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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. No self-respecting Englishman will ever let his bottle of HP sauce out of his sight.
  2. We need a new section for stuff like that Larry. Anyway, off for a canter.
  3. No Stamboy they haven't, it has been mentioned I look a right cunt on occasions though. When I was getting my picture taken in the local nick a few months back and having my DNA taken I was asked about distinguishing marks and I said my feet resemble horse hooves. As people have commented upon I thought it was a perfectly reasonable thing to say. Plod just glared at me. What do you reckon?
  4. Any joke conected to Forest is fucking hilarious, thanks Dave. Seeing Winston tonight and I will repeat incessantly.
  5. Up yours too you fucking idiot. Most of the fucking dolts on here who complain about arses or jizz don't ever spend a penny in FLB but sit at home dreaming. Over the last few nights I've spent over £300 in there. What a sad state of affairs. Needless to say I've spent my last baht in FLB. Plenty of other places to go in Pattaya without being thought of as weird or a joke if you have a wank from a ladyboy.
  6. As this is now in the "Jokes" section, it begs the question, since when has being wanked off by a ladyboy been a joke?
  7. Hilly, don't you remember? One of those arses is yours.
  8. Larry, thanks. After meetng you I would like to think of you as a friend too. Seems like me and Samsonite are never going to be friends but never mind, I don't really give a fuck.
  9. Photographing TG's arses costs baht and that was being spent in vast quantities on ale last night. The BM's arses cost nothing to photograph because they didn't give a fuck. Therefore, on this occasion ale took priority over TG's arses - but only on this occasion.
  10. He thought the whole thing was gay and immoral. His refusal to take part on the grounds that even a glimpse of a mans arse would make him gay disqualified him from the competition. Last seen donning a wig and some sunglasses heading towards Jenny Star Bar counting his money.
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