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  1. Thanks for the info & the well needed laugh !
  2. True, although it is actually 1590 Bht per night in stead of 1690 Bht. But there's no dfifference with the 1200 Bht room. My opinion : if You're able to get the 1200 Bht room, You'll get a room worth your money. If those are not available, for 1590 Bht/night, I would check the alternatives. PS : took the 1590 bht room as I was too lazy to look for alternatives and really love the pool..... Jay
  3. Always the same people trying to get down on the BiB. They do their job in Thaïland, the Thaï way ! Who the hell would we be (occasional visitors) to critizize them ???? Never had a problem with them & i wish the coppers in my country would be like them ! Jay
  4. And to make things worse : "Januari 2029 : Baht bus fare increases too a staggering 15 Bht !!!!" Jay
  5. I thought "NY" meant "No Yakking".....maybe that explains the popularity ! Jay
  6. How did You get that rate ???? The site gives quite different prizes ! Jay
  7. I'm fascinated that they can locate water on mars, but cannot locate where the water seeps in from in my car ! Jay
  8. Seems like a beaver got their first too..... Jay
  9. Pun seems to be gone...but seems like new girls too ! See ya soon ! Jay PS : update on the new girls might be nice
  10. Although cautious about this subject, I think that capital punishment should be applied to those that "willingly" took innocent lives. The price of keeping these in prison & alive is high. Personally, I think that money could be put at a better use for those in need who have never done anything wrong. E.g. : lots of single parents, unemployed & homeless people who are just happy to have one meal a day, some warmth in this winter period and a roof above them. Jay
  11. Came in a few times last June during my afternoon walk. Liked the view, the calm atmosphere, the fact that there is no hassle whatsoever. Enjoyed the music and the video clips on the screens. Staff was nice. Am actually surprised about the "noise" problem, never noticed it, maybe an "evening" problem ? Anyway, when back in town I'll sure be back ! Jay
  12. I'd say keep it simple : any today's 6 Meg camera will do nicely for non-professionel photo shooting. Thaïland is not a bargain for the latest elektronic devices, but one can see some good deals on "yesterday's" technology. I'd go along with the previous poster : let the lady choose the cam (within your budget of course), I think she'll be pleased : Thaï women are like all women : when it comes to shopping.....!!! Jay
  13. Great stuff !!! One of these days I really should scan in my pics from 1989 & onwards..........just about a.....few thousand pics......! Shouldn't take me long........one pic per minute........ouch...! Jay
  14. I hope I'll be able to make it this year.....and your business seems to fill in a "niche" that I missed on my last trips ! Hope to see you when I get there, seems like the place where I want to spent time ! Keep up the good work ! Jay
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