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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Just finish with bcbs director in kcmo. usa.took about 30 mins to have done. their exact words is this is bullshit forum. i am paid thru age 65 so it should be a one time deal. if not they put on file for me and will just change dates if have to show every time i travel in and out of Thailand just e-mail and print it. i am thru swampy in 3 weeks so will know for sure then😎.
  2. how long is medical cert good for? 2-3 days or7 days or 24 hours anyone no first time for me to have to get medical cert.
  3. Anyone been thru swampy yet? Just wander what they want for proof this form? If can not prove insurance just 30 day stamp is the rumor. As it all is until someone transits thru it. not sure how you would get USA medicare to fill it out.
  4. aj

    O_A Visa made in USA

    I will be wheels down December 15 so will know for sure then. My bcbs card is on file at Bangkok Pattaya and they do all the filling for money. I pay percentage if not fully covered. bsbc web site shows all the hospitals and Doctors in Thailand. They are all over the country. this could explain why it was so easy here. AT 1200 USD a month there is probably Cheaper in Thailand.bsbc geo is less per month but it is monthly. I am covered to age 65 then have to get coverage for what medicare will not cover. Going to check my bank for direct deposit too. its not Bangkok bank. May make no difference
  5. Just finished O_A visa done in Chicago. Had the Thai wife call to make sure of documents. Be forewarned for those doing O-A visa here you have to prove health insurance. A copy of blue cross/shield card front and back sufficed to pass requirements. I post this for the 2 USA expats (and others) that i read their posts. It is still very easy and fast mail on one Friday get back next Friday. 30 min total all in. to post office and walk to mail box. Have read other post of it starting in Thailand it has started here. Mod feel free to relocate this not really sure where to post.
  6. 580 USD from iah for those dates USA. may have to book. cheaper than uk/eu for once. the benefits are not a factor upon landing trust meπŸ€ πŸ€‘
  7. was at it in June and still there. beach road side only a few food places. looked like some new one were being built. do not remember pricing.
  8. Looks like same as every 5 years. just smile and say yes telac ja😍
  9. Just finish renewing wife drivers license the first of June. she ask the powers at be in pattaya office about falang husband DL. She was told can renew 3 months early and all that is needed now is copy of o-visa and picture page of passport. I find this hard to believe but will find out in December. i will take house book. Anyone confirm this ?πŸ˜•
  10. Just went thru Monday 0200 am. Going out thru immigration was only 30 minutes. The scanners for finger prints were not being used. Brackets for them were still in place as was the other hardware. Maybe they had enough complaints and delayed flights they stopped for now. Boarding pass passport departure card smile for picture and out you go. Still have to laugh at people that can not find the footprints.
  11. Both passports. back 3 days later. Beats going to bkk.
  12. πŸ€”Had to do complete fingerprints this time wife daughter too they had Thai passport. Was asked why no O visa this time? Only here 30 days will renew this time my reply. Have talk to Canada friend was told you come to Thailand to much next time not get in. WTF Aussie friend doing visa run today will see. They both play 30.day visa run always fly. They did not finger print last time. How long they been full finger prints
  13. Wife went 0530 for line #26 daughter myself at 715 finish 10:00 will receive in mail 2080 baht total 5 year no chip or e-passport so dual good so far. Thai dl the same next day 0530 finished 1130 she#6 in line can now renew 3 months early dl cool rain helps
  14. πŸ˜• wife tell's me she has to make appointment to go. maybe that has changed too. it is what it is since she waited to long. we will find out. may be going to bkk after all.
  15. πŸ˜• My wife has to do her passport the same. Her understanding is go in avenue office and a few hours later passport in hand done. I should have known to easy. will find out in 2 weeks and see if they chip the new one. still one day and not enjoy bkk traffic sounds worth it.
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