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  1. December 1, 2020 Status (136 Days In) Well, things are still going fairly well. I lost 6.15 kg (13.5 lbs) in the month of November, down to 87.75 kg Dec 1st. I created a spreadsheet to track everything by week and by month. In it, you can see November was pretty good with an average of 205g loss each day. Still not sure if this is from diet or exercise. My average daily caloric intake in November was really low, but my exercise was high(er). Looking at the weekly stats, it doesn't really clarify things. So maybe it is a combination of diet and exercise, not just one. Monthly Stats Monthly Numbers Daily Numbers Monday Sunday Days mg/dL Start (kg) Delta (kg) Start BMI Delta BMI Eaten kCal BMR Burned kCal Net kCal Avg mg/dL Avg Delta (kg) Avg Delta BMI Avg Eaten kCal Avg BMR Avg Burned kCal Avg Net kCal 2020-07-17 2020-07-31 15 2,312.0 115.50 -4.10 37.71 -1.34 30,975 29,359 550 1,066 154.1 -0.273 -0.089 2,065 1,957 37 71 2020-08-01 2020-08-31 31 3,305.0 111.40 -6.70 36.38 -2.19 54,450 59,115 4,950 -9,615 106.6 -0.216 -0.071 1,756 1,907 160 -310 2020-09-01 2020-09-30 30 2,688.0 104.70 -6.10 34.19 -1.99 50,677 55,305 3,025 -7,653 89.6 -0.203 -0.066 1,689 1,844 101 -255 2020-10-01 2020-10-31 31 2,624.0 98.60 -4.70 32.20 -1.53 47,055 55,699 12,034 -20,679 84.6 -0.152 -0.050 1,518 1,797 388 -667 2020-11-01 2020-11-30 30 2,887.0 93.90 -6.15 30.66 -2.01 41,115 52,231 17,726 -28,842 96.2 -0.205 -0.067 1,371 1,741 591 -961 Also in this spreadsheet, you can see my average mg/dL (ignore the total on the left, that is there just to get the average). It went from 84.6 in October to 96.2 in November. This was the result of my stopping of Glyburide/Glymide in late October. When I stopped the medicine, my fasting blood glucose went up, but was still in the high normal range. I decided that high normal off a medicine is better than optimal or low normal while on the medication. However, doing this made me discover something. Before, when my glucose was very low, it was easy to ignore when there were fairly high fluctuations. Going from 75 to 89 was fine since 89 was still low normal. But now that I'm high normal on average, a big fluctuation makes me go from high normal do pre-diabetic. If you look at the glucose chart below, you can see there were five times in which I went above 100, there were also a couple of times that fluctuated on the low side. I had already discovered that alcohol lowers hepatic glucose production, and it shows up as a the drops in my next day fasting glucose. So what could cause an increase? Sadly, my food log points to BACON, well, cured meats in general. Looking through my records, it seems when I eat bacon, salami, ... the next day my glucose goes up by almost six points on average. The first pre-diabetic reading in November was after I tried canned corned beef. The label claimed there were no carbs, yet, I had the spike the next morning. Then a friend of mine recommended Pattaya Prime Smokehouse bacon, so I bought some and you can see the results. These are not high carb foods, in fact they claim they do not use any sugar in their dry cures. So I'm guessing the culprit is curing salt (sodium nitrite and sodium nitrates). I have not found any research papers mentioning it, but I will be staying away from bacon (at least this brand) for now. Finally, in November I've had to adjust my CPAP pressure down several times. Before I started losing weight, my pressure was at 12.5 and had zero large leaks. My AHI was very good being well below 1.0. As I lost weight that high pressure started to blow my mouth open and this showed up as large leaks, so I kept reducing my pressure until where it is now at 6.0. I've only used that pressure three nights, but so far, no large leaks, and my AHI is still really good.
  2. (393-184)/23 = 9 lbs/month (4 kg/month). That's a really good weight loss rate! Well done. I drink plenty of Coke Light (4-6 cans/day), so I don't ascribe to the believe that diet beverages are bad. But drinking lots of water is always good for you. I'm focused on my fasting glucose numbers because of my T2DM. Coke Light doesn't seem to affect it at all, but recently I found a very surprising food that did affect it, when it really should not. I'll talk about it in my Dec 1st update along with the data to support my thoughts.
  3. Thanks for your information. Regarding the wisdom of quick weight loss, I have found a lot of "common knowledge" to be more nuanced. For example, they claim you should not drink Diet Beverages as it will "raise your blood insulin". I have not found this to be particularly true. I drink 4-6 Coke Lights each day. I did find there is something called cephalic phase insulin release (CPIR ). Basically, this is when your brain triggers insulin release in anticipation of eating/drinking something sweet. This is similar to salivating when you smell something savory. But a bigger issue, claimed by some dietitians, is that when you eat/drink something sweet, then you will crave something sweet, thus making you more likely to go out and eat a bar of chocolate. So it's not the diet beverages that are breaking your diet, it's the breaking your diet that is breaking your diet. The same is true for those who become diabetic after quitting smoking. It's because the former smokers switch from a smoking habit to a sweets habit. As long as we, as individuals, have agency, then we can decide for ourselves what is the best course of action. If you are committed, then I think a quick weight loss is fine as long as you don't bounce back in your diet. A lot of the "diet foods" simply replace fat with sugar. I'm sure that's why Lean Cuisine fish have so many carbs. Be careful with the McDonald's fish tartar sauce.
  4. First of all congratulations on your weight loss! Second, may I ask how long it took for you to lose those 45 pounds, and how long it's been since you achieved a 165 pound weight? I am in that range now and just doing some predictions to see if I maintain my current weight lose how long it will take. Note, that I do not think I can maintain my current weight lose, as the more you lose, the longer it takes to lose the next pound. My next goal is 90 kg which would be 198 lbs. My current four week trend predicts it will be sometime on the 23rd, so the 24th should have a weigh in less than 90 if I stay on track. If I extend it out to 75 kg (165 lbs), then assuming current trends, it would be sometime in February, 2021. I like consuming data so your input would be appreciated.
  5. Recently I read a paper about Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in the Eskimo diet. Then there is the French Paradox. Both of these go in the face of "common knowledge" at the time. We are all built on the same biochemical engines, but that doesn't always mean what works for one person would work for every person. It's up to the individual to find what works for them.
  6. Finding a good doctor is like finding a good handyman in Thailand. They exists, but you have to go through many before you find the good one. I had a couple of bad experiences with doctors that kind of put me off of them. Back in the States, I got kidney stones quite often. When they happened, my urologist would recommend a procedure to remove them, which I did about 5-6 times. These are not pleasant experiences. Though they are done under general anesthesia, the recovery is quite painful. One time in Ubon at MM's wedding, I had some major kidney stone related issues. Pissing blood like I've never seen in my life. Scared the shit out of me. I immediately booked a flight to Bangkok and checked into a hotel then called all the hospitals to see which Urology departments were open (it was a Sunday). I ended up going to Bumungrad. They did a bunch of X-rays and I was quite happy with that. They diagnosed kidney stones and an infection. They recommended I go on antibiotics to clear the infection and a procedure to remove the stones. Of course, it would be very expensive there, so I decided to check around. After I finished the antibiotics, I still had an infection, so went to Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. They did a CT scan, recommended a different set of antibiotics and a procedure to remove the stones. Both of these hospitals were very expensive, so I continued to look around for a place that could do the procedure. I decided to go to Bangkok and check out Siriraj. This is a high end public hospital, most known for treating the King. I saw the urologist there and he looked at the X-rays and CT-scan. I told him I wanted the procedure to remove the stones and would like to know how much. He recommended I do nothing. Well, technically, wait and see. I was worried the kidney with the blockage would shut down, but he assured me the kidney is functioning fine and even if it were 100% blocked, it would take months before it was a problem. Also, he told me that every time they do the procedure, it creates scare tissue in the ureter making stones more likely to get stuck in the future. Up until this point, I had not heard this. I've always been told to get the procedure. So I made my monthly trip to Bangkok to X-ray and check the progress and he assumed me the stone was moving. On my last trip (about 5 months in), he told me they were on the cusp of coming out and two days later I birthed FOURTEEN stones. I have not had an issue with a stuck stone ever since about five years now. Before, it was an occurrence about once every six months. Three out of the four urologists I had ever seen told me to get the procedure, which I had done many times. Also, my urologist in the States told me what not to eat, which I followed until I got a stone again. Last time I had to go to the doctor, it again was for a kidney infection. This time, it was not bloody urine, it was a VERY serious infection. Fever, chills, the works. I ended up back at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya. Coincidentally, it was the same urologist I saw there before. He said it was a serious infection and recommended I check into the hospital and get two days (once per day) of 7000 baht IV antibiotics. I told him I would not be checking in (I live with a nurse). After two days, still had the infection, so he recommended seven days. Fuck that...49,000 baht++... I told him he has to find a different antibiotic. These two experiences have really turned me off from doctors. I recall when the "Food Pyramid" came out telling us that we should eat a majority of grains and skimp on the meats and fat. Since low carb diets goes against this, many medical professionals feel low carb is blasphemy. It goes against their belief system for which they don't have any peer reviewed science to back it up. Twenty years ago, low carb diets didn't have science to back it up either, just anecdotal evidence, however, times have changed. There are a lot more studies these days supporting the health benefits of a low carb diet. I should also restate that my girlfriend is a nurse and I keep her well informed of everything I'm doing. So if she comes home to find me unconscious, from hypoglycemia for example, she would be aware of the potential cause and would know what to do.
  7. Thanks! I am increasing my duration and frequency of walking and I'm hoping if I continue to lose weight, things can only get better. Just got back from a just under 6 km walk from Le Pub down Beach Road and back. I'm working on my tracking spreadsheets and I do plan to have some kind of chart to plot distance walked per week, or some such metric that is easy to see. The fitness app is okay, but I like to make my own charts. Speaking of "adding years to your life", my scale is one of those smart scales and one of the things it does is tell me my "body age". Of course, it's just some function of all the things it measures, or maybe just BMI. But it has gone down from 56 to 51 since mid-October. Also, according to the CDC classification, I crossed over into being "overweight' from "obese" recently.
  8. Not sure why I didn't get a notification from your post. I would say that there are frequent times in which I am tired/sleepy. Though, I can't say it is from lack of glucose in my diet, lack of calories, or lack of sleep. What I have noticed is that when I am sleepy, it quickly goes away when I go for a walk and my energy generally stays up after the walk. Last night, for example, I walked to Tops (2.7 km round trip). I was sleepy enough prior to the walk that I could have napped, but when I got back, I was all good. I do not typically have trouble getting to sleep even though I go to bed early (around 10:30). The issue I'm having is I wake up early ~5:30 with my back slightly sore. I go pee, then cannot get back to sleep. I've been having issues with my back for a while now, most notably when I sleep in an unfamiliar hard bed. I wear my fitness band to bed and it "scores" my sleep. Generally, I'm in the lower 25% of sleep quality compared with other users my age. Now that I think about it, I should start tracking my sleep more in my health related spreadsheet.
  9. Blood Work So yesterday (and today), I got some blood work done to see how things are moving along. The reason I needed to go two days was because I was supposed to fast for a lipid profile, which I did not. The lab I went to was MT Inter Lab which is on Third Road next to Tony's fitness and down just a bit. I used to go to LifeCare, but during my last visit, I got some very strange results and they never responded to my question in email, so I moved on to this lab. Glycated Hemoglobin Yesterday, I tested my Glycated Hemoglobin. This is better known as HbA1C. This a measure of glucose actually inside the blood cells. The normal blood glucose meter only tests glucose in blood plasma, but HbA1C goes a bit deeper. Red blood cells accumulate glucose over their lives. The more plasma glucose, the more the red blood cells accumulate. For this reason, the HbA1C test is a measure of the average blood plasma glucose over the life of the cells. Since red blood cells last around three months, it's kind of a three month moving average of your glucose levels. My reading was 5.2%. I'm not really sure what this number means, but there is a formula one can use to estimate what the average blood glucose was over the life of those cells. In my case, the estimate is 102.5, which is very good. The normal range is less than 5.7% and I'm well into that. The nurse there was quite surprised when I told her I was diabetic. In general Normal is < 5.7%, Pre-Diabetes is 5.7%-6.4%, and Diabetes is >= 6.5%. The target level for diabetics who are controlling their diabetes is 6.5% or less, so I was very happy with 5.2%. Nearly two months ago, I went to Life Care and they gave me a result of 12.6% which honestly didn't make any sense. That would mean my AVERAGE glucose level was 315 including two months of being on a low-carb diet. Lipid Profile I returned to MI Inter Lab today for another jab, this time I was fasting. Total Cholesterol: 138 (Desirable is < 200) LDL (Bad) Cholesterol: 84 (Optimal is < 100) HDL (Good) Cholesterol: 36 (Poor is < 40, Better 40-59, Best >= 60) Tryglycerides: 88 (Desirable is < 150) So, how does this compare to my previous test nearly two months ago? Total Cholesterol: +1, LDL: +13, HDL: +6, Triglycerides: -77. Which means total is about the same, and the bad LDL went up a bit, but still within the desirable range. The good HDL also went up by 20%. Not sure if that outweighs the increase in bad, but since the bad is still within desirable, I think I'm okay. I think the triglycerides went down by so much because of the fast. Overall, I am very happy with this result. Many people think low-carb diets can increase your cholesterol, but I think that is only speculation, and not based on actual science. I know I'm only one person, but it matches up with what I have read. Considering I'm still within the desirable range for the bad cholesterol, I think I will stop taking my statin drugs until I can test again in about six weeks. As I mentioned before, statins can raise blood sugar, which is still the main concern of mine.
  10. Actually snake oil is better for you than corn oil. (seriously, animal fat is better than vegetable fat with respect to Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids). In regards to black garlic and any claims I'm told about, I will always look for a peer reviewed study to back up the claims. So there is no harm saying something. The things I have mentioned in my post (alcohol hinders hepatic glucose production and statin drugs increase insulin resistance thus elevate blood glucose) are not just anecdotal, there have been studies and my experiences matches the conclusions of those studies. I will check out black garlic studies. I have already checked out garlic studies but only have a vague recollection of the conclusions. I think basically it was, yes, but only in high amounts and you can get the benefits easier by other methods. Garlic in general is a high carb food, especially if you use it in powdered form (concentrated carbohydrates). Of course, I still eat and use garlic, but since it is usually in a small amount, it doesn't really add too many carbs to the final product.
  11. November 1, 2020 Status (106 Days In) Here are my fasting glucose and weight graphs from the beginning to today. In the glucose chart, you can see a big increase, that was when I stopped taking glyburide, because the hypoglycemia was just too dangerous. As mentioned, it's actually in the normal range, so I'm okay with these numbers. The numbers look erratic partly because the medication changes over time. This morning's weigh in put me at 93.9 kg (206.6 lbs) for a total loss of 21.4 kg (47.1 lbs). I did go drinking last night, which usually means I'll be a bit dehydrated the next day and might go up a little the following day. And speaking of drinking, I now drink the terrible San Miguel Light. At just 3.2 g of carbs per bottle, I'm okay with it. My fasting glucose this morning was about 5 less than yesterday, so I'm okay with that.
  12. Keto Way Of Life I've had friends ask me "how long do you plan to be on this diet?" and the answer is forever. I no longer consider it a diet and consider it a change of lifestyle. It would be like asking a vegan how long they plan to be a vegan. The changes I have made include not taking food for granted. For example, ketchup. I love ketchup, but it is high in sugar. So for the very first time in my life, I made my own ketchup. Why? So I could save 3.7 g of carbohydrates per tablespoon of ketchup I use. In fact, in Thailand, you have to do a lot more cooking and order some ingredients off the internet in order to make keto dishes. I have various sugar substitutes, some kind of expensive, some not so bad as well as different kinds of flour. I've tried different keto recipes on the internet. I'm a fair cook, so I'm sure I can come up with some good recipes on my own. Here is a burger bun (recipe off the internet). Each bun has a total of 4 g of NET carbohydrates. I think in the future, I'll be making more stuff like this. If I find or make a recipe I like, then I'll make them in bulk and freeze them.
  13. Adjustments of Medications Over the passed three months, I have adjusted my medications several times. I have NOT consulted a doctor about this. I think I have more information about me and my habits than any other person on the planet. Doctors will only go on averages...what would the average person do. Before starting, I was on metformin and glyburide for diabetes, some cholesterol medication as well as a blood pressure medication. I monitor my blood pressure regularly and it is pretty good both before and after halving my dosage. Cholesterol takes longer to measure and take affect. But last time I checked it was good, though the good cholesterol could be higher. So I have halved that as well. This one was particularly important for me as statin drugs increase insulin resistance and there was a noticeable drop in my fasting glucose after I reduced my dosage. It remains to be seen if it was a good idea or a bad idea. I'll know after my next cholesterol test. On the subject of dropping glucose after reducing statin drugs, I had an incident last week. My fasting glucose was 58 mg/dL. This is into the hypoglycemia range. I also had a mild headache. That day, I stopped taking my glyburide completely. My fasting glucose has spiked, but still in the normal range, so I think it is a good trade off. Another benefit from the weight loss thus far is that I have had to reduce my CPAP pressure three times. I'm very technically savvy and can download and examine my CPAP data and so far it seems okay (though to be honest, the third change was two days ago and I have not checked it yet). If you are familiar with CPAP data, my AHI has been less than 1, usually less than 0.5 since I've changed my pressure settings. I mentioned earlier that alcohol can hinder my liver from producing glucose, and since my glucose is on the higher range now that I've stopped glyburide, I'm more serious about drinking a glass of wine before bed than I was before.
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