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  1. I had a lobster dinner at the Pattaya Park tower with my lady a while back. We both felt ropey afterwards. When we awoke the next day we were in purgatory! She ate more than me so she suffered more I'm pleased to say. About a week later they had to call the emergency services to care for a full sitting that went down with food poisoning. They blamed a problem with their suppliers and ordered an investigation. Too late methinks. PPT is a fairly high end place so my policy since has been to avoid sea food period. Hope this helps...
  2. depending on the amount I can see some problems in the UK. You are only allowed 200 (+ 1 bottle of spirits).
  3. Be aware that the UK Border Agency is changing the Visa application process in April 2015, apparently to simplify it. I think the 13 visa's currently on offer are being reduced to 5. I'd leave it until after the new system comes in and then have a look on the site.
  4. Butch. That is by far and away the best reply to that type of question i have ever heard. I don't agree with you wholesale, but you are about on the spot. Have a nice day ...
  5. Tell that to the guy who was carted off to the immigration detention centre in cuffs after a certain gentlemans club was raided recently...
  6. Not a great idea as that copy can't have the required current visa stamp in it.
  7. With all the talk of the importance of carrying I.D because of the crack downs, I was wondering if anyone knows if a plastic copy of my passport / visa can be obtained in Nana District as I always tarry there for a few days before hitting Pattaya? Cheers!
  8. I have heard that there are 3 lists detailing careers and businesses. List 1 being entirely Thai. List 2 being almost entirely Thai with a few exceptions in high skill areas where the Thais cannot yet provide their own people. And list 3 which outlines areas that the farang can legally participate in. Can anyone tell me how?where I could get a look at these lists???
  9. So, putting the B800k in a Thai bank account aside, how much pension Bs £s $s do you need to show each month to satisfy requirements?
  10. That College was no good. They tried to fob her off with a basic IT course and a Secretarial Course dealing with composition etc. She doesn't need all that. As for downloading a course, I like that idea but she needs it in Thai language.
  11. Found one! Pattaya Education and Computer School on the Thepprasit Rd. 038 303606 if any one else ever feels the need.
  12. Cheers guys! He problem is that the only computer and keyboard she has access to are the ones she uses at work. Obviously, she can't do a "teach yourself to type" course there. hey insist they she uses 10 fingers whilst using the keyboard which is something she has never done before. Only ever used her thumb to sms on her mobile phone to date. She seems to be hacking the rest of the job ok, but needs to get her typing up to speed. So, a school based course needed with hardware provided.
  13. Tilak has got herself a new job in a lettings office and needs to take a touch typing course. Anyone know of a local secretarial college that can provide? She can get into Pattaya on her day off, but she lives out at Na Jomtien so if there is anywhere out that way it would be perfect! Cheers...
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