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  1. Hi, I thought Liverpool were very good and the VAR decisions went United's way. Agree, the Big Six don't look too big this year.
  2. Hi, Man Utd are the only team to take points off Liverpool this season and will be flat out to get another good result in the match of the round. I hope its a great game. Arsenal face a tough test v Sheffield Utd and it will be a good indicator of any improvement since Arteta took over.
  3. Hi, The Cranberries had a colourful manager who had much earlier success before going to Ireland to train racehorses. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/obituarydenny-cordell-laverack-1574265.html The three Rs are normally associated with painful experiences at school. Denny Cordell-Laverack was master at the more enjoyable alternative three Rs - rock and roll and racing. His first master-stroke came in 1965, when he was 21, a simple stamps-on-envelopes boy working for a firm marketing Beatles products. He discovered the Bessie Banks song "Go Now" and placed it with a new band called the Moody Blues. Contrary to normal behaviour in the industry, he persuaded them to sign a business agreement. The song was a great hit, and Cordell made £36,000. No matter how hard the Moody Blues tried, they couldn't get out of the piece of paper they had signed. Cordell produced two other classic hits of the Sixties: "A Whiter Shade of Pale" (1967) for Procol Harum, and Lennon and McCartney's "With a Little Help From My Friends" for the soul singer Joe Cocker in 1968. Cordell launched Cocker in the United States, taking the Grease Band, which included J.J. Cale and Gary Busey, now a movie star, on their notorious Mad Dogs and Englishmen tour of the United States, culminating in their appearance at Woodstock. It was, however, to Ireland that Cordell turned for his highly successful training and horse-breeding career. He was a breath of fresh air compared to the Tipperary-dominated fake glamour set. Suddenly Ireland had a genuine star bestriding its proudest stage - from the Curragh to Gowran Park, his local track. With his mop of grey curls, a Marlboro dangling from the lip and a charismatic clan of his children and stepchildren he could not but add real style and eccentricity to Irish racing. He bought a lovely property, Corries, in County Carlow, and in a typically wry touch, had the house painted in the Argentinian national colours - at the time of the Falklands war. Eventually, rejuvenated by the Irish country life, he returned to his first love, music. The money too was running a bit thin but the magic had not left, and Chris Blackwell, of Island Records, a friend for many years, put him back in as his Artists and Repertoire man. Cordell did not fail him, as he and his eldest son, Barney, discovered in Cork in 1993 the Cranberries, the only non-American band in the present top 30 albums in the United States. He was most recently associated with Marianne Faithfull on her album A Secret Life, which is due out next month. Pirate Irwin Dennis Cordell-Laverack, record producer, horse breeder and trainer: born Argentina 1 August 1943; twice married (three sons, one daughter; and one son by Marina Guinness); died Dublin 18 February 1995.
  4. Hi, The MAX problems seem to have hit the company hard. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51115650 737 Max crisis: Boeing sees lowest orders in decades The company also said deliveries of its planes slumped to an 11-year low last year. It means the US firm has lost its title as the world's biggest plane maker to European rival Airbus. The 737 Max has been grounded since March after two crashes in which 346 people were killed. Boeing said net orders after cancellations for 2019 totalled just 54 planes. That compares with 893 the previous year. At the same time deliveries fell by 53% to 380 planes, the lowest number since 2007. In comparison, Boeing's main rival Airbus said earlier this month that it delivered a record 863 planes in 2019 and racked up a net 768 orders after cancellations.
  5. Hi, Kun broke the record for most goals by a foreigner in the PL, and most hat-tricks in the PL yesterday. Great stuff. Liverpool beat Spurs, again. Didn't make it to the Auld Triangle but I'm sure they were in good mood despite Arsenal only drawing at Palace.
  6. Hi, Correct. Chelsea are getting better, I think.
  7. Hi, I said it.(OP) Kane out for 3 months. Spurs failed to turn up in the CL final and would have been lucky winners after 13 defeats during the PL season. Pochettino seems unsettled and I feel they may not have as good a season as their fans are hoping.
  8. Hi, Well done forcebwithu and wac. We called it right. RIP to all the victims.
  9. Hi, I think it happened at the same time as the missile strikes on bases. Seems a big coincidence.
  10. wacmedia


    Hi, All present events are a result of the BUST. It's taking time to unwind. Banking doesn’t involve fraud, banking IS fraud. Tim Madden
  11. Hi, Spurs v Liverpool is the game of the round this weekend. The Auld Triangle will be scouse for the day.
  12. wacmedia


    Hi, Never use ME airlines. I know some are good but I dont want the extra dangers involved in transiting there.
  13. Hi, Pochettino had had enough, he was waiting for the pay-off. Moyes had been a lucky manager for me over the years. I think if the players don't like you they down tools these days. It can't be easy to manage very young, very rich players.
  14. wacmedia


    Hi, The ME could implode after the latest event.
  15. wacmedia


    Hi, I'd say currency trading is the most difficult business to make money in. Politics is a big issue,but imagine the Big One hits California. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-01-01/earthquake-near-san-jose Bay Area rattled by magnitude 3.9 earthquake near San Jose
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