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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Anybody else had this? At short notice got 2 weeks off work and went to book flight to Thailand end November early December for holiday In Patts. Saw some good deals on net and tried to book but my debit card was rejected despite ample funds. Called websites and told reasons card not accepted as that fare not available any more and quoted vastly more than internet quote. Bit the bullet and booked Thai Airways direct for £600 .More than I wanted to pay but right times and trustworthy.
  2. Once had a seat like you describe on an EVA 747 before they changed to 777 . IFE box under the seat in front of you made it impossible to stretch your legs . Bloody awful !!
  3. Sorry if this has been covered before. Do Thai Airways still use their old 747's with no IFE on the LHR BKK route ? If not do they offer personal IFE now ?
  4. Huge problems at work but sorted now . Last in Patts October but wanted to come early new year , not possible but me and Brassicca hitting the town big time a week Sunday after two nights in BKK . Anyone in town March pm us . Cannot wait , Pattaya dead , do not think so.
  5. Sure you do ! Love the Thai ladies so much but from time to time find myself in those bars . Just to look
  6. One day Villa me and you have a drink . Don't care if it Stringfellows or the Pook . Up to you . Take care and carry on going to Patts , as I will .
  7. Don't mind doing a connection but better flying direct . Booking up soon for Feb 2012 and Thai showing reasonable prices , however when I last used them in 2008 they still had no personal in flight entertainment. Is that still the case as I cannot sleep flying and need to watch at least 2 or 3 films . Any info greatly appreciated .
  8. Decent Holiday Inn close to where she at only £58 a night so not really a problem , only for 2-3 days .
  9. Not booked yet but intend to come to Patts in September for 2 weeks . A very lovely ex Pattaya BG who I have spent considerable time with in the past sms me recently saying she now work in a factory in Taipei and would want to keep in touch , she was so good so obviously interested . Normally use EVA from London to BKK and the flight continues to Taipei , got some quotes for Taipei and over the fortnight only a hundred quid more than BKK so no problem cash wise . But what I want to do is fly to Taipei on a return to London , stay for 3 days in Taipei then get the shuttle to BKK and
  10. 80 quid actually but I get your point , however how many more 30 quid tax raises plus natural airline price rises do we normal blokes have to put up with ?
  11. UK Airport taxes went up considerably today . You would think it was a ploy by the government to stop working class oiks like me getting above our status by having 3 long haul holidays a year. Fookin disgrace but will not stop me , just have to cut down on food etc.
  12. Anyone got any comments on Air India ? Showing reasonable prices at the moment .
  13. On this issue I have a vested interest , I always check fire safety wherever I stay as I am a retained part time fire fighter in the UK and always make looking for the fire escape routes on arrival a priority. Guess I am a sad f*ck .
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