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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I expected a couple of reds from members of this forum, but I personally think it is funny and that is regardless of what your political leaning is.
  2. The one I saw a while ago said 'Fox News' and another (in Australia) said 'Sky News'. I guess you can change it to suit your own whims and biases....
  3. Maybe he has too much Labia on his mind and mixed it up....?
  4. Looks a bit 'poky' and with nowhere to lay out your suitcase, but obviously quite a nice (new) hotel.
  5. Brilliant - will have to visit there next month. Thanks for the great photos.
  6. Jim, I don't know if you use Skyscanner, but I have booked April 20 to fly Cathay Pacific from Sydney to Bangkok via Hong Kong and the same way back to Sydney a couple of weeks later. The cost was cheaper than other airlines that provide meals, drinks and good luggage allowance. I had to pay about 64AUD to book a seat, but I don't really bother to do that in day flights, so only paid it for the return flight from Hong Kong to Sydney, where I like a window seat to sleep, most of the way, in the night. The cheapest flights with them are around 600AUD return, if you wish to rough it.
  7. Thanks for those shots; I have often wondered what that temple was like inside - now I know.
  8. Pretty sure it was Samoa.... Samui are a bit small. ?
  9. Well, before they created the world silly game and players deserted the old separate local club teams, scrums in League (at least) occasionally, saw the non-feeding team win a few scrums when the ball was fed into the front row. But I get your point.
  10. Yes, you are right. The real scrum disappeared quite some years ago and is now just the hooker feeding the 2nd row where, earlier, that was cause for a penalty.
  11. Brilliant footage and very enjoyable to watch.
  12. Nice to see, but I feel I'd go bling in that light....?
  13. you know, I cannot event remember the drive time, but I booked for 9.30 morning time, and came down to checkout at about 9.00 and the clerk told me my driver (Suu) ws waiting in the foyer. We left soon after. With 1 pit stop about halfway For her take a piss, I think, we were at the PoingPhen Guesthouse in Kanchanaburi before lunch. Very smooth trip, lovely female driver, very safe, and efficient (as are Nam's drivers). I have never tried to do Kanchanaburi as a 1 day trip (usually stay about 5 days) and am fully busy for all the time there, at bars, visiting some great sites, including waterf
  14. I spent 2 nights there in late April, and enjoyed it. Nice, largish room with great shower, girl friendly, good pool, good bed. I didn't eat there at all, but had breakfast at The Tavern.
  15. I have pleasantly used Nam's in the past, but for the last couple of trips, including one from Sukhumvit (Bangkok) to Kanchanaburi), I have used Tans Taxi (see her on Facebook) - another all-girl group, great cars, great drivers, etc. etc. Oh, they do have one 'male' driver, but could be a she-male, not sure.... Anyway, I have now been converted to them.
  16. Have you tried Metro Apartments in LK? A bit noisy, being in the middle of disco-land, but a really nice place and mine-host Dennis McConville, a lovely bloke, with lovely staff. Oh, and yes, you will have to climb stairs. Let him know what you want and he'll be honest in what you can expect.
  17. I guess that they have to be inspected by Council periodically, and money would change hands....??
  18. Buggered if I know how you can just come into Chatachack markets, go directly to the shop you want, buy a particular item and then leave. It is bloody huge and takes me ages just to find a stall that I remember from my last visit. Or, I think it is the same stall....
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