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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I found another restaurant with good food. A place called Grillicious in the Central Festival Mall. So far, I’ve stopped in twice for lunch. They seem to have a good selection.
  2. Be patient. There’s a good chance some of the real estate bubbles around the world will pop. Maybe you’ll get lucky and prices will come down. I got rid of a house in the USA a few years ago and was thinking about buying another, but the prices got to silly levels, so I decided to go back to Thailand. Here I can afford to take a side trip every month if I want. Rent and utilities on a condo are minuscule.
  3. It’s not always just about the money. Rent a secure condo at the beach or rent a house? The rent may be the same, but there are significant differences. More room in a house, more security in a condo. And the electric bill will likely be less in a condo. I’m in a condo and it’s fine for me. I can lock the door and leave for an extended period without having to worry about my stuff.
  4. I’m not having much luck finding Western food that is anything more than mediocre, especially when it’s delivered. Usually, pizza makes it to my place OK, but even that is sometimes asking too much. I ordered a pizza yesterday and when I opened the box, all the ingredients had shifted to one side of the pizza. Maybe the driver had to make a very quick stop? Otherwise, even when dining out, I end up with food that’s barely edible, more often than not. Wouldn’t you think one could find some good food? Nothing too fancy. Maybe some good Mexican food, or Italian. Once in a while, I get
  5. DC was a different place back in 1974. Back then, you could drive a car down the street right in front of the White House, so that’s what I did one night. I think we were half drunk after visiting some Irish pub. Anyway, I was there in my MGB to visit a friend who was then working for one of the senators. The Watergate hearings were still going on and that was the talk of the town.
  6. Yea, they say the agents can handle it. It all seems kind of silly. I have the money. I have the income stream.. And yet it all has to be in a Thai bank. I guess I can deposit the 800,00 baht and then go forward.
  7. Maybe this isn’t the place, but I was wondering if anyone has any recent experience in getting a retirement extension using monthly income deposited in a bank outside of Thailand. Last time around, I went with the 800,000 baht in the Thai bank method, but this time I would rather rely on my monthly income, which is well in excess if 65,000 baht. However, if I need to show 12 months of continuous deposits to a Thai bank, that doesn’t make much sense for a person just returning. Is this the kind of issue an agent can deal with?
  8. At least the Iranians have now admitted to unintentionally shooting down the plane. I do wonder why the plane was even in that airspace at all, given the circumstances.
  9. I'll see if I can look it up. It wouldn't surprise me if Thailand was the only country.
  10. The Social Security system may be "stressed," but it's not because of one or two guys who may die in Thailand without proper notification to the SSA.
  11. I don't think it's silly. Some real issues. Does Thailand want retirees, or not? If not, they should say so.
  12. For anyone with a serious medical problem. Why not just hop on a plane a go back home? It isn't that hard.
  13. You could be dead a long time and your account could still be open, right? Or if not, wouldn't the death notification system work for any type account? Whoever makes up this nonsense should not have a job.
  14. Is the restricted account a Social Security rule or a Bangkok Bank rule? As I recall, is some countries when they were still sending out monthly checks, people had to collect their monthly checks at the US Embassy. Now, with direct deposit, why the paranoia? Do they think someone is going to steal your direct deposit?
  15. I don't agree. Many countries really do want retirees and their money. Why not? They usually don't want to work, usually don't cause much trouble, and usually have a reliable source of income. And yet Thailand seems to be on a path to actively prevent retirees from living there.
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