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  1. forcebwithu; Thanks, wont be writing any more submission , dose'nt seem much Stick can do about it Cheers Malzy
  2. Greymatter forgot to add the page number of the book the submission is on P 182 Cheers Malzy
  3. Hi Greymatter The book can be seen here, Amazing Thai Lady, https://books.google.com.au/books?id=9KB6W8mIC_oC&pg=PA182&lpg=PA182&dq=bargirl+a+fridge&source=bl&ots=DxPkRQFfqm&sig=FUq3jyjDl4nJYngvcxKMqNsopos&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CEcQ6AEwBmoVChMIieqmzP2OxgIVgny8Ch3wQwCS#v=onepage&q=bargirl%20a%20fridge&f=false Cheers Malzy
  4. Hi all I wrote a readers submission to Stickman many years ago, now i find it cut and pasted into a book on sale on Amazon, I emailed Stickman and he said " I'll drop Amazon a note about that as that fellow should not be copying and pasting stuff like that!"' I found it by Googling the name of my submission, '' Pattaya a bargirl and a fridge" I think there are other submissions in the same book by googling the topics, Um.. suppose what you write on the net is available to anyone? Malzy
  5. Hmmm.. absolutly, the argument that some people that have been executed and later may have been proven innocent may be valid, but there are innocent people doing long sentences in goal (getting there but holes expanded by inmates, and all the other agonies associted with imprisonment ) who would probably like to be executed. I think I would prefer death than a long term prison sentence. The death sentence will never be an inncentive not to commit a crime, eg terrorists etc.. otherwise we would never have wars (Palistine, Iraq, Vietnam etc...), where crimes are commited against innocent vic
  6. A few years back, a mate an me saw a small boy sitting in the gutter outside Starbacks beach road begging, using the bottom half of a plastic water bottle. I dropped some small change into the bottle and followed my mate into Starbucks for a coffee. We sat inside were we could watch him through the the window, and was amazed at how much money was dropped into his bottle. Each time he would take out the donation and fold it up into his jumper and offer an empty bottle to passers by. Asian, well dressed tourists, (Japanese... maybe) would drop notes into his bottle, falang doners, not all, se
  7. Hi all !: Vientienne when it was on second rd 2:Vientienne St Pattaya Rd 3:Vientienne St Pattaya Rd 4:Vientienne St Pattaya Rd Umm..!!! 5:Vientienne St Pattaya Rd Yep love the place, my first true, really not like the others, took me there many years ago, alas she was like the others. But still good memories. Cheers malzy
  8. Hi Mapanggulo Wheel chairs in Pattaya are not a rare sight at all, I can remember seeing a young western male in a wheel chair holding onto the seat of a motocycle taxi being pulled along Beach road one night. He was obviously on his own and having a great holiday and as the previous post say, Thai people are helpful and friendly. With a little pre holiday research on accomodation your friend will have a great time. Cheers Malzy
  9. Hi Ive just read all these posts and think Alex's attitude is about average for most services you get Thailand. Hit and miss. My friend uses the same taxi sevice to Pattaya everytime he goes. He is happy even though one time and the only time i went with him the taxi was about 20 minutes late, we were just about to hire another car from the departure lounge at BKK when they broadcast over the speaker in the airport my friends name, his excuse was he was in the toilet. Hmmm!! We endured a "white knuckle" trip but we got there. My friend still uses this service and has had them translate i
  10. Hi When i am in Pattaya i nearly always find my way to the beach chairs over from royal garden early afternoon for an hour or so. When it rains it seems to be only for short periods i stay under the beach umbrellas dodging the drips but its not a thing to get up tight about, the rain is not a problem in Pattaya. as an earlier poster says you can always find shelter. CheersMalzy
  11. Hi I think there is a gogo bar come hotel in Pattaya that supplies this service, Penthouse gogo its in Pattayaland area and ive seen newspaper ads for this somewhere, not cheap though. try a google search "penthouse gogo pattaya" its there i just checked. Cheers Malzy
  12. Hi Babpecker Tanks, I did email Pattaya Pete after your reply. Cheers Malzy
  13. Hi I am a new Poster. I would like to register as a member, but i only have a yahoo email address. Is there a way around this as i do not have a home computer connected to the net? Cheers Malzy
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