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  1. Hi, VAR is no friend of Man City as they are on the wrong end of several bad calls. The refs seem determined to undermine VAR which works well in other countries. Sheffield United were another team who were robbed at the weekend. Lets hope its sorted soon or the PL will face an exodus of fans/players/managers who feel that the sytem is favouring a few teams. https://www.balls.ie/football/report-var-premier-league-major-change-420075 Report: VAR In Premier League Set To Undergo Major Change In Coming Weeks
  2. Hi, City visit Liverpool in the game of the round. City have lots of injuries at the moment so its Liverpools chance to clinch the title after so many years.(89-90) City have a very poor record at Anfield. Will the scousers be celebrating Sunday night ?
  3. Hi, https://www.rte.ie/news/business/2019/1104/1088472-ryanair-reports-flat-profit-for-half-year/ Ryanair has today announced a further two-month delay to the start of its Boeing MAX 737 deliveries. It also warned it may have none of the jets to fly next summer, which would freeze growth of one of Europe's fastest growing airlines. In July, Ryanair said it expected to be flying 30 737 MAX planes next summer with its first delivery due in January. Ryanair is one of Boeing's biggest customers for the grounded plane with 210 on order.
  4. Hi, I like it at sunset.
  5. Hi, VAR saved Spurs. Everton are not as bad as they look up to now. Lost several points because of bad VAR decisions. PL have to sort it out as the refs are sabotaging it. Some very dodgy refs in the PL.
  6. Hi, Watford v Chelsea and Everton v Spurs are the 2 games that interest me this weekend. I'll be surprises if both away teams win which the bookies seem to think will happen.
  7. Hi, Yeah, I think you are right. But it was a commercial failure. I believe the same fate awaits the Max.
  8. Hi, The first jet was a Comet. They had some accidents and...
  9. Hi, Chelsea young players do well to see off Burnley. Spurs get a great start but still fall short at Anfield, again. Arsenal have 2 VAR decisions go against them. After refusing to overturn wrong decisions before now they overturn 2 in the one game. I feel there is some questions to answer in the PL's implementation.
  10. Hi, I agree. Flown the 737 loads of times, but I will avoid this one. If people refuse to fly on them they will be scrapped.
  11. Hi, Chelsea face a tough journey to Burnley after their trip to Amsterdam. The young guys will learn a lot. Spurs had a good win last night but may find the trip to Liverpool difficult.
  12. Hi, Liverpool finished the game on the attack. I liked that and the fact that Klopp made changes which worked in the second half. The scousers felt robbed by United goal but this ref leaves a lot of these type of fouls go unpenalised. Klopp should have warned his players of that and to play to the whistle.
  13. Hi, Ole will be missing 2 of his best players, De Gea and Pogba when Liverpool make the short journey to Manchester. It will be a job saver for Ole if he wins. If he loses...?
  14. Hi, The lead singer dies recently. A great band from the pub rock scene. I forgot how well I knew some of these bands until I read No Sleep till Canvey Island. Great book about the time.
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