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  1. not being a fine diner i have no problem with the places i eat at in pattaya......i dont mind paying say 600 baht fo a meal but ive paid 150 baht and still enjoyed that meal just as much ... ps the best brecky for me has been irovers in lk
  2. butch is right in most of what he says but i would definately steer away from a tourist sim ... just get a sim from the ais stand load it with 200 baht ... im sure someone in irovers can load you some internet on it very cheap ...
  3. Looks tasty my try that one....be careful of the Italian mafia tho. They might put a hit out on you for messing with their recipes
  4. thanks for the comments have booked 3 days to start with there and see out it pans out
  5. just wondering if any boardies has stopped here and their comments or a better alternative ... thanks in advance
  6. a ten pound note for a burger, i hope it was a gourmet experience lol
  7. you called that one spot on ,,,burnley hard to beat at home
  8. a bit harse that wac beckham did more for united money wise than besty , by the way hows that liverpool to win the prem slip lol ......... and the gooners went down, its been a bad week for you !! David beckham CLUB CAREER: ------------------- Manchester United (1993-2003): Appearances - 394 Goals - 85 Assists - 152 Trophies won: Premier League 1995/96, 1996/97, 1998/99, 1999/00, 2000/01
  9. dont tell me you bet on them beating plymouth !!
  10. typical liverpool ... your bet will be sunk by the end of march ..... are you a liverpool fan lol
  11. hooters mmmm it looked very pathetic ... hope you guys had fun after the meal
  12. i usually eat with my eyes too, im not doubting the taste evil but to be honest the visual look of the burger is a mess and i for one wouldnt eat there if i see plates of food coming out looking like that
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