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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. To .... Yorta2 Thanks for your help blah blah blah blah you idiot !!!! By saying blah blah blah in my post I was just trying to keep my post short and sweet !!!! And by the way I love Pattaya ! Go get a life mr yorta2 blah blah blah it was a simple question about Phuket idiot
  2. Hi all ... One day to go and I will be in Pattaya for 28 days Yeee haaaaaa ... I no Pattaya very well all the go go bars and Soi 6 LK metro blah blah ... Any way I'm going to Phuket on 26 August for 4 days and it's been a few years since I've been to Phuket.... Can anybody tell me if there are any NUDE ago go clubs there ??? In Bangla road or surrounding area ?? I do remember one bar called exotica it was semi nude.. And once again thank you all in advance
  3. Hi all ... I will be arriving at swampy airport BKK Saturday... And have allways used mr t taxi service and allways get confirmation back within 24 hours... I fill out the online form with times flight number ect .. Have sent 3 emails now 5 days no confirmation? They must use a second party? Noi@paradice Pattaya?? Dose anyone no what the hell is going on Iv never had a problem before..... Thank you all in advance ....
  4. Hi every one ...just need some advice on money exchange ... I'm from Australia . And I allways take cash when I go to Pattaya when I change my cash notes in Pattaya I get a very high rate comperd to exchange in Australia ... So I will be in Pattaya in August 20 and then I will be in Cambodia P.phen in September for 8 days ...I have been told that in Cambodia they use US dollars .. So can I get a good exchange rate in Cambodia or should I change my Australia $$ notes in Pattaya or change my Australia $$ to US $$ in Australia ?? As allways thank you everyone in advance ...
  5. Hi every one.... I'm thinking about going to Cambodia pho pen just want to no if they have any nude go go bars or good bars for freelance lady's ? Is Cambodia similar to Pattaya sex scene ?? Also what part off Cambodia should I visit for lovley lady's ..... Thank you all in advance
  6. Hi every one .... I'm looking for advice please .. I'm from Perth in west Australia born and bred .... Ok I will be coming to Thailand 20 off August and want return back to Perth September 26 so this is approx 40 days . And I no on arrival Bkk swampy airport I will get stamp for 30 days only ? So what I want to no is on the 25 day can I go to jomtien imagination office and get extra days so I can compile at my 40 day stay ?? Or can I make a short flight to Cambodia stay 5 days return back to Thailand and get xtra 30 days on arrival ... I hope some one can help me .... I'm worried when I arri
  7. Hi every one ... I will be arriving in Pattaya 12 off May and I love the place .. The food the clubs and islands .... But most off all I love the lovley Thai freelance girls they are awesome .. But I would like to no if there is any freelance INDIAN girls in Pattaya ?? Thanks in advance
  8. Hey thanks slip slop slap for the info mate .... I allways like to deal direct with the hotel .. And mate I have stayed at honey lodge many times .. So central good pool easy for everything .. And never had a booking problem with them before .. And now you have shine the light cheers mate I will email them tonight... By the way slip slop slap .. Book a room second or third floor with balcony facing pool sweet as bud .. And I will be there may 12 for 5 nights and then to Chiang mai for 3 nights and back to Pattaya .. So if you are in Pattaya same time we can get on the piss ??? Thank you mate
  9. Gday slip slop slap .... Well well looks like we have the same problem with honey lodge .. I have stayed there many times and as you said so central .. I will arrive in May 16 .. I have sent 4 emails to honey lodge an bugger me no reply ... And the same as my friend no reply .. I hope we can sort this out .. If I find out any more I will let you no and viser verser
  10. Nice photos mate ... Fantastic I love the place . I will be in pattaya 5pm Saturday
  11. Hi guys....... I will be in pattaya 21 March for 16 days and will be looking for some Viagra can anyone tell me a good place to buy from ?? I will be staying at honey lodge near walkingstreet ??? and also I have high blood pressure could Viagra cause I'll affect as this is will be my first time use for Viagra .. Thanks in advance too you all
  12. Good morning every one.. Ni will be back in pattaya late March April and was thinking off going to koh samet .. Can anyone tell me what the place is like ??? I'm getting bad reports. Well I'm sure I will be set straight on pt..... Iv been to koh sichang and that was nice and short distance from pattaya about 1hour drive .. And was told koh samet is about 1 hour drive to which suits me as I will stay about 3 nights....Iv also been to Koh Chang and Phuket..... Just need to no about samet.... Thanks in advance ??
  13. So so sad ........ Get the flamethrower butch
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