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  1. Samui 2100m = 6889 ft. Skiathos 1628m = 5341 ft.
  2. How did The Godfather ever get made? The Paramount+ series attempts to answer that. THE OFFER is based on Oscar®-winning producer Albert S. Ruddy’s extraordinary, never-before-seen experiences of making “The Godfather.” I've only seen the first episode but it seems to be a winner.
  3. "The Million Bar and Restaurant" - Beach Road between Soi 4 and 5 - shut its doors with a for rent sign on the shutters. So a nosey mate of mine called the for rent number. Turns out the Thai woman has a foreign hubby and they have decided to go and live in his country. My mate figures the foreigner has got enough money to not care about trying to sell the business or at least that is what he was thinking until the Indian building owner told him what the rent was. 200k/month - with a COVID DISCOUNT, the usual rent is 250k/month. Meanwhile just down from there near Soi 4 th
  4. Been a few changes since I first stayed at the Ambassador in 1979. Great set of photos. Thank you.
  5. Well appears OYO has taken over a building in the Spanish Place Condo complex and reconfigured it as a hotel. Location is poor and as such the condos were never all that attractive in the Pattaya market. (Not sure, but that swimming pool may be part of the entire condo and not just for OYO residents.) Article here from Wikipedia re OYO. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OYO_Rooms
  6. And what happens if you fall on the stairs? My then 11 y/o granddaughter did exactly that after doing in her ACL skiing. Chipped a bone at the elbow. So, cannot use crutches, so cannot have ACL repaired, so has to have elbow surgery. Then recovery from that with rehab. And finally months later she had the ACL fixed. A year later she's back to swimming. Haven't asked her yet what her plans for future ski trips are.
  7. Clouds of Sils Maria - Assayas, Binoche and Kristen Stewart on Netflix.
  8. 2002 for me. 20th anniversary of the Paradise Bar and its closing.
  9. Had bilateral inguinal hernia repair done in the late 70’s in California. By 1981 I was having severe pain on the right and had to have repeat bilateral repair done in Saudi Arabia. And by 1984 the right side again needed repair while I was in Saudi. And it is still out! No mesh was used for any of these surgeries as at that time I believe it was standard practice not to use mesh unless absolutely necessary to achieve a proper repair. The introduction of a foreign body (mesh) was felt to increase the likelihood of infection. But it seems all that has changed. “Hernias have a high rat
  10. Netflix Wild Wild Country Excellent documentary. Sometimes choosing a side is difficult.
  11. Is there a reason the British omit the article when they “go to hospital”? I've had a conversation re this topic with my mate from Edinburgh and we've never reached any conclusion, but here's a discussion from the Net regarding same. https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/19604/is-there-a-reason-the-british-omit-the-article-when-they-go-to-hospital
  12. Believe China Southern still has 9 across seating in economy unlike those who've changed or are changing to 3-4-3.
  13. 5 pak (7 oz. tube) Crest has been available at Costco
  14. Read about a quarter of Shantaram and put it aside. I thought it felt like a novel "soon to be a major motion picture" or maybe a miniseries. And it seems Warner is alleged to have paid $2M for the rights with Johnny Depp involved as long as 10 years ago. He was to be the lead or director or something. Interviews with the author on YouTube. And there's a sequel, The Mountain Shadow, published in 2015 with an interesting review in the NYT.
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