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  1. Hi, They are thinking about it as well. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/15/boeing-737-max-ordered-by-ryanair-undergoes-name-change A Boeing 737 Max due to be delivered to Ryanair has had the name Max dropped from the livery, further fuelling speculation that the manufacturer and airlines will seek to rebrand the troubled plane once it is given the all clear to fly again. Photos have emerged of a 737 Max in Ryanair colours outside Boeing’s manufacturing hub, with the designation 737-8200 – instead of 737 Max – on the nose. The 737-8200 is a type name for the aircraft that is used by aviation agencies.
  2. Hi, The problem Boeing, and the airlines who order this version, have is will people be prepared to fly on it ? I would try avoid it. The 737 was a great plane but this version is problematic.
  3. Hi, It was unavailable on this link but available on another.
  4. Hi, I was in the Post Office this morning and they were advertising baht at less than 37. From my records I got 74+ at some stage. The value of the £ has halved against the Baht.
  5. Hi, An oldie but goodie.
  6. Hi, The Chinese and Indians are known for keeping the money within their communities and families. Muslims and Indians marry their cousins to keep the money in the family. The ordinary Thais will get very little of whatever money is circulating. Could be interesting times in LOS as well. You cant impoverish ordinary people and expect them to take it lying down.
  7. Hi, Gold is getting stronger at the moment. Bad time to sell with all the potential for war in the air.
  8. Hi, Yeah, I notice Thais doing well in both the mens and womens game.
  9. Hi, It will all blow up in their faces.
  10. . Hi, Not just in LOS. A chap I know gave me a wave out of a brand new Range Rover the other day. He is not known for working hard. https://www.lookers.co.uk/land-rover/new-cars/range-rover?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqI3l-MLe4gIVy53tCh0CBgaCEAAYAiAAEgJJ5PD_BwE The new Range Rover Plug-in Hybrid Electronic Vehicle (PHEV) is now for sale, starting from £87,600, with CO2 emissions as low as 72g/km, providing an output of 404hp and delivering 0-60mph in 6.4 seconds. The Range Rover Vogue begins at £81,900 for the Vogue model, with features such as the Atlas grille mesh detailing and front bumper accent, and interior Windsor leather seats.
  11. Hi, Well done to Man City for winning the PL.
  12. Hi, Tough on Liverpool, who would have been worthy champions, but remember they should have lost both games to City. If they had won one of the games they would be champions.
  13. Hi, Brighton have sacked their manager already. I feel there will be a big turnover of players at Arsenal, Man Utd and psssibly a few others. Emery has had a good first season IMO, but needs defenders. Ole has a big job on his hands, Man Utd are attracting players who seem more interested in big bucks than success. Some of the fans are already calling for his head. If Ole can sort out the situation he will be as big a legend as Fergie.
  14. Hi, Yeah, the scousers had a great night. Should be rocking on Sunday for the visit of Wolves. Barcelona are vulnerable away from home in the CL if you look through their record.
  15. Hi, Top 4 and relegation all decided. Arsenal and Man Utd concede more than 50 goals so were both undeserving of a Champions League place. City and Liverpool go to the last day. Leicester put up a good show last night but Kompany hit a great winner. Brighton are a boring team but can put all their players behind the ball. Wolves have already won the battle for 7th but I'm sure they will give a good account at Anfield.
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