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  1. The high speed fiber options usually require a prepayment of one year. AIS has a wireless gadget you can buy for around 2500 baht that comes with a year’s service. 100 gb per month. The speed is slow, but maybe that’s all that is needed. If you run out of data, you can add more. I’m using it now.
  2. It’s a block or two past Blue Siam if you’re walking in that direction. Past a place where motorbike taxi guys hang out. I’m not sure where Park Beach is located.
  3. Back again to the Summer Cafe in Wongamat, for lunch. One of the specials was a cheeseburger and fries for 249 baht. I thought it was pretty good. I’d do it again, for sure.
  4. Well, today I’m up to nine restaurants that couldn’t find a driver. I’ve been trying to order food since 1pm. Maybe they should start paying the delivery guys more money. edit: I finally gave up and had a salad thing I had in the refrigerator. I was about at the point of hiring a limo to deliver my food. If I could hire a taxi to Bangkok for 1500 baht, how many could it possibly cost for a 20 minute food delivery? 500 baht? I’d pay it.
  5. Don’t forget, you could always learn to cook, provided you have a decent kitchen and all the necessary ingredients. I never really got into cooking much, but that’s not to say I couldn’t learn. And there are plenty of things you could cook that aren’t too complicated. There must be thousands of YouTube cooking videos.
  6. When I think about prices for food in Pattaya, I have to sometimes remind myself how much I spent on restaurant food in the US. For example, a typical lunch with a couple of beers plus tax and tip could easily cost $40 or more. So, around 1300 baht. Just about every day. It adds up. Anyway, I don’t feel so bad spending that much in Pattaya once in a while.
  7. Recently, I tried some chicken fajitas from Robin Hood. Not bad. I’ve also tried some of their steak fajitas. All things considered, not bad. Tasty, actually. Just add a bottle of wine and you’re in business.
  8. Most of the problems I had with my British sports cars were electrical. Ditto for my old next door neighbor, who had an Healey he used to drive around, when he could get it to work. That was years ago, and, at one point, he spent almost $100,000 restoring it to perfection. And yet he’s still afraid to drive it anywhere, so it sits in his garage under a cover.
  9. That all looks good. I’m not sure what’s wrong with Pattaya. I may have to move to Bangkok, just for the food. Either that or move to a place with a decent kitchen, so I can do it myself. I never have been much of a cook, just because I’m lazy. I think I could do it, though. My grandfather used to live with us, and he would take all day, every day, just to cook. He’d start at 7am. I guess he got a kick out of it.
  10. Coyote on Soi 11. Before it was on Soi 11 it was on Sukhumvit, sort of near the Majestic Suites. I tried that one and didn’t think it was nearly as good as the one at Patong Beach. Anyway, the next time I’m in Phuket, I’ll go to Coyote again some afternoon. They used to have girls out on the sidewalk passing out coupons for free margaritas. Or maybe it was two for one. They have a big margarita menu.
  11. The only Mexican restaurant I’ve tried recently (2019) in Bangkok was someplace near Nana that now appears to be closed permanently. I think it was called The Mexican. There also used to be a chain called The Coyote. Something like that. The one in Bangkok is now closed, I think, but there’s one in Patong Beach that’s still open. They had decent food.
  12. Well, sometimes you can’t have everything. For comparison purposes, here are a couple of burrito lunches I got in Scottsdale, AZ. Burrito, black beans, rice.
  13. I think it’s called “Cafe Summer.” Still, there’s a sign outside that says Summer Bistro:
  14. Well, it’s Taco Tuesday, but the best I could come up with in the Wongamat area was a chicken burrito special. 229 baht. Summer Bistro. It wasn’t half bad, all things considered.
  15. McClarens look nice. Those are British, I think. You need about US $300,000.
  16. Have you noticed the MGs are back? I guess some Chinese company bought the name. I’ve seen a few reviews of them and I’ve seen them around Pattaya. Some people say they’re not bad. I never had much luck with British sports cars. The were always breaking down for one reason or another. My very first car was a Sunbeam Alpine. That car was broken more often than not. I’ve also had two MGBs, an Austin Healy Bugeye Sprite, and a Triumph Spitfire. Mostly all too much trouble. I finally started buying Japanese sports cars. Those usually work.
  17. Let’s just say I’ve had enough of the “local” restaurants. They’re OK, but after a while, I want something different. As for taking a taxi? I could do that. It just silly that I have trouble getting delivery. I can think of places I’d like to eat, but they’re scattered all over the place. Too much trouble.
  18. I realize it’s Chinese New Years, Tet, and the Korean New Year, whatever that’s called. Lots of people in town, partying. They all seem to be having a good time. Not a good day for food delivery, though. I finally managed to get some food, after five restaurants answered back with “all our drivers are busy.” I’m not sure what they pay the Grab drivers, but maybe it isn’t enough. Surety there are people out there that wouldn’t Ind making some quick cash. What am I missing? Is there some other delivery service that can actually make deliveries? If need be, at a premium price.
  19. Lei just say it isn’t too bad, considering the price. I just tried another kind of wine I’d never seen before. I think it’s from Australia. 19 Crimes. I forget what it cost, but I think about 550 baht. Probably too much. Also, a pizza I got yesterday from Dom Pizza. It actually arrived in one piece.
  20. I guess I should pay more attention to the wine that’s available in Thailand, and the prices. I used to buy wine in Phuket, but I eventually got put off by the high prices. It seemed like a lot of the wine was 1500 to 1800 baht a bottle. And that wasn’t even the good stuff. Just typical California wine which in the US might cost $10. I can’t even imagine what they want around here for really good wine. Something like Chateau Lafita-Rothschild.
  21. I’m not sure what’s going on with this site, but I’m trying to make a new post/new topic. Anyway, this being Thailand, I don’t really expect much in the way of wine. But today, I thought I’d try some red wine from the local TOPS convenience store. Peter Vella, Smooth Red, from California. 399 baht. I wasn’t expecting much, but it’s actually OK, for the price. According to the web, it’s around $9 in California, so not too much of a markup. On another note, I see they’ve been dropping chicken stalls around in the parking lots of some of the convenience stores. I figured I’d try it, b
  22. Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble getting food delivered lately? Maybe with all the people in town they don’t have enough drivers? In the last few days, I’ve tried to order food for delivery, without much success. After a few minutes, I get a message: “all drivers are busy.” So I try another restaurant. Same result. I finally just give up.
  23. Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble getting food delivered lately? Maybe with all the people in town they don’t have enough drivers? In the last few days, I’ve tried to order food for delivery, without much success. After a few minutes, I get a message: “all drivers are busy.” So I try another restaurant. Same result. I finally just give up.
  24. I almost git killed one time at a pedestrian crossing on Beach Road. Near the Hilton, I think. Anyway, the light was green to cross, and cars were stopped along with a big bus. I made the mistake of thinking it was OK to cross the street. I got halfway across when a motorbike taxi came flying through the crosswalk, full speed. I didn’t see it coming because the big bus was blocking the view. I guess he figured the crosswalk and the red light didn’t apply to him. Somehow, he missed me.
  25. Just a few pics, including a 85” TV I saw on sale. They keep getting bigger and bigger.
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