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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I did my Non-Immigrant 'O' 90 day reporting in Chiang Khan on Monday and was told that my next 90 day report must be in Chonburi as that's where my Visa was issued.
  2. Career on the rocks with no opportunity to play regularly? Over 30 and finding it difficult to find employment? Criminal record deterring clubs from signing you? Contact : Bung Management Limited colin@givemeabung.com Here at Colin W****r Bung Management (CWBM), we can tailor a deal especially for you. We specialise in negotiating deals that work for both you and us. We have access to funding from high net worth individuals that don't know the first thing about football and we have been successfully operating schemes to redistribute some of their wealth between us for many years. You get a h
  3. What is the 60+60+60 Visa? Anyhow, I was at Immigration in Jomtien yesterday getting my 'Retirement' Visa and they were still issuing 30 day extensions for Tourist Visas for 1900 Baht.
  4. Congratulations and good luck Mr Fiend!
  5. It's a lot easier than the mainstream forums lead you to expect. It's just down to money (and what isn't here). If you are over 50 but have a problem with proving that you fit the necessary criteria, then a payment of 25 - 30 k can get you the visa in under 1 hour.
  6. One of Chelsea and Arsenal is looking to be out of the Champions League next season (MU / MC / TH / +1). Arsenal are better prepared to pay their wage bill, but Chelsea? Another Leeds! SELL; SELL; SELL (got to get the wage bill down) No Euro income and new regulations means that RA cannot simply pump money into the club. My predication : Championship within 3 years for CFC if they fail to get CL qualification this year.
  7. Okay, The OPC (one per child) initiative is completely screwed up in that manufacturers cannot actually make the product for the advertised price and then they have requested that governments subsidise the difference. The 'PC' that I am looking at is basic, but it stands a chance of providing a price level that is affordable in Issan. A board director of of one of the licensed manufacturers has also hinted that if the distribution can be through a recognised charity then a number of units could be provided. Raising money for charity and being a recognised charity are different t
  8. One of the things I thought about getting involved with when I'm up country was setting up an after school 'club' for kids to start using and learning about computers, but as the cost of buying a full PC is out of the reach of most households it didn't look to be a practical thing to do. BUT, there is a new little 'gizmo' called the Rasperry Pi ( http://www.raspberrypi.org/ ) which has just been released by the RasperryPi Foundation which may make this idea possible. It'll run Linux and will handle mutimedia ( Think Pentium 2 with MUCH better grapic capability ) and the base price is only
  9. Chevy V8? Anyhow, if claims of riding bikes with bigger engines than cars having been driven are true then I can only assume we are talking about one of these :- Starting at a 'mere' 5700cc And getting bigger at 6200cc But the 'Big Daddy' is 9930cc
  10. The place on the other side of the road from Cherry restaurant? The one with the 'biusness for sale' sign in the window? 3.5 years on and I still smile at all the luandry signs as well.
  11. Well my choice of bike in the 125 - 150cc category is the Yamaha Spark (not automatic). Pretty nippy and okay for getting two people 100km on trips up to Bangkok. (I don't know why you're all on about 3litre turbo diesels. I used to love the power of the Lexus 4 litre V8)
  12. Mick, Next time you're in Pattaya, give me a call and I can give you some info on website creation, SEO techniques and general site traffic generation. George
  13. 'Old timers' become savvy. It's the way Pattaya works. So now it's time for the newbies to step up to the plate.
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