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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. If he saw it fall out of your pocket, why didn't he give it to you sooner?
  2. With a name like 3Bz BurritOz, I always assumed the Oz meant the owner was Australian. I've had it three times, one time at the brick and mortar shop, and for me it was three strikes and now they are out. They have an issue with taste IMHO. The first time I could taste nothing but cumin. The last time, everything was terribly over salted. I don't think they follow recipes and I don't think the cook is consistent nor knows what it is supposed to taste like.
  3. They will start digging on Walking Street soon. https://pattayaone.news/temporary-disruptions-set-to-begin-soon-in-walking-street/
  4. I'm specifically referring to them saying Europe would become uninhabitable after a 2-4 megaton explosion. First, no way to get a thermonuclear explosion from pouring molten radioactive metal into water. Second, a 4 megaton explosion would not render Europe uninhabitable.
  5. I really enjoyed the Chernobyl series, but you have to realize it is neither historically accurate nor scientifically accurate. They greatly exaggerated the danger. For some reason they pretended you can make a multi-megaton bomb from just melted metal and water. It's just not reality. They pretended a hole in your boot could kill you. This was not reality. They implied a pregnant woman could lose her baby because she was near someone with radiation burns....nope. But despite all these times they took me out of the series to express some bullshit "science", I still very much enjoyed the movie/series.
  6. As much rain as Thailand gets, it's a wonder how it's possible there can be a water shortage. This is just poor mismanagement of resources. We are not living in a desert or arid region. The average annual rainfall is 1117.6mm, that's a little more than Washington DC and about double what London gets (583.6mm).
  7. Hmmm... I know it's not the impossible burger, but I heard the Beyond Burger was close. I don't want to try it as a healthy option or anything. I just want to try it to see if all the people "who can't tell it's not meat" are actually lying.
  8. It's not too early to say that this is a fad, though I would try it if it were available.
  9. It's hard to believe anywhere in Thailand can have a water shortage. With as much water as we have been getting, there is no reason the reservoirs should not be full. Sounds like it is just complete mismanagement of resources.
  10. I have a range of Thais that come into my place to eat Mexican. I have a father/son couple that love Mexican food that come in fairly often. I also have Thai wives of Westerners that like Mexican. On the flip side, I have the reluctant Thais that are only coming because their boyfriend/husband wants to eat Mexican food. Generally, the Thais that are coming specifically to eat Mexican are higher educated and have good jobs. They tend to have done some international travelling and enjoy experiencing food from different parts of the world. Those that are reluctant, usually end up eating, and enjoying, quesadillas. Since many Thais are familiar with pizza and a quesadilla is like a Mexican pizza, they are happy with it. Even on occasion, some Thai girl will try to broaden her pallet and test some of the other offerings. The soup is popular, but so are the tacos. One Thai woman comes to mind who really loves Mexican. She drags her Western husband here to eat Mexican food. She works nearby and she will sometimes come alone on her lunch break as well.
  11. Yes, it's the fees that turned me off. They charge fees on both sides of the transaction and fees on top of fees as well. There is the BizPaye profit fee, then the BizPaye additional profit fee, then there is VAT. Another thing that turned me off was fees on the cash side as well. As mentioned, there is an option to charge only a percentage though BizPaye and the rest in cash. Yet the entire amount is charged fees.
  12. Are you finding enough places that accept Bizpaye to make it worth accepting it?
  13. Not exactly. If each Phil and I ONLY had 300 baht to our names, I could buy ingredients to make food for him, and he could buy beer to sell to me, but then neither of us would be able to buy from the other. If we each at 600 baht, then I could spend 300 baht for ingredients, the he could come spend 600 for food at my place leaving me with 900 and he with nothing. So I could NOT go drink at Le Pub because he couldn't stock my drinks. If we each at 900 baht, then I could spend 300, leaving me with 600, and he could come eat at my place leaving him with 300, and me with 1200 , he could then buy beer to sell to me leaving him with 0, until I spent 600 there. In the end, we'd each have 600, 300 less than we started with. I think this is the scenario you are talking about and since neither of us are super poor, it's a more accurate example. However, I think a better analogy would be the use of credit cards. If neither of us had any money, we each could buy from our suppliers with credit cards, then pay each other with credit cards as well. I would owe 300 on my credit card, but would get 600 from his netting me 300 baht (ignoring all fees), but then when I went to his place and charged my beers on my card, I would be back in the hole 300 baht.
  14. It's not quite the same thing. With bitcoin, you have to buy bitcoins in advance in order to use them. Since Le Pub takes BizPaye, let's do an example. Let's say I go to Le Pub and spend 600 baht in BizPaye currency. What Phil has had to do was pay, likely with Thai baht, for the beers that he sold me. His cost is under 600 baht, let's just say it was 300 baht for this example. At this point, Phil has a 600 BizPaye baht credit in his account (though he only actually spent 300 baht to get it), and he can use it anywhere that accepts BizPaye. And I have a 600 baht debit, which means I owe 600 baht to BizPaye users in the form of goods and services. If Phil comes to my place and spends 600 baht and he pays with BizPaye, then it gets credited to my account and debited from his account. And again, let's just assume the food I provided only cost me 300 baht. So in the end, we each got 600 baht worth of goods and services, but we each only spent 300 baht of actual Thai Baht.
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