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  1. i wonder if they will bother to fix beach now. since it is being renovated.
  2. i just got set free from asq and other things. dealt with chicago thai CG for getting here. feel free to aks here or PM me. i set out front of house in nakula killing time until things open. i have an o-visa and assited friend with entry visa on arrival. asq/airfare must be paid up front to even apply for coe. paid airfare must be shown to apply for asq hotel. covid vaccine will not matter had mine and they did not care about it. if i had fully refundable fares for trip i would not be here. i went from 7-day to 15 nights and 16 day quarantine. they change here so quickly that as i type this i
  3. ?️back at last. i had connecting flight in usa so had to show papers there too. Changes to COE where Q time and number of covid tests required. I was in hotel system so they just added extra to bill and extended stay. Make sure to have negative covid test it is #1 all the way thru. they did not look twice at vac card. the reason for changing dates for me. From7 days to 16 whoppee we all gonna die. nrt to bkk 17 people on board 3 farang the rest thai nationals made immagration quick. 14 days and counting. glad i sprung for 1 bedroom jacuzzi room with balacony . air travel w
  4. Just a little lesson in Thai time for those who do not remember. 2 weeks quarantine is 15 nights and 16 days. they count 0 as we count as 1. so please note that you will lose 16 days vacation in 5 days will know first hand ?. will do report of of new paper work and real time travel then.
  5. This may have gotten out already. But anyway the best hope for expats is their embassies. So far the Thai government is ignoring the request to allow vaccine import for non-Thai's. My understanding is that several countries are pushing it. it seems to have something to do with face i believe.
  6. with no tourist and 40% of population having gone back to villages. What are the odd's of these ponds filling up? i recall about 98-99 that the spillways actually worked. but then 2nd road to 3rd road was mangroves swamp.☠️
  7. looking for king size thai bed mattress and frame. they use to have outside carefour(new big c now) off kalang. are they still there in parking lot. if so what are the prices now there or other places in pattaya area.
  8. ? then just book alq in Pattaya and let hotel and and taxi worry about it. with current shutdown why go at all for now short of warmer weather. condo owner or thai family just asking of course.
  9. hope it works out. i booked mci-bkk for 300 USD for Jan 1 2021 back in may of 2020. I am now trying to change it or get refund can get either no problem. good luck. ✈️
  10. i forgot to add that the way he found out the flight was canceled was when he called to request seats. if no call then he would have been stuck in toyko for sure JAL. not sure other airlines. that is why post on JAL.
  11. ?MY friend who lives in Thailand left he want same meds not generic. after shut down. He jump thru all the hoops/paper work/money got approve to go?. THEN he gets notified from JAL that flight from Toyko has been cancelled.?. now the nightmare begins to get hotel money back and USA airline refund. If you book air ticket it is no guarantee even thru thai booking on entry page you will make it. Be forewarned the med documents and fees are not cheap or easy. still not sure if he will have to start all over. I would avoid JAL no refund or help to rebook. if wrong topic ple
  12. ? that explains standing water in drains they slope north
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