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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi, Chelsea lose again at Everton. The battle for the 2 CL places are very interesting now.
  2. Hi, Arsenal have a good weekend as most of the teams around them lose or draw. Man Utd were in town but Arsenal produced a good performance to beat them. Chelsea and Spurs seem to be going through a bad patch in the PL, which gives Utd and Arsenal a good chance of the top 4. Newcastle are on a good run and Rafa seems to be guiding them to safety again.
  3. Hi, 737 is one of the most reliable craft so worrying that this version looks problematic.
  4. Hi, Wac was abroad for the weekend but managed to see Arsenal being cheated with an offside goal. Liverpool seem lacking in midfield creativity, Henderson seems to overrated by Klopp. Looking like City again unless Liverpool hit a run of form.
  5. Hi, Spurs visit Chelsea for a game they have a bad record in. Even noticed an ad at a bus stop saying Chelsea are unbeaten in 31 of 32 recent games at the Bridge. My math tells me that Spurs have won once in that time. Good win for Rafa against a Brighton team who are heading in the wrong direction.
  6. Hi, Disappointing game. I thought United were going to end up with 9 men with all the injuries they picked up. Liverpools front 3 had a bad day.
  7. Hi, Be careful, I know a guy who was badly injured in that way. Lucky you weren't coming home after a heavy session.
  8. Hi, It's an easier game for Man Utd as they are not under the pressure of going for the title.
  9. Hi, I'm sure Manchester is looking forward to Liverpools finest coming to the city on Sunday. United looked good at Chelsea and must fancy their chances. Pogba looks different class now that Jose has left. Hope its a great game whoever wins.
  10. Hi, That article from Pattaya One The UK pound has lost a staggering 45% of its value against the Thai baht since 2005.
  11. Hi, Reds under the bed was the story in my youth. In UK there is scant credit given to the Russians in the defeat of the Nazis. They paid a high price. On my bad days I think maybe this is as far as humanity can go, maybe we have been here before many years ago ? We have developed to a place where we can wipe out civilization with nuclear weapons. Have we done it before ? Will we do it again ?
  12. Hi, Watford are doing better than you guys in the last 20 years.
  13. Hi, Looks like another players strike.
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