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  1. For me, getting to Mitiyon is no fun. I don't like to ride down Pattaya Tai as there can be a lot of traffic. I'd also imagine that if you need a vehicle inspection, they would need to keep your bike a while to get that done leaving me stranded w/o transportation. I was in the inspection station with air con for all of ten minutes.
  2. The route I take is all back roads so I can avoid hwy 36. I just checked on Google Maps and it claims it is 14km (seems much shorter to be honest). The first time I went, I used Google Maps navigation with a bluetooth headset. Now I know the way. The only issue with the route is there is an international school along the way that sometimes blocks traffic to allow the cars to leave the school. This time it was clear all the way, no construction or schools letting out.
  3. Time for an update to this thread since my motorbike is now five years old. First step was to go to one of the vehicle inspection stations. There is a new one near me just off Khao Talo and costs 60 baht for a motorbike inspection, or 750 baht for inspection plus all registration with a two day turnaround time. There was no queue at the inspection station for me. I felt like going for a ride, so choose the inspection only option. This requires the green book. I took the back roads to DLT (Department of Land Transport), went to window 10 inside next to the stairs leading up
  4. Does anyone have experience with checking for skin cancer and treatment in Pattaya? For those who have had treatment, what does it cost?
  5. I was having issues with Grab around this time as well. I talked to Frosty about it and he suggested it is because I chose to pay by cash, because he had issues getting drivers until he got his girl to order and use her credit card. Lately, I have not had any issues with Grab. I suspect this is the result of low season.
  6. The signs indicate that, but when I went inside, all I saw was the desk to get your queue number and the desk to do 90 day reporting and lots of seating. I think for any of those services, it is the starting point to get your number. Specifically, I didn't see any immigration officers. I think it's just a waiting room. For example, when I handed my passport over, the girl told me to come back in 20 minutes to pick it up.
  7. I did my 90 day report this week and discovered they built a new building in the parking lot on the right. There are two doors, the first has a sign for queue number, but you can just go directly to the second door at the end of the building where the 90 day report desk is.
  8. This is what I did this year. 20-25 minutes to drive the back roads to the DLT, arrived at 14:40 Wednesday. Window 10 to pay insurance (no queue) Outside "One stop" table to check documentation and get queue number (no queue) He directed me to the small window outside to pay (no queue) Paid 100 baht for registration. Done with DLT in less than 10 minutes Another 20-25 minutes to get home. All said and done, it was less than 1 hour and cost 542 baht plus whatever gasoline I used.
  9. If you mean the Second Road/Pattaya Tai intersection. it's much worse now with the construction going on there.
  10. According to my friend, the certificate is valid outside of Pattaya. So she can take the certificate to her home province to get the license. I see in another response it is a renewal. As forcebewithu states, it depends on how long the license has expired. If less than a year, the total cost will be cheap, less than 1000, probably closer to 300.
  11. I have a female Thai friend who wanted to get both a car license and a motorbike license, she had not had them before. She went to Advance Driving School on Sukhumvit just before Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. For the car license, she told me it was something like 4800 baht to take lessons and "get the certificate" which would allow her to go to the department of land transportation to take a photo and get her license. She didn't tell me what the cost for motorbike license was because there is a backlog She looked last week and said it would not be until May to do the motorbike license. She d
  12. Any update on when Pattaya Beer Garden will open?
  13. I had heard you don't need an inspection unless it is of a certain age. I do NOT know when inspection comes into play though.
  14. In the past, I would let my girlfriend take care of it, but recently became single. The first time I renewed it, I went through the dealer and quite honestly it was kind of expensive and took longer than the service my g/f used. I'm wondering if I can just go to the Department of Land Transportation and take care of it myself. I didn't have any issue renewing my license on my own, so I assume I can renew my motorbike registration. Anyone done this before? What documents do I need when doing it? TIA.
  15. Walking Street is starting to open. I noticed at least one of the bars in front of PBG is open when I walked by the other day.
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