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  1. Should be interesting to see how much is left bye May 24 fireworks. Had really hoped to get picture north of beach from PBG 😩. Thai engineering at it finest. pump water has that lovely shade of brown.
  2. My thai better half has just informed of 10 license. Never heard of it anyone if it is thai only not ex-pats? I saw the thought of license app that was stop but not this. any info welcome.
  3. where is Le Pub located will be there in december. Be nice to have place to watch. Last week it was reported that only 3 players kneeled. They no longer show the national anthem on channels i get.
  4. Yes Pattaya beach is as always special. i still would not get in water. Good to hear Boracay to reopen. i would bet it stays clean as he means what he say's it is a shame not same here good picks off beach. Cheers
  5. not to burst bubbles here the pleasure of the 777-300er is that the economy seats are 2" smaller pitch is less than 18 degrees leg room is nonexistent i now no why kids cry in car seats although i think car seats have better padding this was sfo to nrt only 9 hours my condolences to you all. almost forgot i had to turn carry on sideways to get down the isle in business class it is 18-14-10 inches
  6. back in USA for holidays visit family. This will take effect July 1 2018. How is the question. The same way they did bank accounts it will only effect those after that date. The USA immigration will notify thailand of those getting citizenship newborns as well. this only effects USA no one else at this time. Friends at immigration here say it has made more thai nationals getting USA citizenship. Still remains if they will seize property or not as none thai citizens cannot own property. We will see come July.
  7. wife's good friend in government inform her that as of jan-1 2017 that immigration at airport is going to start working with USA to check for dual citizenship. They intend to start enforcing the one citizenship Thai or USA. Not sure of other countries but heads up for those who have wives with 2 passports. I am not sure how they can check since my wife never volunteers anything. Only on departure would it be possible as is needed to board US bound flights. This could get sticky for people like my self who owns property thru thai wife as non thai citizens cannot own property. I have seen or read nothing in bkpost, nation papers or other forums. Anyone heard of this yet? enforcement that is as law has always been there.
  8. are they open past midnight? As i recall i few years back some bars had to close at midnight it was in their license. that only gave them 6 hours to make baht. Think BIB will drop tea money to half? When the miss and kids go north may have to stroll down and see.
  9. One word of warning on this the customs people at all US airport have the right to seize all electronics. Unlock and take any or all info on the. Putting them in check bagage is asking for trouble here for now. It would almost mean a certian stop and search. Not a pleasent experiance at all. They have had this right for at least 6 years was put in by Obamma adminastration. And this is for all countries and people entering US. As i understand this is that it bans them from being brought into the country. which is why some airlines will not let you board. Either way unless you have impotant bussiness i would send by post to your destanation and aviod the headache. I will be gald when all this settles down.
  10. Yes i read that article in PM. It did not mention the year
  11. just thinking which is bad. But this project reminds me of the beach road project. The pipes were laid on schedule as contract. There was no contract on new wires or removing old wire. When old wire removed the telephone wires remained different contract. The pole were another contract so 1 year turned into 3. I think there "it will finish in February" is typical. the tunnel is finished It will not mean open for operations. As i am out for another 2 months before back would like to know if it has changed? The tunnel not TIT
  12. United has economy plus seating. more leg room but same seat pitch.
  13. Check with the VFW post there in pattaya. They should be able to help. I am almost sure they have FPO box for mail but not sure packages. Have members that will use APO address at embassy for packages. By mail i mean letters. Welcome to patts.
  14. terminal 3,gate-10E. there is a day room/lounge .e-mail is airporthotelt3@hotmail.com. the web site is www.bcia.com.cn. intend to fly thru there in september as 847US on CA United is 1687US.
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