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  1. Thanks for the great report EP. I'll surely give it a look. I'm looking forward to being in town in a few months time. What about the the beer bars further south on Soi Bukhao? in the complex behind Rehab Agogo and on Action Street are they doing much trade as they always seemed to very quiet when I passed?
  2. What really pisses me off, are the web sites that offer the flights for £440 but when you ring and state dates required, you get "sorry can't get at those prices for those dates" I should ring and say I'll go on whatever dates at the price advertised, but then even if they are reasonable prices, they will slam you with a huge additional levy for paying by CC! how else can you pay? Others that have experienced the same, Have a look! Regards, Edited to say, let it run until it ends, as it may run longer than you thought.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I suppose that's a lot better than six hours in a minivan with driver who has a death wish!
  4. Assuming all is fine and the weather is good, how long does the crossing take?
  5. KOJO, You certainly don't skimp on your pizza toppings! Looks great keep it up.
  6. I've had Crab stir-fried with curry powder in many places in Pattaya, Thats usually what it is called on the menu. bpuu pat pong garee my book tells me. Though also called "dry curry" or "indian style" due to the different flavour and smell of the curry powder and the much thicker paste like sauce as there is no coconut milk.
  7. Hi, Yeah, I think it looks great too. Just curious, whats your Thai like?
  8. Evil, Thanks for your revue of Deli Diner as it looks great. I always enjoy reading these food revues. I have noticed that salmon, though not a favorite of mine, is very popular on many Pattaya menus. Not that it makes it bad, but would I be correct in thinking it is all frozen and imported? Also, I was curious, have you tried "The Kitchen" on Beach Road? Past Royal Garden towards Walking Street. Used it several times a few months and thought it was well above average. They also did a good deal with draft Chang. All staff are Thai with an Eastern European manager. All were very
  9. I ate in Pizza Big 3 times a few weeks ago, along with 3 people that had never before heard of the place, but I knew they liked pizza and they loved it. Pizza was great, generous toppings and reasonably priced. I think a pizza with two topping that was easily enough for 2 cost 280Tbt. As per Evil's photo, that photo was not taken in Pizza Big, and with regard to the Holiday Inn, I checked out of there less than 2 weeks ago after 8 nights. Pizza, like all food and drink there was a joke. Crap and very expensive that they try to offset with silly happy hours. Nice location though and lovel
  10. Just curious, but have you ever visited Pizza Big? Before I'm asked, I have used Brooklyn Dinner. Thouht it was ok. Not Pizza Italia.
  11. Pizza Big on Naklua Road. Is what I would recommend based on experience. Good luck.
  12. A couple of years ago I remember there was a large market in the evenings off 2nd Road. As you headed north, just past the entrance to Drinking Street it would have on the right, before that large building that goes all the way to Dolphin roundabout. The market was pretty big selling mostly touristy type stuff with staging to one side with Thai singers and dancing. Is it still there? Is it on every night or at certain times of the year? Also, I remember one time there where many stalls along Beach Road, beach side, from about Soi 8 to WS. Does this still happen?
  13. Guys, I'm curious, what was the boiler-room fraud?
  14. I had great driving lesson in Thailand while I was a passenger in a minibus travelling from Hua Hin to Pattaya a couple of years ago. As we travelled along the expressways with approx 9 people on board, speed always around 140 kph, the heavens opened. The rain was bouncing knee high and within minutes many of the slip roads are flooding. Does the driver see a need to slow down, does he leave a greater distance from the vehicle in front? No, don't be silly, all you need to do is turn your hazard lights on and you can still sit up the arse of the HGV in front at well over a 100kph, rega
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