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  1. Hello again and thanks everyone for the replies so far. I am well aware that it's going to be a difficult journey but I am commited in following my dream. I am actively scouting and applying for positions. My main strengths are sales & marketing which is certainly a field with some future for farangs in Thailand i guess if you look at thai standards in marketing/communications for bigger firms. @tomcat76 I am trying to find a job well before I make the move, or atleast find some income while making a network in Bangkok. @yogi100 I understand your statement, but I think if
  2. Hello everyone, What a long strange trip it has been so far right? Some background info: I am 26 now and been a member of this forum for about 8 years and at last I need some real help from you guys. I have been in Thailand 12 times ( every time 2-3 weeks ) so far with my first time in 2001 as a 14 year old and my last time 2 years ago when i was 24. I might post my big and long Thailand story some time but for now I'll keep it strictly professional. Well the basic idea is to move to Thailand this year. I have an uncle living in pattaya who owns a hotel+bar but I would like t
  3. not for free im affraid. Although i do give a very good price for the service you get. :)
  4. I hope this post doesnt offend anyone or isn't in the wrong section but if it is a problem with me posting this thread any admin/mod can just remove this post and have my apology for posting it here. What i am offering is a usefull solution for people starting a bar/hotel/... what i am offering are Websolutions. I can program/design you a usefull solution on the internet. This can mean a fully designed homepage complete with options like a photo gallery, guestbooks, booking forms , etc... But can also mean an advertisement or a flyer design for your favourite party/product/... Th
  5. A buddy of me was looking for a decent fare for 17 august - 6 sep , but couldnt find anyhting lower then 900? ANy other americans here who have decent fares for that period? Big thanks
  6. I eventually planned to go the last 2 weeks of august and the first week of september. And when i come back ill probably want to go the 2 last weeks of december too, if my money allows it
  7. Hey all, I've made up my mind and have planned my trip from 15 august untill 5 september. Ive spoken with some travel agencies and could get Phuket Air for 600€ ( approx 30.000 Baht with the current currency rate ) . Is this a good deal or could i get something better somewhere? bad thing is i have to go to amsterdam because they dont fly from brussels. Thanks a lot
  8. Last time i saw pretty BIG shirts in a stall in Made in Thailand. You might want to check that out.
  9. Hah dont worry about being alone in pattaya, you'll have plenty of company Btw, i just found out about the member section too, im about to apply.
  10. Hello all im new here. I just came back from my 3rd time in Pattaya and im allready planning for a next trip. But i need advice on what time of the year is best ( airplane ticket price, number of tourists / girls ... ) I was either planning on going 3 weeks in august, 3 weeks in september, or 3 weeks near the end of december. Thanks a lot !
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