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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi, Spurs face a difficult trip to Leicester. Scousers and Mancs are in town on the same weekend.
  2. Hi, Norwich are the team of the round with a great win against the champions. City have no Kompany this year and Laporte is injured. Will the scousers win the PL at last ?
  3. Hi, Man Utd v Leicester is the game of the round. Maddison has had a great start to the season so must be pissed off he had no game time in Englands 2 games. I hope he has a great game for Leicester. Ole needs a win or there will be more knives out in the corridors of Old Trafford than the mean streets of London. Leicester were unlucky not to win at Chelsea so I might have a bet on them on the AH.
  4. Hi, There is a chart on the link which covers £/baht from 2005.Can't copy the chart but.. https://www.poundsterlinglive.com/bank-of-england-spot/historical-spot-exchange-rates/gbp/GBP-to-THB
  5. Hi, Good post. It shows how quickly things can turn. Rental income from property is about the best way to keep an additional income coming in.The decline of the £ is a thing that must have hit plenty. It's disgraceful that people are getting so little return on bank deposits.
  6. Hi, Yeah, Samui was a different place then than it is now. The new Thailand suits me better these days. I like my comforts as I get older and I only drink alcohol these days.
  7. Hi, Flights back then were little cheaper than they are today if I remember rightly.(Very expensive) I think you got 30+ baht to the pound. Things seemed cheaper than they are today though. I stayed in a very nice beach hut with fan for £1 a night on Chaweng Beach. There was talk of an airport coming soon at that time. I've never been back as I've read horrot stories about Koh Samui since the airport and the property explosion. I was glad to have been there when I was. Pattaya wasn't a destination at that time, except for the US guys in Vietnam maybe ?
  8. Hi, The talking heads on TV are saying a GE will be a massive gamble. Nonsense, he cant govern until 2022 with a minority. Go for it Boris.
  9. Hi, Its behind the sofa time when Arsenal are defending these days. At least they showed some bottle to come back in the second half. Man Utd faced a difficult game at Southampton who were unlucky not to draw with Liverpool in their previous home game. Leicester seem to be fulfilling the pundits expectations of challenging for a top 6 place.Everton have a good win against a Wolves team who have had plenty of travelling to do in qualifying for the Europa League.
  10. Hi, Rumours of the departure of Pochettino in the North London air. Some bookies have stopped taking bets so maybe there is some truth to the rumour. Spurs travel the short journey to face Arsenal.
  11. Hi, I saw ads for "Amazing Thailand" on Sky recently so maybe bookings are down. Flights are OK, its the currency thats the problem.
  12. Hi, Newcastle are the team of the weekend with a great away victory at Spurs. Rashford hit the penalty well, just unlucky. Ole has got his first requests to resign from the faithful on the fans phone ins.
  13. Hi, Liverpool v Arsenal is the game of the round. Liverpool look below par so far which gives the gooners hope.
  14. Hi, The Tories are toast if they fail to deliver Brexit . I'm optimistic Boris will deliver it. Not a great fan of Boris, but I dislike Merkel and Macron more. If Boris delivers I believe he will romp a General Election. Let's see how it plays out. Interesting times.
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