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  1. Thanks, Evil. Another great, informative post and another resto I'll soon be trying. I often go to Villa's at the Avenue so prior to shopping I'll stop in for a bite based on your recommendation. Are they back to doing delivery and do you know what area they cover?
  2. Guess if you were one of their few customers they didn't want to see their 85 baht high tailing it down the Soi.
  3. I think that the general public consensus of flying these days. Airlines have forgotten about customer service and then there's TSA as well.
  4. I never found a leasing option that sounded good For damn sure at the end of lease the Piper will extract his pound of flesh.
  5. Different strokes for sure. I feel lot's safer in a car than without any protection around me at all.
  6. I've read several articles stating some phone cameras are even better than some DSLR cameras. Most of the time I also forget about my phone camera.
  7. Your experience was certainly out of the usual but that's little consolation for you. A serious case of bad luck it was. While not EVA which I've flown many times I once had the experience of having the airlines take a bit over 40 hours to fly from California to the Dominican Republic.Same experience as with zero information about what was happening and of course nothin to soothe ruffled feathers I was rewarded at my final destination however by learning my luggage had gone missing. Two round trips to the airport at $20 a leg ($80) and I was reunited with my bag after 3 days Shit happens and I guess we have to thank our lucky stars when it doesn't.
  8. Great posts Evil et. al. Evil, this sounds like the take over of AI coming to your nearest theater soon, " She said it couldn't as it was controlled by computer, but offered to move us to the far end of the veranda where the volume was indeed much lower.
  9. Thanks for your post, JONPAT. Would you please also post the type of exam you had specifically what the cost was. Also, did the doctor say what the cost would be for the"new and improved"multi focal lenses? If so how much. I'm probably long past due for some serious eye work.
  10. i.e. Airlines figure out what the market will bare and take it from there. They can easily adjust downward if the price is too high. It's all a mystery except for a few anointed hands.
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