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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. About 5 or 6 years ago a mate and myself decided to do a bar crawl of the Volkswagen combo bars. He drank Pina Coladas and I drank Margaritas. We had a jug of each at each stop, drinking from the jugs. As the vans were generally quite a way apart, and we were walking, we stayed pretty sober. We were lucky that another site gave us a map of where the vans were, and it proved pretty accurate. An enjoyable evening on the "poncy" cocktails.
  2. Great shots. It's funny how my memory was jogged by each of the statues, otherwise I may not have recognised which bars, etc. they were.
  3. That bloke sitting near the window doesn't seem to be too impressed with her. Maybe he's watched it 10 times already that day. Me, I'd eat her 'til her head caved in.
  4. BM 'Pool Hustler', in this forum (Transport in Thailand) and operating under DK Car and Bike Rental, or something like that, seems to have a pretty good name, and he offers full rental insurance. I have never used him, or his cars, but worth asking. I have only rented from Hertz Hire in Thailand, as I've got Gold Card membership and the rates suit me, as well as their international reputation.
  5. Whilst I also strongly support Nam's Taxi, I used Tans Taxi last visit and it was just as good. Also on Facebook.
  6. No Mate, but 'slimish' (to me) means a bit slimy. I would have used 'sliimmish'.
  7. Just had to post this shot of a typical Thai bicycle path out in the sticks (so I am told, He He):
  8. Bedlam in Sukhumvit at that time. If your hotel is close to Sukhumvit Road, I advise that you get the taxi to stop on Suk. Rd. before Soi 4 (if he goes that way), or on Soi 3 before Suk., then walk to Soi 4. It will save at least 20 mins. Or at least that has been my experience. Getting through that intersection can be a nightmare.
  9. This is the blurb that is found in a box of African Black Ant. I realise they all say they are natural, but I also don't know what 'Really' is inside of them, but guess sildenafil. I also have a large supply of them in a box in my wardrobe, and If I can give them away, I will. They work for me, but not well, and don't give me more than one squirt whereas, for others, they do okay on them. I use Kamagra Gels, Kamagra Chewbles, and Kamagra Effervescents (and I tell my lady they are Berocca tabs) mostly, and I buy them in bulk in Bangkok. I also use a concoction named Sildigra that I found online.
  10. Obviously you need to get around more and talk to owners. In this case I doubt the owner has yet attached to a big provider such as Bookings.com, but it could be in the pipeline. Then, he/she cannot offer a room at a price lower than that company posts on the web. They can, if not publicised. I left myself (and the owner) a bit of space by saying that "there may be reasons" and I think that that could feasibly be one reason.... (but of course maybe the owners I have spoken to are bullshitting me).
  11. I understand there may be reasons prices are not indicated, but even a range between cheapest rooms in low season and dearest rooms for the same period, plus a similar range for high season would be of benefit, and you could add that an email or phone call "COULD" find occasional 'specials'. As mentioned above, it does make such choices much easier.
  12. Well, that article certainly puts an end to any thoughts I would ever have about the hotel, not that Wikipedia is all that reliable as more than just a very general source.
  13. Yeah, a bugger to get to and from, and definitely not by foot. I spent one night at Shagwell Mansions quite a few years ago (not all that far from there) and vowed to always stay closer to the action.
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