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  1. I have often been confused as to why NZers call the stuff 'black Ice' anyway. From my time in Canada, it was called 'Clear Ice', and that makes sense. It might seem like black to the Kiwis (and to some extent, Australians), but ice is clear and the black tarmac surface underneath is visible. For that reason, it should not be a racial joke for you, but just a poorly named thing. 😇
  2. So sad that I can't be there. Good luck on the operation and in making a new go of the enterprise - you deserve to win!
  3. I'm surprised the water doesn't look deeper - what with all the old tyres along the banks, pushing the water level higher. It was good to see much cleaner banks further into the photo progression. But, I did enjoy the tour.
  4. Fantastic photos. Can hardly believe Sukhumvit Road can be that quiet as far as traffic goes, Even at 5am it is generally still insanely busy. I will now sit and dream about that Black Chilli Crab at such a price.
  5. Or, alternatively, 2 guys could fit inside each of those girls, with room to spare....
  6. I'll back you on the difficulty to get taxis in smaller cities. MyThai missus can easily find one in Sisaket, but me, I never can. On the other hand, in Kanchanaburi (where I spend quite some time) transport is easy to find.
  7. Looks good. Probably leftovers from the day before, all stir fried like you would do with 'bubble and squeak'. I have often had such things in Thai breakfast offerings at hotels, and it generally is the best thing on offer. Certainly better for you than those red dicks next to it.🙂
  8. I thought I was wrong only last week, but I made a mistake.
  9. Quote: You can see that the hangar was mostly empty of people, but it is unclear if there were any injuries or not. Of course it was empty. Any maintenance crew that may have been present would have taken immediate steps, fucking huge ones, to be out of that hangar.
  10. Keep it up and you'll already be in Ban Chang for the next bar crawl....
  11. There were two guys in red. I guess you were the first one.... (I only noticed that after I watched the video clip about 4 times)
  12. Similar to you, but lately I am enjoying a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Merlot in the evenings at home, after drinking beer during the day. What else can I do, cooped up like this? ! Oh, I know, I'll have a few Rum and Cokes and a few Scotches and a few Vodkas, as well....
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