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  1. I guess that they have to be inspected by Council periodically, and money would change hands....😏🤐
  2. Buggered if I know how you can just come into Chatachack markets, go directly to the shop you want, buy a particular item and then leave. It is bloody huge and takes me ages just to find a stall that I remember from my last visit. Or, I think it is the same stall....
  3. Thanks for the super, high quality shots. Other than the oppressive heat, I always enjoy a wander around in there. I generally get lost though. I know I have said this before (some years ago on this forum), but I have seen some animals there that I have never see before, or since, anywhere in the world, and I've see quite a few around other countries.
  4. Thank fuck I didn't read all that - longer than War and Peace....
  5. Nice to see that at least Harry's has Thai food on offer. I don't go to LOS to eat the same old Western foods, except for a (very) occasional pizza with my Thai kids.🤔
  6. I have endorsed Nam's before on here, but I also love Tan's Taxi Service (Facebook page also available) and I think they are both great for very similar reasons.
  7. Yay! 0.2 of a baht more than the last one (AUD)
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