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Found 14 results

  1. With the northbound lanes of Second Road torn up at the south end, how are the baht buses getting back from Jomtien?
  2. A hotel has purchased a container of bikes for their customers and has a surplus for sale. They are RX-2 21 SPEED F.DISC Hero Sprint bikes. More information over here. http://justjomtien.blogspot.com/2016/02/12-new-bikes-for-sale-in-jomtien.html Telephone 0847334769 for more information.
  3. 44 sqm studio for sale in Jomtien Beach. Less than 1 KM from the beach, newly re-furbished, fully furnished, air, Kitchenette, large balcony in quiet building. Big communal swimming pool, 24 hr security. Priced to sell at 1.25 million Baht. Email Brian7seas@gmail.com
  4. Ocean front condo at the start of Jomtien Beach Rd, Pattaya. View Talay 7, an ocean front building, condo units located on the 5th floor, 6th floor, and 10th floor. NEW -- 10th floor 2 bedroom condo added! WIFI internet is included in your condo rental. All of my short term rentals include a internet DSL line. These four View Talay 7 condo units are decorated to a high standard. Please click to my web site to see the pictures of the rooms. This is an ocean front condo building, balcony seaview view, and ocean front pool. I would consider this to be the best located condo in all of Jomtien, due to being located directly on the baht bus route, and the beach, ocean front location in the heart of Jomtien, and without a road in front. Unlike many other condo rentals aound, there really are no extra charges with my condos Your condo unit will be clean, and your king size bed will be made. Welcome drink, snacks, and toiletries, all included. At check-in these linens will be ready: at least 4 clean towels and 2 bathrobes at least 2 clean sheets at least 2 comforter blanket at least 4 pillows with 4 pillow cases 2015 rates -- 2 bedroom rate -- *High season 50,000B/m 40,000B/3 weeks 30,000B/2 weeks *Low season 45,000B/m 35,000B/3 weeks 25,000B/2 weeks -- Studios -- *High Season 28,500B/m 23,500B/3 weeks 18,500B/2 weeks *Low Season 27,500B/m 22,500B/3 weeks 17,500B/2 weeks Info on VT7: http://www.viewtalaycondos.com/ViewTalay7Condo.html Rates: http://www.viewtalaycondos.com/rates.htm Availability: http://www.viewtalaycondos.com/currentreservations.htm
  5. Well Apple Bar has been in this location for about 3 1/2 years now and that time has come around again. I am surprised we are still here I would have thought Apple would have killed me by now or I would have strangled her! But we are still at it. Running a bar I mean! Last year her birthday was a low key event , We just laid on a little food for friends and never even advertised it. But this year we are pulling out all the stops. Music, Food, Dancing, Karaoke, Coyote Dancers! Please come along and enjoy, All are welcome. Apple Bar is located on Soi Chaiyaphruk 1, next to the Junction with Jomtien's new 2nd road, on the beach side. Just look for the illuminated 5 meter tall dancing lady outside, you can't miss it. Hope to see you there! http://www.apple-bar.com or https://www.facebook.com/applebarjomtien
  6. House for sale in quiet village in Jomiten. 2 story 4 bed 3 bath, 5 air con units less than 10 minutes walk to the beach. The village provides 24 hr security with easy access to Sukhumvit, Jomtien Beach, schools, and shopping. The owner is motivated to sell and is asking 10 Mil THB ONO. To arrange a viewing interested parties email: Brian7seas@gmail for more details.
  7. A couple of weeks ago, myself and one of our esteemed board members, Mr Bazle, took a walk along pretty much the entire length of Jomtien beach, mainly because in 13 years, i had never ever been to the beach area of Jomtien before. And i have to say, that i think there are a better standard of Beach babe's here on this beach over the beach in Pattaya. Without a doubt, this beach is worth another visit on a future visit.
  8. 1 bedroom for rent, Jomtien Soi 16, 10.000 baht monthly In connection with the departure of looking for tenants in the apartment rented. The owner enters into a formal contract from the company. Flat for rent in a good location, near the sea, in a condo Jomtien Soi 16. The house has a sport zone (billiards, table tennis, fitness equipment), swimming pool, 2-level parking. The apartment is located on the 10th floor (non-solar side). The apartment has a kitchen-living room and bedroom, two large balconies. Panoramic windows with mosquito doors and sunshades. In the bathroom has a bath, water-heater. The total area of 55 sq.m. An internet, wi-fi. Each room has a ceiling fan and air conditioning. The owner of a foreigner (Indian with British citizenship). He does not live in Pattaya. Does not come to check the apartment. Money paid into the account through an ATM. A good man, if that is necessary, call him, warns call servismeny and deducted from the rent - checked. The cost of the monthly rent 10,000 baht all! The contract is for 1 year. The apartment is ready for delivery from March 27! Write here - pma20@bk.ru
  9. I ate Saturday night at Pupen, the well-known crab and seafood restaurant at the far end of Jomtien Beach Road, as one of a group of 11 people (three farang males, eight Thai ladies) . I'd eaten there in the past, but hadn't been back for about a year. This time round, the food was just as delicious as I'd remembered it. And the blue crab was photographed as much as always. The iconic photo from the Internet, not one I took: Pupen, which I've been told means "live crab" in English, opened in the mid-1980's as a no-name restaurant with five beach-side tables. It's specialty was fresh seafood, with crabs kept alive in baskets lowered into the sea until needed. The restaurant expanded considerably through the years and now the fish and crabs are held in tanks. I don't know how many seats it has (500? maybe more?), but it's big. Most of the customers, probably 80%-85%, were Thais. The reminder were mostly Asian tour groups. I also saw some Russians, but not many other farang. The menus we got were in Thai except for the cover page. I always let my TGF order anyway, so no problem for me. I was responsible for seven of the group and here's what we ordered: The main feature was two kilos of crab at 560 baht per kilo. I don't eat much crab (or lobster) for medical reasons, but the ladies had no problems in polishing it off on their own. We also had a lovely fried fish: And a squid dish: A coconut-based seafood stew (never had it before, but really liked it): My GF wanted som tam and we also got a place of vegetables and herbs: My lady doesn't think I eat enough vegetables, so she ordered the shrimp-veggie stir-fry for me: We also had a bowl of tom khai gai that arrived towards the end of the meal, but I forgot to take a pic of it. Some shots from the interior of the restaurant: We got there at about 6 p.m. and didn't have a problem getting a table. The outside tables facing the sea were all occupied, but there were plenty of seats inside. However, by the time we left at 7.30 p,m,, the restaurant was quite full. I imagine it's nightmare to even try to get a table on a Thai holiday weekend. And forget about a beach-side table unless you get there very early. I've read criticism of Pupen for the slowness of service and the rudeness of the staff. We certainly didn't have those problems on Saturday. The food came quickly and the waitresses and waiters were as polite and friendly as they usually are in LOS. Total damages were 2, 650 baht, very reasonable for such a meal for seven people. Considering the two kilos of crab cost 1,120 and I had two SMLs and a watermelon smoothie to drink, the rest of the meal was cheap indeed. The ladies all drank water. Bottom line: Pupen is one of the best places for fresh seafood in Pattaya. It loses a few points due to the lack of English-language menus and the hassle involved in getting to and from Pupen as well as the difficulty you might encounter in finding a table on a busy night. Evil
  10. Condo For Sale – direct from the owner View Talay 5, Building C, 12th floor 2,950,000B (2.95mb) or nearest offer, share transfer costs 50/50 Large studio Quick Sale – Call 09-4767-6624 or email info@viewtalaycondos.com Foreign name, freehold, Jomtien side Sea-view, ocean-front building 48 square meters, with balcony Fully furnished with hard wood furniture, decorated with granite tiles, and with kitchen Located directly on the baht bus route into Pattaya for 10 baht 24/7 TOT Internet and cable TV installed already. Big swimming pool, car park, security, private access to the beach
  11. My little studio is available again for long term rental. Would suit a retired person on a budget that likes to cook etc. Good security & always a breeze for those that want to save on electric. It is located at View Talay 1B. Can contact me by PM or on 0879398004. Info on link below. http://pattayapropertythailand.com/listing/jomtien-studio-rental-pattaya-property-thailand-ref-no-j-r061/
  12. Hi, I am selling currency exchange kiosk on behalf of my gf. Kiosk is located on Jomtien beach rd. Its operating every day. My gf got few, and would like to sell one to get some extra cash to expand her other businesses. Its hard decision to sell for her, as its making profit every day. In High seson, its quite good, for example in januany, it made over 100 000 profit. The rent is 20 000thb/month There is one employee right now, but you can put ur own, or work urself, or your gf, so you dont pay salary. You dont pay deposit, for rent. Best thing about it is my gf is willing to let you work/use her banking licence, more details by email, or call. You can start operate next day. All you need is cash to exchange. My gf will advise you, and help you with her experience, how to... I think is bargain. When she first got it, she had to pay huge deposit for place, build box, buy equipement, connect electrics, get licence (takes time, and not easy to get). So if you are looking for business for urself or your gf, that can be good oportunity for you. You dont need buy stock, all u deal with is pure cash. Cant go wrong with business. And location is on jomtien beach rd. Personally if I got money I would buy it from her myself :) For serious buyers, I can get price bit down. 700,000 THB 087 378 6693 Thank You Kris
  13. Hi, I recommend you exchange booth in Jomtien beach road You have to find it by photo better exchange rates, guess one of best in town
  14. For Sale: Ban Suan Lalana (Jomtien, soi Chayapruk) 5th (Top) floor, pool view, 38sqm condo, 1 bedroom, fully furnished, with new wooden built-in, and full kitchen. Must see. email me: info@viewtalaycondos.com 1,300,000B
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