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  1. Remember this chain? There used to be one in Penang in the Eighties! And a Wendy's at the end of Patpong!
  2. We have been open barely a month and will address all issues, complaints and suggestions. Just give us time please! Happy Christmas to you all!
  3. Just some Pics for your interest: A very Happy Christmas to you all!
  4. Cod from Alaska as Norwegian Cod has too much water injected in it to make the weight up! Potatoes from Idaho. Potatoes here are grown in China or Chiangmai Called Dutch Potatoes. We cannot get King Edwards or Maris Piper here sorry!
  5. I have requested to join but have not had a notification! Thank You
  6. I would appreciate some help in how to post Pictures on this forum Thank You
  7. I would appreciate some advice about posting Pictures on Forums Please? Thank you kindly PM
  8. A colleague in Brighton yesterday was charged 9 Pounds for Cod x 2 Pcs and 4 Pounds for Chips 22 Pounds in all Ouch!
  9. Thank You There are in fact 5,000 Condominiums in the immediate area!
  10. We are pleased to announce the opening on Pratamnak Road, Between Soi6 and Tara Court on the Left Hand side! 'Not Just" Curry & Chips. A purpose built modern Eat in Or Take away Food Centre The Menu Includes Fish and Chips (Cod),(Haddock),(Shark),(Dory), Assorted Exclusive Square Pies, Pasties, Spam Fritters, Scampi, Giant 9" Battered Sausages, Mushy Peas, Curry Sauce and much much more! In the New Year we will be introducing Indian and Chinese dishes. We look forward to welcoming you! Thank you for your time. Paul Markham
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