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  1. 🀣 that explains standing water in drains they slope north
  2. πŸ˜•u-tube video show show dolphin to klang. did not see any drain work and looked like pavers were back in place. Have they actually finish all but south tie in?
  3. When i left to do taxes in Feb. They had announced that the money and plans to lay pipe all the way to Bali Hia Pier. Beach side of walking street. Is that still on?
  4. 😎 Thanks just what i needed
  5. πŸ€” if driver lenience expires during lock-down/ office closed how long to renew? Will you have to take entire test over like first time?
  6. sometime i forget how detail you have to be here. install drain line beach road (nothing in contract about working or clean) now the walk way same contract replace stones (nothing about color codes)🧐
  7. πŸ€” Mother in law tells us it is raining everyday now in Naklua. Have not heard anything outside if there. Any of it making it to the reservoirs?
  8. took mom inlaw to las vegs 10 years back. went for drive in desert down to needles her comment on everything brun up dead. why they no water it. moral to this is thais have no concept of life with little or no water
  9. LH this time toward suk jolly good fun
  10. answer my own question no just more road work. today 330 pm kalang closed going to suk at second road no warning untill you got there so just another day in patts
  11. just return from pattaya to the house. noticed kalang close from 2nd rd to beach road also noticed the stages boothe etc on beach road. i must have missed one. the kids days is the 11th in front of city hall. anyone know what this one is? the traffic was turning to complete kaos at 330.
  12. do you have to redeposit it in the other account to use the money? looking to do same.
  13. πŸ₯Ί sorry they did take picture. over jet lag just hungover cheers
  14. Just went thru swampy 00:30 last night. Did not ask for insurance health. person ahead of me finger prints the usual things. did not have to finger print i had them ready for scan the immigration said already have on visa. anyone hear that before i always thought they erase them when departing. anyway did not ask for proof of med ins
  15. Just finish with bcbs director in kcmo. usa.took about 30 mins to have done. their exact words is this is bullshit forum. i am paid thru age 65 so it should be a one time deal. if not they put on file for me and will just change dates if have to show every time i travel in and out of Thailand just e-mail and print it. i am thru swampy in 3 weeks so will know for sure then😎.
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