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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. yorta2

    First to see this at a beer bar wins!

    I have also had a similar experience to Gary's. In Paris my wife and I were just looking in the window at Louis Vuitton (in 2004). A Chinese man came up to us and asked if I would buy him a handbag from the store, and said he had outbought his quota. I asked him which bag he wanted and he said, "Any one". He handed me 3000 Euro and said he would wait down the street. We wanted to look anyway, so went in. Immediately we were offered lots of varieties of handbags to choose from and I selected one that was close to 3000. The shop assistant asked for my passport and I said it was in my hotel. She then asked for my wife's, and it was also in the hotel safe. Then I was asked if I had been approached by a Chinese person to do this. I said, "Yes", and she asked us to leave. We walked out embarrassed and started to walk down the street in the direction the Chinese man had gone, and must have walked about 200 metres before he approached us. I think he was surprised when I returned his money. When I asked why he did this he clearly and honestly said that he worked for a Chinese company that copied the bags.
  2. yorta2

    Opey de place

    Good hotel, at a good price.
  3. yorta2

    Congratulations on the Upgrade

    I'm getting excited! So far, all seems great. Thanks, Frosty.
  4. yorta2

    Brexit n Golf

    I thought the Ryder Cup was between teams from USA and Europe, which can include players from countries outside of the EU.
  5. yorta2

    Nam's Taxi, Lady Driver

    Hmm, might soon be time to change the title of this thread to: Nam's Taxi, Mostly Lady Drivers....
  6. yorta2

    Indian girls

    I have never actually found any in Pattaya, although I did have a dalliance with an Indian woman whose husband wanted to go our mongering and told here she could do anything she wanted while he was away. I met her in my hotel lobby and we shared an afternoon in my room. On the other hand, there are plenty in Bangkok. The Rajah Hotel (in the carpark between Soi 2 and Soi 4, Sukhumvit) used to have a few, but now, after renovations, I don't know. Also the Grace Hotel on Soi 2 have often got some, mixing with African girls.
  7. yorta2

    US Consular visit to Pattaya 12 December

    I realise they are Americans, but couldn't they just put the money in the bank, rather than take it back to Bangers? Seems to me that it is just a jolly to Pattaya for an early Christmas party....
  8. yorta2

    Monkeywatch - November 2018

    Nice! Enjoyed the ride.
  9. yorta2

    Dining at Terminal21

    Wow! Great report and great photos, Evil. Can't wait to have a real look.
  10. yorta2

    what id do i need to carry

    Yeah, I used to have the TM6 stapled in my passport, but the last 2 times it has been loosely placed in there - I still think I may lose it, so keep it in the little plastic folder that I keep all my other travel shit in, and then struggle to find it when I get to Swampy../..
  11. Just let me know when the show/series is being run in Australia, so I can ensure my wife doesn't watch it....
  12. yorta2

    Nam's Taxi, Lady Driver

    I love Nam's service, but if anybody doesn't and wants an alternative that has popped up in Patts, have a look at this. I am not advertising it, nor am I deliberately putting up competition against Nam's service, and possibly could have started a new thread, as it is, this just popped up in my Facebook, so someone is monitoring Nam. Anyway, here it is: Rainnie Taxi Pattaya (Facebook)
  13. yorta2

    The rate on the street.

    I really like this thread - it keeps me informed easily, and provides good comparisons.
  14. yorta2

    Nam's Taxi, Lady Driver

    It's a shame that I may never see Nam in a taxi again; she is lovely, but she must now operate the business However, I am so glad her 'company' is going so well. It may be time for her to update her site (perhaps with the help of her good friend, ikkrang),and to make it a bigger and better page. She has done so well, and I wish her all the best to succeed even further.
  15. yorta2

    Lek hotel soi13

    My experience with Lek is from about 5 years ago when breakfast was quite good, but the rooms poky with no safe and no fridge. Rooms near 2nd Road were starting to get noisy too, and may be noisier now. Perhaps your girl likes Lek because it is better than to what she has previously experienced (?) Surely there are much better rooms for around the same price, and close by. Lek was guest friendly, and I assume it still is but, if you take another girl back to your room when your are booked in with your regular girl, the female staff will frown on you a bit and may even tell your girl, particularly off she has made friends with them.