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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. All windows files are exe. It means it is executable, the warning about changing PC is normal. If you want to be safe get your virus checker to scan the file. You will see that it is fine. We do have a URL for our service. It is http://iptvuk.club However using the App saves a lot of form filling and you do not even have to give your email address. Any problems please pm me.
  2. Sure, You can get from http://and.mine.nu/windows.exe The username to use is: basic The password is: subscription. The URL is: mgc.mine.nu:81
  3. You may have seen our posts offering free 48 hour connection to our TV service. This would give you over 5,000 Live TV stations and also over 5,000 Movies. We also have many Radio Stations and hundreds of TV series! But we have now gone one better and offering a completely free subscription for ever! Of course the number of TV stations etc is very limited compared to our paid service but hey, it's for free! You can access the service using our own Android App from http://and.mine.nu/tvbox.apk But don't click on the 48 hour free trial. Instead click "I have a username a
  4. We are giving 48 Hour free access to our IPTV service. (Even longer if you ask nicely!) If you have any sort of Android device you can download our App from here: http://and.mine.nu/tvbox.apk It should install itself automatically as you download. When you run the App just click on the Free Trial button. That's it. Enjoy one of the best IPTV services available.
  5. Hi, Just letting you all know that we have just started a 50% off promotion at Apple Bar, Jomtien. Full details are on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/applebarjomtien/ This is the text from the post: BIG NEWS! We’ve just had a recent meeting and decided to run an outrageous promotion that we’ve never done before. We’re giving everyone 50% off their bins, good up to ฿1,000 off for a limited time! Why? Because we believe this will be a great way to give back to our repeat customers who’ve been so loyal to us, but also a way to drive in some new customers who will most li
  6. Just would like to let you know about our IPTV-Club service. We have nearly 2,000 TV stations in many languages from UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Arab countries and many more. We also have over 1,000 Video On Demand Movies and TV Box Sets. Our service can be received on a MAG/Avov Box, Android Set Top Box, iOS devices, PC's, Kodi, Enigma 2 Satellite receivers and Smart TV's. No point trying to explain how good the service is. It's much easier for you to have a look yourself with our FREE TRIAL. You can order at our online shop which is at http://iptvclub.ecwid
  7. I m flying on Qatar A380 on June 11th from Bangkok Doha and then on to Manchester. This time I am in economy but last time got an upgrade. Qatar have a fantastic lounge at the rear of the business class section. Great place to relax. Like sitting in a bar with all the drinks free and the stewardess is the barmaid. Just received an upgrade offer from them. They say for £450 they will upgrade me to business for the whole flight from Qatar to Manchester. Do you think it is worth it? The economy section upstairs is really comfortable. Was about to purchase the upgrade but then I thought it is
  8. Well Apple Bar has been in this location for about 3 1/2 years now and that time has come around again. I am surprised we are still here I would have thought Apple would have killed me by now or I would have strangled her! But we are still at it. Running a bar I mean! Last year her birthday was a low key event , We just laid on a little food for friends and never even advertised it. But this year we are pulling out all the stops. Music, Food, Dancing, Karaoke, Coyote Dancers! Please come along and enjoy, All are welcome. Apple Bar is located on Soi Chaiyaphruk 1, next to the Junction w
  9. Every one is welcome to my 59th Birthday Party on Monday 15th July at Apple Bar, Soi Chaiyapheuk 1, Jomtien. To be honest, I really wanted to forget this birthday but instead decided to embrace the age and celebrate in style. As well as the usual party stuff, such as balloons, girls, free food etc, we have also taken over half of the road and are erecting a stage for a party show. We will have two singers for Farang music and one for Thai. And to make the show even more entertaining we will have Coyote dancers. So please drop by anyime between 7pm and early morning for fun and more
  10. Hi, D&D's has closed again. Ken did own D&D on Soi 9, Jomtien but he sold the business and name to me. I carried on running D&D at soi 9 until the split with my wife when I lost the bulding! but not the business rights. We did try re-opening recently at Soi 10, Thepressit but business was very bad. A combination of the economy and a very poor location. Many of the good girls did not want to work so far from Jomtien or Pattaya. The bar was sort of stuck in the middle with no foot traffic and mostly Thai bars near it. The bar at Soi 10 is now known as Magie May's 3, and is ow
  11. Many thanks Feline for the contact info. We are now licensed and showing all matches with English Commentary at Drunks & Dare-a-Licks, Thepressit, Soi 10, Jomtien. Also in our air-con lounge for those who like comfort. Chris
  12. The police are going around bars on our soi saying if we show football we will have to pay a 100,000 baht fine. Can other bar owners please confirm if this is true. I called the tourist police and was told no problem but he did not sound too sure! Chris
  13. Just been told by the police no bar is allowed to show football!! They are going around all the bars in the soi now. Chris
  14. Just setting up the air-con lounge today to show the matches on the projection TV, It will be turned on all the time with the original sound. As long as the TV station shows the build up then so will we. As the programmes start half hour before the match I presume you will get all the pre-match discussion etc. Also good to have the half time discussions in English. The main bar (not air-con) will have the sound on for the match only, unless the customers request otherwise! The customer is always right! Chris
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