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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I don’t blame the Thai authorities for not joining in the race to the bottom.
  2. Yea, the phone cameras seem to do a pretty good job, for what they are. And I always have one with me. Maybe a dslr would do a better job in low light?
  3. Good for American businesses, but only to a point. If they keep it up and continue to destroy the dollar’s value, at some point the rest of the world will have had enough. And when the dollar loses its luster, so to speak, its days as a reserve currency will be numbered. Then what? Big trouble. We’re beginning to see that now. Didn’t Russia and China just make a deal to trade in their own currencies? I think the Romans once tried to print more and more money by diluting the silver in coins. Didn’t work out too well. Ditto for the Weimar Republic in Germany.
  4. Most Americans probably have no opinion whatsoever about the baht. Unfortunately, Trump seems to think he dollar is too strong. So I don’t expect much in the way of dollar strength while he is in office. Maybe the dollar is doomed, in any event? I’m sure the money printing will continue.
  5. I use US dollars, not pounds, so I suppose I may be in somewhat better shape. Still, I’m not sure what my “tipping point” might be. It’s not really costing me much to be here, so the only thought going through my mind:, from time to time, is whether I could live in similar circumstances elsewhere in the world and at what cost. It”s not hard to imagine. Spain? France? Mexico? Costa Rica? Panama? There’s no real reason I have to be in Thailand.
  6. Anyway, I guess it depends on what’s available in your immediate vicinity. There’s also a place called Cafe Le Mar nearby with breakfast for 160 baht.
  7. https://www.booking.com/hotel/th/rs-seaside.en-gb.html?aid=390156;label=duc511jc-1DCAso3QFCCnJzLXNlYXNpZGVIM1gDaI8CiAEDmAEJuAEYyAEN2AED6AEBiAIBqAIEuAKF7Z3oBcACAQ;sid=3a9ca8b62bb5af9b39e7d8e184380c0b;dist=0&keep_landing=1&sb_price_type=total&type=total& I’m not good at cutting and pasting from the maps, but here’s a link to a booking site. Basically, it’s down at the quiet end of Jomtien Beach.
  8. I live nearby in Jomtien, so I walked by this place every day. Never paid much attention. But, the other day they had a chalkboard out advertising breakfast for 199 baht. I decided to give it a try. Not bad. Turns out the place is a guesthouse and restaurant. Very clean and the staff was excellent. If you’re looking for a place in Jomtien, it might be worth a look. From their website, it looks as though they are affiliated with the Page 10 hotel in Pattaya. I’ll add some photos in a minute.
  9. I have an AIS package, but I'm not sure which. When I bought the SIM card I gave the guy 1000 baht and he fixed it so that my phone would be active for about a year. Mostly, I use wi-fi for data, so I'm not charged by AIS. But when I am out and about and using the phone for data, after a short while I get a text message that I have used 10 baht of data, and that for 19 baht I can use data for the rest of the day. 500 mb, speed 512bps. I guess that's not much data and is kind of slow, but maybe they have other plans that would give you more data at a faster speed on a pay as you go basis? I'm sure they must.
  10. I saw an article this morning about some sort of worldwide Internet stoppage that affected a lot of things for a while. That happened yesterday, I guess. I also read something about Google server problems.
  11. Strong dollars are great if you have dollars, but the powers that be in the USA are always doing pretty much everything in their power to keep it weak. That makes US exports more competitive and that’s their main priority. Big corporations. They don’t care about savers. It’s all a great game.
  12. I’m in Jomtien, and this week there seems to be a large increase in Thais on vacation. I asked someone and they said a lot of people were off fo.r a week right now.
  13. Am I wrong, or is the primary problem simply a design defect? The engines were placed in a way that the plane might be hard to control. Hence the software fix and the resulting crashes.
  14. I'm not sure if it's true, but at one point I read that the engine sitting there was not even the same type of engine used on that particular aircraft.
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