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  1. Please note that there are no usa pool tables in Pattaya. the pockets are slightly smaller and bank angles are different enough to make big difference on anything but straight in shots.
  2. 😁 showing my age again. back in the day when only one body part got stiff.🤠
  3. reminds me of second rd. first the connecting roads then second road one-way. Thai roumor is Buakhoa will be one way to south allowing tour buses to avoid beach road. unless blocking to unload tourist. history repeats itself.
  4. It is not a one time thing if caught in USA. wife tried Thai seeds for garden in SFO. every return since it is escort from arrival to customs inspection. then she tried thai over counter meds. D.A. alert. we no longer travel together as she is totally uck coming back to USA.
  5. Trip finished. Follow up. UAL landed at international side only USA flight for now. while taxing told all transit passenger had to get new boarding passes and checked bags had to be collected and rechecked. had no check bags so only passes for me and daughter. do to health had golf cart and purser all the way. 1 hour 10 mins later at gate 3 Cathy pacific. only airside for passes. passenger seat next to us had checked bags for same flight to bkk. saw them board after we had already boarded closed door behind them. return trip Hong Kong/Air China airlines. issued passes all the way thru to
  6. civil unrest over money or the collapse there of. military's occupation on china's stock exchange for the workers protection. printing 1T notes. yes trillion. bits and pieces on social media that go down shortly after posting. few postings on u-tube show empty airport and titer security for transit and check-in passengers. these seem to go away shortly after posting too. my Hong Kong airlines flight out is now listed as air china with no pre check-in for seats or bags. just looking for first hand info before i am first hand info.
  7. transiting hong kong in 2 weeks. with all that is happening in china now some what concerned. anyone been recently?
  8. Pattaya mail; had article informing public that Songkran would be 21 official days long this year. April 1st to the 21st. As if 3 official days were not enough. the extreme water works is wet enough but increase the number of road deaths by 3. looks like early out for me this year.
  9. looks like a lot of future generations soaked in there. remodel during high season say's it all.
  10. i like the way they centered the trees in the openings.👀
  11. could see 1 para sail in pic. i think. can hardly wait until burning season. may invest in cheap U.N. gas mask. be sexy handsome man again. all bs aside. my wife family has lost 4 members 40-63 to lung disease in past 3 years all up north where burning is so bad at times that the above picture looks like a clear day
  12. Just in time for high season. not long until the islands disappear. several weeks last year even the para sails disappeared. it seems a bit early or i'm just older. both.
  13. free shade ?mad hatter's all. baht/baht ! venders , tourist all. beach was better then they had the bushes trimmed into dolphins elephants and other shapes .Free ! no no nong nooch gradens will lose customers this must go. after 40 yrs i am beyond cynical.
  14. Just in time for high season and the buses. yes it is cables the (Final part ? ) to finish finish Pattaya tai cable bury project. Cable and poles later ?
  15. A real Hampshire honey. Freelancer market is really changing these days. New quality tourist service.
  16. from the color I think toilet mints are back in force. just need the little guy and his boat. ⛵ Oh well it helps on the aroma 💩
  17. do not know how to copy paste. the news claims pat's mayor demands all work finish bye October 1st. as usual he did not mention the year.
  18. Having seen the asphalt layer and raised drain grates. makes me wonder if the parking area is now the new catch basin/mosquito farm or foot wash for returning island visitors before boarding buses. see if they finish before destroying it again.
  19. that is not all water. be glad it is low season 🙄
  20. No sign,s walking street is just another nasty soi in daylight.
  21. i have to love Thai engineers. Thailand only place where water runs up hill and they do not need to add water to teat for leaks when finished.🚫
  22. No emergency vehicles must go down soi 6 from pic above. or is that buses?
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