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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. This scam at the SHELL Station exists from at least the 18 years that I come to Pattaya !!! A quick search on Google give by example this article from 2006 ! Beware Gas Scam! Typically, the gas attendant fills your tank and then you pay whatever the meter reads, right? Well you should probably check to see that the meter was actually reset before the attendant starts to fill. …
  2. Below the "huge long queues" at Immigration to leave Thailand on June 14 at about 11AM Photo taken while waiting for my ReEntry stamp...
  3. Hi. Just a reminder that the Re-Entry immigration service at both Bangkok airports is open 24/7. That can be a good option if you want to avoid yet another trip to Jomtien Immigration. Last in June, I arrived with form TM.8 already filled, signed and with photo: 1'000 B and about 5 minutes.
  4. I suppose any football team could easily win this challenge... BTW, how many calories ?
  5. Hi Maybe I am not well awake, but how will you stay your last 2 months ? Your 2 tourist visa will give you only a little less than 6 months. For the TM30, let the condo owner do it as he is willing to do it, but ask for a copy of the receipt. Also better to inform him when you come back. Jomtien may say that the second one is not required because at the same address and a short travel, but don't take the risk of a stupid fine.
  6. Maybe our dear photographers for this topic should take a few pics of the screen of this tiny but very good exchange booth near MegaBreak ? There are location maps on their Contact Map page For Pattaya itself: - one at 2nd Rd and Central Rd, on 1st floor above where used to be a big Tops supermarket - one on Walking Street, just on the left of NewYork Dinner/iBar/Insomnia
  7. Bad impression. Better to compare with exchange booths at proximity. I bought several times euros at the begin of this month when he was rather low; Not one time had TT the best rate ! I bought from Yenjit and the tiny booth next to MegaBreak Pool on Soi Diana.
  8. Agree that some condos may be impacted by every new one on the market, but IMHO only recent condos (less than 5 years old ?) are impacted. Any condo more than 5 or 10 year old probably already reached its "cruising price level" and will not be impacted by new ones (that will be in a lot of higher prices range)
  9. That's not so simple. A few condos have foreign units over the 49% limit, because at one period in the past this quota has been suspended. Now there are officers who try to bring back the quota to 49% even in these condos and (I heard that) a few sales have been suspended or cancelled because of that. Now, being Thailand, there are not many "problems" that can't be solve with an "envelope"...
  10. Good news, but has often the numbers are wrong 220 km with the train running full time 250 km/h would take 52 minutes already and: - the train does run all the way at max speed - the train has to stop at 7 (seven!) stations, costing it several long minutes each time So no way you can do the trip in less than 1 hour (and more probably 1h15)
  11. Hi I recently watched "Black Panter" in The Avenue theatre, and yesterday watched "Tomb Raider", 2 movies that I had no intention to go see, but happened that I enjoyed both of them
  12. Where did you see the word "bus" in my post that you quoted for this reply ??
  13. You look like someone who never travelled... First, there are showers in the train! Yes, even in 2nd class Second, there are showers available at Chiang Mai train station, for a huge fee...something like 10 baht Third, I don't know many hotels that will not accept to store baggage's of customer waiting for check-in time, and if your hotel is too far, there is also a left luggage facility at the train station. Then take a taxi or other transport and start visiting the city. Early morning is the best time to walk visit many places burnt by sun during the day.
  14. Comparing First Class train to the cheapest Eco plane price is a very unfair comparison IMHO... I know nobody who travel First Class, being plane or train. 2nd Class is more than enough and about half the price Also plane implies extra costs, like travel to/from airport, extra if you have baggage on AirAsia, etc.
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