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  1. these videos are put together by BM chrisuk which he sells on ebay there is lots more of his work on youtube and in the members video section
  2. lets bump this thread back to the top of the page
  3. The Head 2 Head League is now full. If anyone still wishes to play then jamie392305 has set up a similar league http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/55834-fantasy-football-league-2/
  4. It's something to with the website, you will be entered into the league.
  5. At last the football season is nearly here and this years Fantasy Football League has been set up. Just click on the link http://fantasy.premierleague.com/ Go through all the registeration. Select your team, auto complete is good if you are short of time. You can always return later and change your team as much as you wish unti the start of the season. Then go to Join a League section and then enter these codes in the box Pattaya Pages Classic League 134491-45197 Pattaya Pages Head 2 Head 134491-45605 The Classic League set up has already got about 10 players, who w
  6. Great pics again Adam Hope there is some parties in January
  7. Great video 3 more months, the wait is killing me
  8. Congratulations on another year Adam Jeez, Lin's lookin' good
  9. The new bar looks good, wish I was back in my spiritual home, good to see some old faces there to.
  10. Another great set of pics LVP, keep 'em coming
  11. Now that I've been to the Beer Garden, the only thing I would have changed was the name. I would have called it the Pattaya Beer Pier. It just sounded right to me at the time
  12. Wish I could be there enjoyed many good times in your bar on my last trip
  13. You have some fine assets working in your bar.
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