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  1. At least the Iranians have now admitted to unintentionally shooting down the plane. I do wonder why the plane was even in that airspace at all, given the circumstances.
  2. I'll see if I can look it up. It wouldn't surprise me if Thailand was the only country.
  3. The Social Security system may be "stressed," but it's not because of one or two guys who may die in Thailand without proper notification to the SSA.
  4. I don't think it's silly. Some real issues. Does Thailand want retirees, or not? If not, they should say so.
  5. For anyone with a serious medical problem. Why not just hop on a plane a go back home? It isn't that hard.
  6. You could be dead a long time and your account could still be open, right? Or if not, wouldn't the death notification system work for any type account? Whoever makes up this nonsense should not have a job.
  7. Is the restricted account a Social Security rule or a Bangkok Bank rule? As I recall, is some countries when they were still sending out monthly checks, people had to collect their monthly checks at the US Embassy. Now, with direct deposit, why the paranoia? Do they think someone is going to steal your direct deposit?
  8. I don't agree. Many countries really do want retirees and their money. Why not? They usually don't want to work, usually don't cause much trouble, and usually have a reliable source of income. And yet Thailand seems to be on a path to actively prevent retirees from living there.
  9. The A350s are nice planes. I think I've flown on a few. Smooth and fairly quiet ride. I'm beginning to wonder about Boeing. Just the other day I read an article about the 787 and Boeing's decision to not equip the planes with a lightning protection device. Cost cutting. Personally, I'd rather pay a bit more for a ticket and have a safer plane.
  10. Maybe my brain is malfunctioning, but I don't remember having to ever have my fingerprints scanned. They have facial recognition cameras, for sure, but fingerprints?
  11. I assume some of you have noticed this video: I think all of his points are valid. Are Expats now unwelcome in Thailand? Let's face it, no matter how you sugar coat it, it seems as though there is a concerted effort underway to rid Thailand of all the pesky Expats. For example, the TM-30 requirements. Why treat nice retirees like criminals? Or the crazy financial requirements? Most retirees just want to live in Thailand quietly and spend money. They don't want to work. What's wrong with that? And the medical insurance nonsense. "Signed and stamped"? Where, in the civil
  12. I've had the Beyond Meat version that they sell in the grocery stores. I could probably tell it from a normal hamburger, but still, they aren't that bad. And for someone trying to avoid beef, they would be great.
  13. Sounds like he was in Kansas City, MO, and that the Blue Cross people thought that the form was bullshit. But they did complete it for him, apparently. I'm not sure what a guy already in Thailand would do. BCBS has a Thailand coordinator, I think. Maybe they could help.
  14. Some people have insurance that's good al over the world, including Thailand. Still, you have to find some part of the insurance company bureaucracy that will deal with the insurance certification form in a way that will satisfy the Thai authorities. And you're right. Medicare will not pay for treatment outside the USA.
  15. Imagine having to go through that nonsense. I've got insurance that I know is good in Thailand, and yet getting some form "signed and stamped" by the insurance company sounds like trouble.
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