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  1. Some people have insurance that's good al over the world, including Thailand. Still, you have to find some part of the insurance company bureaucracy that will deal with the insurance certification form in a way that will satisfy the Thai authorities. And you're right. Medicare will not pay for treatment outside the USA.
  2. Imagine having to go through that nonsense. I've got insurance that I know is good in Thailand, and yet getting some form "signed and stamped" by the insurance company sounds like trouble.
  3. They come from somewhere. During the day these restaurants look deserted. At night, they're packed. What surprised me is that some of the restaurants will actually deliver meals to people sitting on the beach, across the street. They must do that all the time.
  4. That all seems stupid, right? Certainly the Thai banks must have had some input into the decision to allow for Social Security direct deposits in Thailand. Why go to all the trouble of allowing for the deposits and then not sign the required form? I would image that the issue will be resolved at some point.
  5. A copy of Blue Cross Blue Shield, front and back? That's easy , but could it be that simple?
  6. Can't figure this out.
  7. 3138E0E2-C467-466A-93AC-10B76102EB31.heic F8DC60AB-FC81-4612-9ED4-27C5CB45CDE1.heic 88D7685F-984A-4843-8C77-26CF62CFBF7B.heic
  8. more pictures in a minute.
  9. I can add a few pictures of the area, taken a few months ago, including a few pictures from a little hamburger stand down that way called "Just Burgers," I think, and another from the Cafe Le Mar and from another place called the Beachspot, or something like that.. CF773569-3F02-4D25-92C8-3DECD331C6DB.mov
  10. They are all headed for the scrap heap.
  11. For years, some restaurants have had vegetarian burgers. A black bean burger, for example. I have a friend who doesn't really eat meat because he's already had one heart attack and a stent. They can taste pretty good.
  12. I've tried the Beyond Meat burgers from the grocery store. They taste OK, although I don't really have a problem with cholesterol or cardiac calcification, so there's no good reason why I can't just eat meat. But for someone who wants to not eat so much red meat, I'm sure they'd be fine.
  13. I know absolutely nothing about aeronautical engineering. Just what I read, from time to time. Anyway, the point seems to be that while lots of planes are manufactured to be aerodynamically unstable, that's not a good idea for a passenger plane.
  14. https://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2019/04/02/mit-expert-highlights-divergent-condition-caused-by-737-max-engine-placement/#2677bc4c40aa
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