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  1. Hi, Sorry for you guys having problems. Also, airline shares have taken a hammering. British Airways company.
  2. Hi, No, but lived in the West country for a while and picked up some of the local customs.
  3. Hi, If the season ends now, I think the most surprising team has been Sheffield United. The most disappointing have been the boys from Aston.
  4. Hi, Liverpool should be given the title. no question.
  5. Hi, Playing to empty stadiums is not an option, except in the PL. It's a tough call, maybe the crowds will be allowed in ? The Government advisors seem to want most people to get the virus and create "herd immunity". Herd immunity Description Herd immunity is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a large percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, thereby providing a measure of protection for individuals who are n
  6. Hi, I'd say they will play all the games, eventually. Euro2020 is likely to be next year which creates an opening to finish the leagues in that spot. Leeds would be a useful addition to the PL.
  7. Hi, Well if the games go ahead there are 2 cracking ties this round. Man Utd visit Spurs and there is a Liverpool derby. Let's hope they are on as many of us find sport a nice diversion in these interesting times.
  8. Hi, Looks that way, maik. Great shame.
  9. Hi, Let's hope things have settled down by then. If not, the economy will be a sad state, worldwide.
  10. Hi, Whether they are banned or not they want to qualify. Wac had a good weekend financially. I dont know if any of you guys have a bet ? Ederson looked like he overdone it Saturday night.
  11. Hi, United are big outsiders in the Manchester derby. I might have a small bet on them on the AH as they have more at stake than City who look certain to make the CL.
  12. Hi, Momentum is the key. There is a possibility that one of the teams near the bottom will hit a run of winning form. Leicester City went on a run one year (14/15)and won it the next year. Watford manager, Nigel Pearson, was Leicesters manager that season which is why I think they have a good chance of surviving.
  13. Hi, Everton denied winning goal by VAR. Somethings never change.
  14. Hi, Yeah, us gooners were happy with that result.
  15. Hi, Everton v Man Utd is the game of the round this weekend. Man Utd have been getting lots of favourable calls lately and may need some more to beat an improving Everton.
  16. Hi, Southampton beat Villa and are almost safe. Chelsea victims of another bad VAR call but prove too good for Spurs. Good weekend for wac, Arsenal win, Spurs lose, and the Gypsy King beats Wilder.
  17. Hi, Spurs visit Chelsea which is always a tough game. Spurs were outclassed by a good Leipzig team and will find it difficult to bounce back so quickly. Southampton v Villa is a must not lose game for both sides.
  18. Hi, Yeah, it looks like they have been picked out for special attention. Their IT system was hacked which I'm sure could happen to other teams. Many of the big European teams have been involved in questionable behaviour, they tend to get a slap on the wrist.
  19. Hi, Man Utd get all the calls in game v Chelsea. Let's hope that the FA haven't decided that United must make the CL, whatever it takes.
  20. Hi, Well City ain't the only team gaming the system. I think FFP is being used to keep clubs like City and PSG out of the big time.
  21. Hi, Will Liverpool's luck last till the end of the season ? Happy Sunday in North London as both teams win.
  22. Hi, Very few games during the mid season break. Chelsea v Man Utd is the game I am interested in on Monday night. Should be a good one.
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