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  1. Will a land line phone from the USA work in Pattaya? Yes, I know I'll have to get a 220v plug. I plan on bringing my VOIP adapter on this trip just to see if it works.
  2. Dr. Bee report. She speaks good English. Today was a little technical, she cut a bridge to save that crown, then removed the next crown and smoothed the previous one, no pain at all. Tomorrow, she will remove the front crown and wait for the new crowns. Costs; remove crown 1200 baht, new crown 7,000 baht, filling 1000 baht, free exam, complete exrays 700 baht, cleaning 1000 baht. We'll see what tomorrow brings. She is on Central up from Foodland on the same side, about halfway to Sukhumvit.
  3. Honda Wave 125 for sale Only 6000 baht Runs great, starts every time, kick start. Semi-automatic, currently registered and insured. 12 years old, not perfect but good, reliable transportation. Problem, I have the green book, but it is not in my name, still no problem to register it every year. Call Jim 092-887-1479
  4. City Inn, Udon Thani For Sale www.cityinnud.com 13,900,000 Baht 080-002-9900 I'm posting just as information, so if you're interested, get in touch with Tiffany at City Inn. She's Canadian/Thai and speaks fluent English or is that Canadian? 9 rooms with air con, cable, internet and all that stuff. It's only a year old and very nice. The best thing is the location, only a short walk to Central Mall, nightlife, night market, UD Town, Train and Bus. All rooms rent for 600 baht. Would make a nice family run business. You do the numbers and figure out if it works for you. It's also a great place to stay in Udon Thani, especially with the location and the Coffee Corner across the street is a great place to have breakfast. Again, if you're interested, call or see the owner directly, I just stayed there.
  5. This is a follow-up to "condo for sale by owner" It is now sold and here are the results: I bought a 26 SQM unit at Nirun condo 10 years ago for 350,000 baht and remodeled it at a cost of about 60,000 baht, then lived in it for two years, at which time I bought a double unit at Nirun. I then rented the 26 SQM to mostly Thais at 5000 per month. A Thai manager handled it for 10%. The only other cost was 300 baht homeowners fee and I had to replace one toilet and had very few vacencies until the last 6 months because it's now dated and needed remodeling again but I decided to sell it 'as is' instead. The sale price was 500,000 baht which I consider I got my money back, however the rent money was always welcome on my annual visit of usually 4 to 6 months and paid a good portion of my expenses. Note; the Thai manager deposited my money into my Bankok Bank account and I was able to check it on line. Compare that to renting. Renting is better for flexibility but on most other levels, I believe buying is better if you plan to spend much time here. I'm still living in my double unit, don't rent it in my absence, and really enjoy having my own stuff the way I like it, ready for me whenever I arrive. The only holding cost is the 300 baht HO dues. One of the keys to a successful rental is the manager and the only one I would recommend at this point is Michael at Dancewatchers.com, of course he only handles high end units which is why he did not handle mine. My Thai manager was good but there were a few communication problems especially when I called him on Skype.
  6. The building is supported by columns, not the walls, therefore you can remove a wall making one large unit. One colume will remain in the center of the room. You can also remove only 1/2 of the wall making a seperate bedroom and living room. The total will then be 52 SQM. All major construction must be approved by the management and they do check to make sure.
  7. The condo fees are 300 baht a month. It is about 50% Thai. Yes, the lift is working. It is an outside facing unit and has an outside view of the city. I understand you guys with a lot of money turn your noses up at Nirun, but it is still the best deal in town at less then 20,000 baht per SQM or compare it to the other two condos for sale here. A friend of mine just sold his 48 SQM unit at VT 6 for 4.5 million, almost 94,000 baht per SQM. It is certainly for a guy on a budget, but just figure out the cost difference if you came here twice a year and let it sit empty the rest of the time, after all, the holding cost is only 300 baht a month. How much extra money would you have for short times?
  8. It is on the 6th floor, top floor. Building A. It is an end unit so it has an extra windi and cross ventilation. Any suggestions on how to post pictures?
  9. Nirun Condo For Sale by Owner Only 500,000 Baht In Foreign Name, 26 SQM 300 Meters to Big C Extra Electric Meter No Mark-up needs updating 0928871479 or jimbbc@yahoo.com Unable to post pictures but I can email them
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