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  1. After a night on the town i find there are very few restaraunts open at 3 , 4 , 5 am in the morning. I normally go to either Baywatch on Beach rd or The Premiership in Nakula
  2. Kiss food even Tom Thumb would have a job to get full up on their portions. The cost there might seem cheaper than elsewhere but the size of the portions are very small . Their burger and chips is like a 10p coin and 6 matches.
  3. It amazes me when anyone says Kiss food do a good breakfast ,since when? it might be cheap but its crap nothing like a proper breakfast. The same with Crazy Daves the place looks like a dump so what must the kitchen be like ? The bacon and sausages are not the same as other uk style restaraunts , their number of customers has gone right down since The Canterbury Tales opened up next door which looks very clean. When people complain at 120 or 150 bht for breakfast do they ever think how much the same thing is in the uk Little Theif sorry i measn Little Chef you would be lucky to get
  5. If you had to list the best 5 things about holidaying or living in Pattaya what would they be ?
  6. There are many restaraunts that advertise on tv ,mags ,newspapers , baht buses etc that you think when you go will be really good ,but often turn out the opposite which ones would you not go back to again. The most overated one for me is NEW ORLEANS i have been to it maybe 4 times and not liked it once but have given it another try as i thought it might of been a off day. I would go as far as to say the food there as terrible
  7. The Italian in Nakula road up about half a mile on the right hand size from the Dolphin roundabout does great pizzas and really big there Calzone folded pizza is massive.
  8. The Premiership restaraunt in Nakula opposite Woodlands Hotel does great Mexican food in my oppinion a lot better than Teqilla Reef , i looked at the menu the other day and had over 200 food choices. I went to a Mexican on the hill going to Jontiem from Pattaya on the left but was not that good nor was the Mexican food at Fatties opposite Big C.
  9. What are your top five restaraunts in Pattaya for decent food . mine in no particular order THE PREMIERSHIP opposite Woodlands hotel Nakula SPORTSMAN soi 6 ( i think far better than soi 13) MATA HARI on way to Jonteim CHERRY RESTARAUNT 3rd road PATRICKS Belguim restaraunt Soi Dianna I have been to all these many times and the food is always very good , There are many other good restaraunts but some vary so much you go one day its goog and another day its terrible What are your favourites ?
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