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  1. Bushcraft

    Has anyone gotten married at the Amphur in Pattaya?

    Just come back from the amphur, freshly married but didn't take any pics I'm afraid. I can confirm that you have until the end of the relevant month to register to marry at (Banglamung) amphur, i.e. max. 1 month after you have your embassy confirmation of freedom to marry. In our case the amphur quoted about 1 month after registration to actually marry us, and that was about right. We'll have something of a party early next year, but just drinks at Cherry Bar tonight around 9 pm if anyone wants to commiserate.
  2. Bushcraft

    Literary Finds for Christmas

    A few of my favourite reads: The Russian Stripper by Eva Vestov. The Russian Iceskater by Wotcha Topalova. Tiger's Revenge by Claude Bottom. And of course 3 Days in the Saddle by Major Bumsaw.
  3. I'll second that, you're a gem Frosty.
  4. The problems you describe in #4 are just what I suspected lol, many thanks for your efforts and expertise on our behalf Frosty.
  5. Bushcraft

    Lest we forget

    Apologies Butch, you're quite right, didn't mean to TF.
  6. Bushcraft

    Lest we forget

    For years now, I've found myself agreeing with everything this brave man Farage says, he's a beacon of light in a murky world of hidden agendas, blind opposition to almost anything valued and held dear (incl. history itself) and intolerance. I sincerely hope he finds a major role in mainstream British politics, though I don't think that will happen because his virtues are not wanted there.
  7. Bushcraft

    Good Movies / TV Shows

    Thanks for that, I loved Deadwood and look forward to this, especially if Ian McShane is in it.
  8. Bushcraft

    Scam warning

    MM posted about this scam several years ago, and it is still continuing. The filling station on Pattaya Tai just up from Mityon has a habit of not zeroing the pump before dispensing fuel. I've observed this twice very recently, and they typically overcharge customers (Thai and farang) by 40-50 baht, making this a nice little earner for these scum. Be careful out there.
  9. Bushcraft

    Good Movies / TV Shows

    Sorry Butch, but on your recommendation I've just struggled through to Ep. 7 and am now giving up. To say I was a bored is putting it mildly, what with the obligatory lesbian relationship, mixed marriages, flickering lights, thunderstorm etc. Not to mention the boring, endless dialogue, initially total confusion of jumps in location and time. To me this is a completely contrived series based on a constant expectation of horrors to come, clever camera work and a dislocated plotline. Pity, I was looking forward to an excellent piece of work, but I'm clearly not bright enough to appreciate the Daliesque. 3/10.
  10. Bushcraft

    Increasing Indian presence

    One such owner is famous for shooting an apple off his son's head with a crossbow bolt - his name's William Patel.
  11. Bushcraft

    Monkeywatch - October 2018

    Thanks for this latest instalment Monkeyman, always enjoy your take on things. We are indeed bemused onlookers, never really participants in this benighted country.
  12. Bushcraft

    No deal Brexit and flights in and out of UK

    The Irish border, or shared desire not to have a 'hard' one, has always been the major stumbling block since negotiations began (see the brilliant exposition by O'Toole in the other thread), and is not the latest fiasco but an intractable problem. It's equally true that the 'Irish border' has never been anything 'hard', but instead a porous zigzag of over 200 crossing points ever since partition in 1921. It's not policeable and never has been, and both parties know it. It's likely that the prices of world commodities will fall in GB+NI when it actually leaves the EU customs union, as it will no longer be obliged to impose EU tariffs on them. That will make them cheaper than in the Irish Republic, so smuggling will be rife and unpreventable. This is what the EU is worried about, but obviously it's of less concern to the Brits as it will be one-way. Illegal immigration to NI via Eire is however of more concern if Eire should fail to control arrivals by potential migrants passing through to get to NI and eventually England, now a non-EU country and therefore not of their concern. These are the key issues, one economic/fiscal and the other related to 'freedom of movement', which would cease at the 'Irish border'. Both can surely be resolved with a little goodwill and less bureaucratic thinking - a no-deal is unthinkable despite the EU's posturing over the issue and the UK's refusal to accept a separate ruling for NI. The latter has a precedent, by the way, as GB's firearms legislation (specifically the banning of all privately owned handguns) does not apply in NI, where firearm certificates are issued as before the 1997 Act (I wonder why).
  13. Bushcraft

    No deal Brexit and flights in and out of UK

    Sam, why beat about the bush, tell him straight mate. I concur with your sentiments, the UK will not be isolated or towed out to sea and sunk when this palaver is over, a deal will be done and adjustments will be made for many years afterwards. The UK is too important a player to be bullied into submission by this cabal of people who want to abolish the nation state and destroy European culture with a view to world government. The wheels will not stop turning in April, money will continue to talk loudest and the doomsayers will be proved wrong.
  14. Bushcraft

    If you are tired of Thai women ...

    It beggars belief that these bitches believe they're right to act as they do, or express worthless opinions at quick-fire speed and volume to drown out reasoned dissent. Giving a man the finger unprovoked is not an obscene, insulting gesture but an expression of free speech under the 1st Amendment? WTF? Where's all this going? Who would want to be married to these sorry excuses for womanhood?
  15. Bushcraft

    No deal Brexit and flights in and out of UK

    This Brexit hoohah could be settled so quickly with a few deft strokes. The UK has to get tough and play its aces: 1. Instruct the Irish to leave the EU as well - border problem sorted 2. Threaten Eire and the rest of the EU with an export ban on Scotch whisky if they cause any more difficulties - better than sending a gunboat in these PC times, the equivalent of starving them into submission, and will distract the ScotsNats with distiller's droop. Thank goodness I studied at the Salman Rushdie College of Public Relations, things become so clear .. By the way, he's about to publish a new book entitled "Buddha the Big Fat Pig". Another "Fat-Wa" coming his way, perhaps.