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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. While there might not be new rules for UK arrivals, there is a new rule that is currently unclear. When someone comes to Thailand, they must stay in an ASQ hotel in Bangkok. Once they finish that stay, it appears that they must get some kind of inter-province travel approval document because both Bangkok and Chonburi are red zone provinces. It was just announced, so there is very little information on what someone in quarantine can do to get such a document.
  2. I think they were okay with Grab drivers, it was Uber they chased down. I've seen regular taxis with Grab stickers in their windows. I used Bolt a couple of times so far and so far so good. I do wonder when the prices will go up as I am very sure they will.
  3. Not sure why the Thai government would support Bolt over Grab. Neither are Thai companies. Bolt is headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, while Grab is in Singapore.
  4. The southern end of Jomtien doesn't have much of a beach. It's basically road then water. I suspect they want to make a beach there so the real estate in that area will be more valuable.
  5. I have a friend who recommended it. I've yet to use it myself, but have downloaded it and checked out how much it would cost to get a ride from my place to Le Pub on Walking Street. This was during the afternoon, so not sure if they raise prices in the evening, but it was 78 baht. For comparison, motorbike taxis charge me 120 baht and Grab Taxi about 240 baht. I'm sure these are just promotional rates, and I suspect they are the same drivers as Grab.
  6. December 1, 2020 Status (136 Days In) Well, things are still going fairly well. I lost 6.15 kg (13.5 lbs) in the month of November, down to 87.75 kg Dec 1st. I created a spreadsheet to track everything by week and by month. In it, you can see November was pretty good with an average of 205g loss each day. Still not sure if this is from diet or exercise. My average daily caloric intake in November was really low, but my exercise was high(er). Looking at the weekly stats, it doesn't really clarify things. So maybe it is a combination of diet and exercise, not just one.
  7. (393-184)/23 = 9 lbs/month (4 kg/month). That's a really good weight loss rate! Well done. I drink plenty of Coke Light (4-6 cans/day), so I don't ascribe to the believe that diet beverages are bad. But drinking lots of water is always good for you. I'm focused on my fasting glucose numbers because of my T2DM. Coke Light doesn't seem to affect it at all, but recently I found a very surprising food that did affect it, when it really should not. I'll talk about it in my Dec 1st update along with the data to support my thoughts.
  8. Thanks for your information. Regarding the wisdom of quick weight loss, I have found a lot of "common knowledge" to be more nuanced. For example, they claim you should not drink Diet Beverages as it will "raise your blood insulin". I have not found this to be particularly true. I drink 4-6 Coke Lights each day. I did find there is something called cephalic phase insulin release (CPIR ). Basically, this is when your brain triggers insulin release in anticipation of eating/drinking something sweet. This is similar to salivating when you smell something savory. But a bigger issue, claimed by so
  9. First of all congratulations on your weight loss! Second, may I ask how long it took for you to lose those 45 pounds, and how long it's been since you achieved a 165 pound weight? I am in that range now and just doing some predictions to see if I maintain my current weight lose how long it will take. Note, that I do not think I can maintain my current weight lose, as the more you lose, the longer it takes to lose the next pound. My next goal is 90 kg which would be 198 lbs. My current four week trend predicts it will be sometime on the 23rd, so the 24th should have a weigh in less th
  10. Recently I read a paper about Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in the Eskimo diet. Then there is the French Paradox. Both of these go in the face of "common knowledge" at the time. We are all built on the same biochemical engines, but that doesn't always mean what works for one person would work for every person. It's up to the individual to find what works for them.
  11. Finding a good doctor is like finding a good handyman in Thailand. They exists, but you have to go through many before you find the good one. I had a couple of bad experiences with doctors that kind of put me off of them. Back in the States, I got kidney stones quite often. When they happened, my urologist would recommend a procedure to remove them, which I did about 5-6 times. These are not pleasant experiences. Though they are done under general anesthesia, the recovery is quite painful. One time in Ubon at MM's wedding, I had some major kidney stone related issues. Pissing blood l
  12. Thanks! I am increasing my duration and frequency of walking and I'm hoping if I continue to lose weight, things can only get better. Just got back from a just under 6 km walk from Le Pub down Beach Road and back. I'm working on my tracking spreadsheets and I do plan to have some kind of chart to plot distance walked per week, or some such metric that is easy to see. The fitness app is okay, but I like to make my own charts. Speaking of "adding years to your life", my scale is one of those smart scales and one of the things it does is tell me my "body age". Of course, it's just some
  13. Not sure why I didn't get a notification from your post. I would say that there are frequent times in which I am tired/sleepy. Though, I can't say it is from lack of glucose in my diet, lack of calories, or lack of sleep. What I have noticed is that when I am sleepy, it quickly goes away when I go for a walk and my energy generally stays up after the walk. Last night, for example, I walked to Tops (2.7 km round trip). I was sleepy enough prior to the walk that I could have napped, but when I got back, I was all good. I do not typically have trouble getting to sleep even though I go t
  14. Blood Work So yesterday (and today), I got some blood work done to see how things are moving along. The reason I needed to go two days was because I was supposed to fast for a lipid profile, which I did not. The lab I went to was MT Inter Lab which is on Third Road next to Tony's fitness and down just a bit. I used to go to LifeCare, but during my last visit, I got some very strange results and they never responded to my question in email, so I moved on to this lab. Glycated Hemoglobin Yesterday, I tested my Glycated Hemoglobin. This is better known as HbA1C. This a measure of
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