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  1. Maybe my brain is malfunctioning, but I don't remember having to ever have my fingerprints scanned. They have facial recognition cameras, for sure, but fingerprints?
  2. I assume some of you have noticed this video: I think all of his points are valid. Are Expats now unwelcome in Thailand? Let's face it, no matter how you sugar coat it, it seems as though there is a concerted effort underway to rid Thailand of all the pesky Expats. For example, the TM-30 requirements. Why treat nice retirees like criminals? Or the crazy financial requirements? Most retirees just want to live in Thailand quietly and spend money. They don't want to work. What's wrong with that? And the medical insurance nonsense. "Signed and stamped"? Where, in the civilized world, do they "stamp" things these days? I could go on. In any event, some countries actually welcome expats with money to spend.
  3. I've had the Beyond Meat version that they sell in the grocery stores. I could probably tell it from a normal hamburger, but still, they aren't that bad. And for someone trying to avoid beef, they would be great.
  4. Sounds like he was in Kansas City, MO, and that the Blue Cross people thought that the form was bullshit. But they did complete it for him, apparently. I'm not sure what a guy already in Thailand would do. BCBS has a Thailand coordinator, I think. Maybe they could help.
  5. Some people have insurance that's good al over the world, including Thailand. Still, you have to find some part of the insurance company bureaucracy that will deal with the insurance certification form in a way that will satisfy the Thai authorities. And you're right. Medicare will not pay for treatment outside the USA.
  6. Imagine having to go through that nonsense. I've got insurance that I know is good in Thailand, and yet getting some form "signed and stamped" by the insurance company sounds like trouble.
  7. They come from somewhere. During the day these restaurants look deserted. At night, they're packed. What surprised me is that some of the restaurants will actually deliver meals to people sitting on the beach, across the street. They must do that all the time.
  8. That all seems stupid, right? Certainly the Thai banks must have had some input into the decision to allow for Social Security direct deposits in Thailand. Why go to all the trouble of allowing for the deposits and then not sign the required form? I would image that the issue will be resolved at some point.
  9. A copy of Blue Cross Blue Shield, front and back? That's easy , but could it be that simple?
  10. Can't figure this out.
  11. 3138E0E2-C467-466A-93AC-10B76102EB31.heic F8DC60AB-FC81-4612-9ED4-27C5CB45CDE1.heic 88D7685F-984A-4843-8C77-26CF62CFBF7B.heic
  12. more pictures in a minute.
  13. I can add a few pictures of the area, taken a few months ago, including a few pictures from a little hamburger stand down that way called "Just Burgers," I think, and another from the Cafe Le Mar and from another place called the Beachspot, or something like that.. CF773569-3F02-4D25-92C8-3DECD331C6DB.mov
  14. They are all headed for the scrap heap.
  15. For years, some restaurants have had vegetarian burgers. A black bean burger, for example. I have a friend who doesn't really eat meat because he's already had one heart attack and a stent. They can taste pretty good.
  16. I've tried the Beyond Meat burgers from the grocery store. They taste OK, although I don't really have a problem with cholesterol or cardiac calcification, so there's no good reason why I can't just eat meat. But for someone who wants to not eat so much red meat, I'm sure they'd be fine.
  17. I know absolutely nothing about aeronautical engineering. Just what I read, from time to time. Anyway, the point seems to be that while lots of planes are manufactured to be aerodynamically unstable, that's not a good idea for a passenger plane.
  18. https://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2019/04/02/mit-expert-highlights-divergent-condition-caused-by-737-max-engine-placement/#2677bc4c40aa
  19. I read a nice article a while back about the 737 Max. According to the article, Boeing wanted to make a new plane, but the bean counters were trying to save money, so they didn't start from scratch. Rather, they used the same frame as the old 737, but had to reposition the engines because the engines were bigger. This repositioning made the plane inherently unstable. In order to fly it, they needed a computer program to make in-flight corrections, so they came up with the MCAS system. So that's it. And another thing: they didn't want to train all the pilots on the new system, so that didn't happen. I guess they thought that the plane could fly itself. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'd never in a million years get onto one of this planes. I'd rather walk or swim. They all need to be parked out in the desert someplace, or fed into the shredder.
  20. Just a week or so ago it was national Taco day.
  21. Someone needs to maintain a list of "girl friendly" hotels.
  22. Usually, it's a little old lady who apparently doesn't trust using a credit card or a debit card. So they carry around a checkbook. At this point, even credit cards and debit cards are starting to become a thing of the past, as you can now use your phone to pay for things if you have it set up that way.
  23. For sure, the drunken fools who find it necessary to get up and dance on the stage in go go bars. Entire families who stop on the sidewalk and decide to have a family conference, thereby stopping everyone in their path. People in the checkout line at grocery stores who don't start writing a check for their groceries until they've been rung up, and then taking their time to balance their checkbook and put it away, all before moving an inch. And I still remember the guy in the grocery line in the USA who held everyone up because he was trying to pay for groceries with a check from Mongolia. All the junk mail I have to throw out on a daily basis, and all the robocalls I seem to get everyday.
  24. That's it, but I don't have any first hand knowledge. I just know that, in Pattaya, the options are limited, if you want an expensive hotel. Personally, I'd look for diamond in the rough. Some small, inexpensive place that might be just the ticket. I'm sure that can be found. If all you want, is maid service on demand, why not ask for it, in advance? I know I hate the problem as well.
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