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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi, Well done to Man City for winning the PL.
  2. Hi, Tough on Liverpool, who would have been worthy champions, but remember they should have lost both games to City. If they had won one of the games they would be champions.
  3. Hi, Brighton have sacked their manager already. I feel there will be a big turnover of players at Arsenal, Man Utd and psssibly a few others. Emery has had a good first season IMO, but needs defenders. Ole has a big job on his hands, Man Utd are attracting players who seem more interested in big bucks than success. Some of the fans are already calling for his head. If Ole can sort out the situation he will be as big a legend as Fergie.
  4. Hi, Yeah, the scousers had a great night. Should be rocking on Sunday for the visit of Wolves. Barcelona are vulnerable away from home in the CL if you look through their record.
  5. Hi, Top 4 and relegation all decided. Arsenal and Man Utd concede more than 50 goals so were both undeserving of a Champions League place. City and Liverpool go to the last day. Leicester put up a good show last night but Kompany hit a great winner. Brighton are a boring team but can put all their players behind the ball. Wolves have already won the battle for 7th but I'm sure they will give a good account at Anfield.
  6. Hi, I have a gut feeling most of it will be decided this round. I know Sky would like everything to go to the last day but it may not happen this time.
  7. Hi, Nobody seems to want the other 2 places. City have responded much better to CL disappointment than Man Utd. I used to be a regular at Ajax at one time and they have another great team at last. I hope they beat Spurs.
  8. Hi, Well, City responded well to the pressure. Still have difficult games while Liverpool seem to have easy ones. Wolves are having a fine season and kept up their good record against the top 6.
  9. Hi, Wacs Easter eggs were paid for by another good display by Everton. Man Utd found it hard after their defeat in the CL and Everton had all week to prepare for the match. Liverpool had a struggle to beat Cardiff but should win their remaining games. Thar puts pressure on City to win the derby on Wednesday night.
  10. Hi, We have outsourced our pollution to China and India. Maybe Mankind has evolved as much as it can ? This is where you end up with young people who have a good education etc..being a bit disappointing.
  11. Hi, Yeah, I had a feeling that missed penalty was going to cost you. Thought you usually good keeper was at fault for one of Sons goals and the defence should have cleared the corner that Lloriente bundled in. Away goals are critical in these games. VAR is a pain in those circumstances, but it stops some of the partial officiating that can occur,I've seen Arsenal players swept from their feet(both) in the box at Old Trafford without as much as an indirect free kick being awarded. Also good goals, and attacking positions, being called off side. Much will depend on how both teams react to losing out in the CL in the remaining games.
  12. Hi, I think City are too strong for United at the moment. I think Ole has a big job to do this summer. Is he up to it ?
  13. Hi, The scousers have a great chance now. Chelsea would have had a chance of a point if Hazard hadn't hit the post. City or Liverpool would be worthy champions.
  14. Hi, I can't relax when I'm carrying loads of cash. Since BUST the rules have changed.
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