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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. OK this is Marc! What you do now! Where you go now! lol I will get Saa her own ID! Thanks guys and hope to see you at Spankys!
  2. ok cool I will get saa posting on this thread! I didnt want to upset anyone.. Thanks :)
  3. Sorry I had my manager posting about Pattaya only but then I was told no girls are allowed on the board. So I post about both now I am in Pattaya 3 days a week and bangkok 3 days a week. Sorry for the confusion! We have some new girls starting this month and will do my best to post some new pictures tomorrow. Hope to see you at Spankys in Pattayas soi diamond or in Bangkoks nana plaza :) All the best, Spanky
  4. Thanks for coming by and great to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks for the review..Police are quite serious now reason for shower #2 I will fix the ink problem. :) Best, Spanky
  5. Thank you I try very hard make my bar fun and customer have fun to. Hope I can see you at Spankys. Saa
  6. :) Im sorry I not see you. Please say hello next time you come. My boss say no more farong manager and I try hard to make this bar better please look facebook for specials coming soon. https://www.facebook.com/spankyspattayathailand
  7. I thai and I joke about gay bar only joke. I do my best take care this bar and we not have draft beer we have leo 100 baht. I think my girl be fun na.
  8. I ask already my customer tell me spunky is a gay bar for man. Tell me spunk mean cum from man. We not gay bar. Our bar Spankys only lady. If you like fun lady come and see Spanky and I make sure my girl take good care of you. I can show you many girls and who you like can tell me. But I so sorry no naked man for you 555... Saa
  9. What mean Spunky? 2 weeks ago I just start I had many things to fix this bar. Now many good girl and listen to me this bar change now and better. Saa
  10. My name Saa. Now I take care Spanky bar soi diamond. I have many girl my bar you can tell me who you like and I make sure they take care good and you happy my bar. Saa
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