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  1. Hi Guys, I think you might be right there - NN. I'm sorry but I've never come across Irn Bru in Thailand ... Another mildly interesting piece of trivia concerning Irn Bru - is that Scotland is the only country in the world where the most popular soft drink is not coca cola - it is, of course, Dandelion and Burdock Must be possible to get it somewhere? All the best, C.
  2. That's my favourite (and they are all good). I'll leave it to the OP to explain. SinBin - Thanks a lot for these - I'll use a few tonight! All the best, C.
  3. Hi, Try - www.latestays.com for an idea of prices that should be paid or are being asked. IMHO, If there is availability then they seem to offer the best prices - at least in low season. Scandibar.com - has already been mentioned. Any hotel in Soi 13 will give you a decent room, with pool for well under 2000 baht. Try the Sandy Spring or The haven (there are loads more in the archives). Also for a weekly stay you could try negotiating with - www.lkpattayahotel.com - the LK group and check out MM's LK Metropole discount thread pinned at the top of this section. You could also do something like stay on Walking Street at a 1K baht a night place - possibly Secrets and then join Tony's gym for a pool / sauna / steam hang out etc etc. If you bargain hard enough you can get the best available for 2K baht a night ... Try www.amari.com/novasuites - haven't stayed there yet but booked and it looks good. Good luck! C.
  4. Hi Emil, Thanks for that - I had taken it into account and gambled on it being ok. There is always a risk that any Pattaya trip will be inconvenienced by construction work. Maybe it would be a good thing if the road was totally screwed ... Imagine, a whole new apartment block with full facilities all to yourself I'd buy a pair of wellies and stock it with a few of Pattay's finest !!! Thanks for the advice it is appreciated. C.
  5. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the feedback. I've taken the gamble and booked it - and had it confirmed ... I'll post a full review etc when there. I actually like the area (proximity to Sois 6, 7 & 8 - restaurants etc) and, of course, would love it to be on beach Road but none of the hotels/apartments there have the advertised facilities that this place does. If it lives up to the advert then the money is good and well within my budget - My MO is to spend a lot of time in the hotel and use the gym / pool and all the other facilities during the day and evening before heading out late on. I've also got some work to do and at least I've got a chance of doing some here! We shall see ... I can always arrive, can it and move somewhere else if I've got a bum steer ( I'm never put off by the inconvenience of doing so). Thanks for the replies. All the best, C.
  6. Hi JJ, The price is OK - I've been quoted 39K ++ and electric at 5 or 7 baht a unit. I reckon a month will be well under 50K baht. 100 square metre suite, daily cleaning, two flatscreen TVs, broadband, gym, swimming pool etc etc - if all works then it's a steal at that price ( ). I'm really tempted to take the gamble and knowing that nothing is ever as it seems ... I've decided - off to fax and book! Any further info would be appreciated ... Thanks, C.
  7. Hi, I was looking at the new Amari Nova Suites as accom for a a forthcoming trip (2 weeks to go!!) and before booking thought I'd ask if anybody has checked it out yet ... http://www.amari.com/novasuites/ Thanks, C.
  8. Hi Chaps, Just a small aside ... I was coming back from Phuket to Pattaya via U-Tapao last July and met one of the owners of First Class Visa at U-Tapao. He very kindly gave me a lift into Pattaya, dropped me off at the door of my hotel and generally went out of his way to sort me out. I bumped into him a couple of time throughout my stay and he was always most pleasant. IMO - a great guy and it seems with a great Visa Service as well. A treble thumbs up from me!!! Cheers, C.
  9. Hi O, I see what your saying and yes it's to a certain extent true ... but for me, certain things being in place, you need a base. Also for me that base has to be in my home turf ... I can get mail, register with health care, lock up and leave with a rucksack, return and open up, maintain a bank account, vote, run for office :-). So, what has to be in place - money to pay for it. But if that is there then it is the lack of hassle especially as you say places like the RG abound while on holiday. I've moved many times and no matter how you plan it or pay for it or whatever - it is a major hassle. It may not be the most tax efficient or the best way economically - but if it fits the budget then all is sweet. I think it is a major issue concerning happiness - in the heirachy a secure base is high up there and to move some way to a more nomadic existence, for me, just doesn't cut it. My advice to anyone and I know getting even more off topic ... is don't cut your ties with your home turf / base. If your fortunate enough to own property then keep it and use it as a base even if that means returning frequently. Get a family member to check it, re-do your insurance and travel. Yep definitely a fear about not having a home but a sensible fear - IMHO. Cheers, C.
  10. Hi S, All the changes that you mentioned sure are worrying but I bet you I can make an even more worrying case about either the USA or the UK. No constitution. Did the lawlesness in Thailand ever affect you before and is it likely to now? Is crossing 2nd road not more worrying. The coup - undoubtedly worrying, but what effect does it have. The new visa, currency laws. Do they really have any affect for a retiree. Has it not always been the case that Thailand was likely to be volatile? 5, 10, 20 years ago. Personally, I'm not too worried about any of the changes but then again I would never retire there anyway. I like some of the suggestions on this thread. Hey flights are cheap these days, rented accom is cheap. Excitement abounds in many areas and or countries - so why Thailand? Why not become a traveller - a base in the USA, maybe some low skilled, no stress work to keep things ticking over and give yourself capuccino money hey part time, highly skilled and highly paid is better but harder to come by. Hey, even if you've got the money then stick to the original five year plan and then party on down. OK, who am I to give you advice but look at the other posters - all good stuff and I don't think there is anything to really worry about in Thailand but maybe just change or evolve your original plan a little in light of the advice and the current situation. Best of luck!! Go for it! Cheers, C.
  11. Hi Chaps, Very interesting thread. Interest rates in U.S up to 5%, commodities took a hit today along with OIL ... I think we'll see at least a 10% correction over the next three months. I know this is posting after the fact ... the start of it was the last few days. I did sell some of my equities last week before the hike in U.S to 5% as (at least) a little hedge. Cheers, C.
  12. Hi, Not stayed there but had a good look round ... top class facilities and rooms. Check out - http://www.lkpattayahotel.com/ For price details. Watch out for the utility charges. know that a few board members stay there full time ... so maybe they can give the full gen. Cheers, C. I
  13. Hi, As an add on to EMan's last post ... It generally works a little like this. Interest rates are generally used to keep a cap on inflation. The base rate in the UK currently runs at around 1 - 2% greater than the inflation rate. So, you are only going to get at most 2% (taking into account ISAs, tax allowances etc) greater than the rate of inflation. So, to stand still on your capital and get £14K a year, you need to invest an amount where 2% (at best!) gives you 14K and that amount is around £700K. Now that doesn't include any thought of exchange rate fluctuations that can go for or against you, the dreaded stagflation :-) and of course how long will you live ... as it's no use being dead with all your capital intact :-). My arithmetic is crap but but I think you need a lot more than 350K invested to get a consistent 80K baht a month. Alan, Am I talking shite or is £700K a closer figure to invest to maintain 80K baht a month than the simply worked out one you suggested? Cheers, C.
  14. Hi, 1. No CGT on the sale of your main residence. 2. Income tax on rental income after expenses. 3. Income tax or CGT on any investment of capital on the the proceeds, if any, of the sale. 4. Remember Income tax and CGT allowances. I agree with BB on the posts initial concept ... Don't sell but rent - I would temper that by saying - at least for the 1st year. Renting property while abroad can be a real hassle - I did it for ten years and I'm now glad I did but there were quite a few moments along the way. Cheers, C.
  15. Hi Tabmule, For some strange reason I found this amusing / sick. C'mon give us a break - please, no more!!! Cheers, C.
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