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  1. Anyone any idea how much those fantasy dolls cost?
  2. Hi folk, in a thai restaurant, you usually get a small side saucer with chopped up chillis ,garlic and coriander sometimes, in some sort of vinegar, with every meal. Does anyone know what it is and how to make it please?
  3. Thanks, its no good even if you get there in the middle of the week, taxi from bkk to pattaya once took me 7 hours plus due to hold ups, so unless you arrive before the festivities and go home after them, that week is a no no. Dread to think how early you would have to leave to get to swampy if you had a check in at, say, 18.00 hrs. Traffic all backed up in Pattaya, ok when you got out of town I expect.
  4. Hi folk, Does anyone know the Songkran dates 2014 for Pattaya and Bangkok, they may be different dates. I want to avoid coming on those dates, Thanks,
  5. Thanks, Cheshire Tom, looks like the season does end this coming weekend, looks like I'll be out of luck for a live match in January next year. The only action I've seen in the town is the odd college match in the school on corner 2nd Rd/Jomtiem Rd. So , unless anyone knows any different, I'll have to get my fix by watching English Premier League games on TV in the bars. Pattaya Utd had a good set up, and even a club shop somewhere up near Carrefour supermarket I seem to remember.
  6. can anyne direct me to a fixture list please? I've tried their website and a few other sites, but only cn get it in thai, despite getting the 'english' version, or not at all, I'm looking to go in January next year.
  7. Well, its real pity if they do, I've spent many a happy evening watching them,two seasons ago they were pretty good and near the top of the league. Only so much TV footbaall you can watch in Thailand, it was good s to see a live match, and the atmosphere was good, with the cheerleader Samurai warrior guy. Wlill look to see if there are any games on when I go in January next year. Anyone can put me right?
  8. Revised kick off times then are 11 pm, 2 am and 6 am, can manage the first and probably the second if I keep off the beer,, so I reckon I might go. Is the weather in June in Pattaya rainy or still hot and dry? Only ever been in Nov to January and once for Sonkran.
  9. Hi folk, Was thinking ot going to World Cup but too expensive to get to Brazil and all the travelling about, so thought of coming to Pattya to watch in the bars. Always a good atmoshpere when its on. Kick off times are 17:00, 20:00 and 23:00 BST, so that makes it midnight, 3 am and 6 am if theres a 7 hr time gap between UK and Thailand. Is this right? Could do the midnight kick offs, but the others look too hard to stay awake for, and would guess the bars might want to close. First round group games run from 12-26 June
  10. Anyone tried the Devils Den minibus? Nothing to stop you getting it from Pattaya to Swampy either.
  11. Hello, A friend of a friend has loads of air miles apparently, that he does not wish to use and says I can have them, probably gained by travel on British Airways.. I've never used them before, can they be transferred? And how do you go about using them? I've never seen any mention of them when I've booked flights only on the internet through , for example, Moneysupermarket in the UK
  12. Hi folk, in the day time I like to rummage round the markets, I'm fed up with the corporate chain shops in the plazas. Are there any car boot sales in town? Or is it a thing the Thais have not taken up? The only fun shoping I seem to get is the Soi Bukhow market. Don't get me wrong, I hate mall shopping like the rest of you guys, but sometimes you just have to look for something different and unexpected.
  13. What's Crazy Daves like now? Went there lots ot times in past always good breakfast,as was Canterbury Tales bookshop cafe next door.,
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