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  1. There is a phone number on the website.You could try giving them a call.
  2. How old is this pic? I remember this guy from Soi 8 back in the day. I thought that he had passed away.
  3. I stopped in tonight just to check the place out and was more trhan pleasantly surprised with the layout and the line up!!! Lots of serious talent on stage who are friendly and not hussling for drinks. Reminds me of Spankys in Bangkok. I was gonna say hello to you Scott but you were busy interviewing a new girl (getting her to show you her tits!!!) and then you nipped out to eat. I was the bloke that Da jumped on when i came in. Have known her for many many years. Will see ya the day after tomorrow (fucking elections, im hearing everything shut tomorrow?) I have my eye on several o
  4. I have a fair few pictures of her. All very juicey. She loves stripping off in front of the camera.
  5. Im a big fan of Spanky's in Nana. The place always has a good vibe about it. Barfined one of my filthiest girls ever from there. Her name was Parn. Will stop by in July for a beer or several.
  6. RIP. One of the true masters of dead pan.
  7. Shuggy

    Beer Lao

    Last time i spoke to MM he mentioned that he had quite a bit of it lying around. If you only after a couple of cases he may be willing to help you out.
  8. The Best Singapore have the best in my book. Air Asia X can be quiet slutty. Cathay Pacific and China Southern rate quiet highly as well. Thai aint the best but you do get a few absolute stunners amongst them. Vietnam Airlines also deserves an honourable mention. Worst for me Long Haul United AIrlines who do the flights into Melbourne and Sydney. Grannies in thier sixties. They aint pretty. Air Pacific outta Fiji. Given a choice of f@cking them or fighting them i'd run!! Air Nauru (RIP) used to have some utter swamp donkies as well.
  9. Would love to be there mate but unfortunately reality is getting in the way. Hope you all have a great time.
  10. I can bring you a jar of Bests over in a few weeks if you want.
  11. Thai Air have some great prices for Melbourne to Bangkok for February. Have dropped from over $1500 to just over a $1000. Time for me to book.
  12. Thanks for the laugh AC. By the way, can i come over and borrow some of your movies.
  13. If i could move somewhere else ( you know where!!) i'd go tommorrow.
  14. They are soem good prices. The Jetstar prices from Melbourne are pretty similar but its to Bangkok. Unfortunately Emirates dont go to Bangkok from Melboure which leaves Thai as the only other direct alternative. Thai fuel surcharge is over $600 for a Mel to Bkk return which is bloody ludicrous but as i'm one flight of gold frequent flyer with them i'll be using them for my next trip.
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