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  1. More for the Brits, who will understand this.
  2. I bought a new household oral thermometer from a pharmacy last week. The old one I had read just over 40 degrees C when I took my temperature (under the tongue). I thought 'Hmm, I should be getting close to being dead soon'. I shook it down and then held it under the cold running water from my kitchen tap. It then read just a bit under 43. It was then I knew I didn't (yet) have the virus.
  3. Oh, Thank Fuck for that!
  4. Sad to hear, but also should be getting a familiar occurrence. I will miss them and hope they are settling close too.
  5. Aussie dollar is totally stuffed, falling against everything.
  6. Most trips to LOS I fly in Thai 747s. Yes, they are getting very rattley, often the headphone jacks ( often one in each set of seats), doesn't work and has to be held in a particular position (I use a sneaky roll of adhesive tape I specially carry from experience) to make it function, and some of the seats don't operate correctly in the recline position, or don't come fully upright. Annoying in the cattle class, but I put up with it as it's only about 8 1/2 to 9 hours from Sydney to Bangkok and the aircraft takes off at about 10.30 in the morning and lands at 4.20 in the afternoon - perfect for me to stay in Bangkok overnight that night. As to how many hours they have racked up, I'd rather not know.
  7. Well, the exact same thing happens to me at least 3 times per week in my local supermarkets in Australia....
  8. Don't worry, Jacko, I got your point....,
  9. My Thai 'wife' lives in Sisaket, so we use Ubon for air services and commute, as necessary. I like the city and, back in my time as an academic, I had a short visit to the University to share some information on aircraft engineering (an engineered visit and a cushy one, with fringe benefits­čśÄ). I am impressed with the Boeing 747 in the grounds there now, and am further impressed as to how they transported it to the site and reassembled it.
  10. Thanks. I wasn't sure. I landed there back in 1967 and 68 a couple of times and now, although obviously still governed by Thai Navy, I don't think they have any fixed wing aircraft (yet), and so might only operate helos there at times. I'm sure it would/could still function as a military base, if required. I haven't been to the airport since its transition, so was just wondering.
  11. Is UTP still a military airfield, or just one used by military on occasion?
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