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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. Right now the trip to Pattay is just more of a thought. We are going to Angeles City...have family there from my wife's side and I know the area/language much better. I posted the same question over on AC2 and got a few responses, the best one from someone wheelchair bound that travels there. He stated that he was able to get a Filipino to help him get around and transfer him when needed for a decent price per week. I'd imagine that it will be easy to do the same thing in Thailand/Pattay. I'm more leary of going that route in Thailand only because I don't know the a
  2. Was talking to a friend of mine about my plans next year to go to AC. He mentioned that he would love to go. Problem is he's paraplegic and confined to a wheel chair to get around. I told him that I'd like to also go to back to Pattaya for a few days also, which he agreed he'd like that also. How accessable is Pattay bars,resturants, and hotels to handi-capped individuals? I know that's probably not something anyone thinks about, I didn't at all until I asked him over to dinner and he told me that he'd have to pass because he probably couldn't get into the house and/or the bathroom. I realiz
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