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  1. teseker ederim doubt i'll be going back we had to head down to izmir for the englandv turkey game,it was years ago.
  2. it would be far simpler to group the good ole USA with where they play the world series
  3. i stayed in the aden hotel on the asian side not far from fener's stadium
  4. Pete whatever happened to the plate warmer mikey had installed? i can't remember ever having a warm plate yet
  5. i got a silver card so it's free
  6. i went through at ramadan 2 years ago and everything was fine..
  7. if youve got a few hours pay to go in the lounge everything is free
  8. ok thanks i think i put 200 baht on last time and it showed up summat like 3 months to go and not 1 year same as before, we need someone going over there and using a sim thats over 3 months out of date i guess
  9. i think people want to know if you lose your number or not? (me included)
  10. you couldn't get either in july, lm blue was about the best.
  11. I can't get me head round this one, why do go-go bars have a smoking area outside? who the fukk is gonna pay go-go prices for a beer and sit outside smoking?
  12. they were supposed to be moving to a 20,000 stadium in jomtien dunno what happened to that, anyway for a top game the crowd is plenty big enough for the stadium and it is a good afternoon/evening out
  13. can most of the members on here thinking of going to the game wear a ldop badge so as the beer sellers can sell you a beer at 100 baht, your happy their happy it's a win win situation
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