    Bill, I’ve thought about getting the O-A visa in the USA, but the medical and background checks, whatever that would entail, sounds like too much trouble. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me these days, but I’m not really in the mood for a lot of nonsense .
  11. js007

    Scam warning

    One would think that whoever owns this gas station would have fired the scam artists by now.
  12. js007

    90 day visa

    Thanks Jacko. I’m on mY IPad and the quote function doesn’t seem to work too well. Anyway, my main goal is to put up with as little nonsense as possible.
  13. js007

    90 day visa

    Question, re: 800,000 baht in a Thai bank and conversion of tourist visa to retirement extension while in Thailand. Does anyone see anything wrong with this plan? 1. Obtain multiple entry tourist visa in th USA 2. Fly to Thailand and when I get ther and see that my bank account is all OK, Then have 800,000 wiwred to the account. 3. Stay in Thailand or one of the neighboring countries for at least three months. 4. Then the tourist visa converted at Jomtien immigration to a retirement extension. 5. Draw down the 800,000 during the course of the year, but see that it’s topped up to 800,000 or more three months before renewal.
  14. js007

    New Head of Immigration....

    Government pensions and the like are.more or less a sure thing, until you die. Maybe not so with other kinds of income.
  15. js007

    New Head of Immigration....

    I certainly know nothing about how state pensions work in the U.K. Everyone gets the same amount? In the USA, Social Security is based on your past earnings. Ditto for government pensions or military retired pay. Some people do more than OK.