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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hughes been done by the FA, Peter Coates complains to the FA,after that miserable fucking ref,s performance.He has history with stoke and Hughes,a while back.Newcastle were crap to be honest,and for 38 mintes stoke were in complete control of the the game,then 5 mins later Atkinson gives the game to Newcastle.First goal a defelction,second,originaly a hand ball by newcastle plAYER,third,ball out of play,should have been a goal kick.Newcastle are riding their luck at the moment,and hope they can feel what stoke fans felt,about that abysmal perfomance by ref
  2. My hope is Liverpool to break the dominance and win the premier league,but i hope it goes to the last match too,amazing excitement,if this happens. Dont fancy stoke city,s next 4 games Newcastle away spurs away Everton home Liverpool home be happy with 4 points from this lot
  3. Sounds like heaven,decent weather daytime for walkies,and cooler weather in the evening for a few beers, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  4. I am warming to Suarez now,he is a brilliant player,with a GOOD ATTITUDE NOW,no diving and no spitting/snarling at the refs,for the better i think
  5. I just find it funny mate,no offense to them,but i wish some would say they like to watch x team,not that they are supporters.U know who the chelsea fan is and he didnt even know Stoke had beaten them at wembley in 72 to win the league cup,then a week later Chelsea won the cup winners cup,laughable realy
  6. Next time u come to pattaya,queen vic has great fish and chips,plus mushy peas if required, 220 baht and lovely
  7. U certainly know a lot about your team Martin My mate is a huge Man u fan,and he asks me who the players are,and when are they playing, funny as fuck.I talk to him about great players of the past,he looks at me puzzled,also a mate who is a huge Chelsea fan has never been to see them in the uk, incredible
  8. Just paid 10,500 baht for someone else to renew my uk passport.YES i know,the prices and i do know how to fill forms in,before any fucker starts to threadfuck,but i just feel lazy at the moment,and the price isnt that much different. The visa company is at queen vic,s,hence my fish,chips,mushy peas for late brekkie lol
  9. Just had the fish,chips and mushy peas,at 220 baht an excellant meal,and the batter was amazing
  10. What about the fireworks display, 60 tourists burnt alive from falling loy kratongs,and rockets
  11. Could be the best match to watch this wekend
  12. The decking needs a good quality,exterior stain,to protect the wood from the elements,but somehow i doubt they will do it,some very nice colours for exterior nowadays
  13. Nice one Jacko,think sUNDERLAND softened em up a bit wed night though There is a great pic in the newspapers,showing ETO with TWO hot water bottles around his body,stoke had short sleeved tops,says a lot mate
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