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  1. https://thethaiger.com/news/opinion/saving-thai-airways I think Air Asia are to integrated now for Thai -airways to recoup.
  2. I had to copy the advert for the dog, my neighbour is on his honeymoon in Phuket and I am looking after his dogs and they are pinning for him.
  3. I'd give you a shovel but your doing fine on your own.
  4. Last time we arrived in the middle of the day at Don muang caught the train to the bus station and bus to Pattaya 160 baht that was an adventure, plus 100 baht for baht bus in Pattaya This time arriving in the late afternoon on Teelack's recommendation have book PT Taxi and promptly confirmed 1400 baht from Don Muang. Thanks @teelack
  5. Eva the sheep No! Even though it was started by a kiwi I don't think you should bring Eva into it. "I realise that other airlines also charge for this but add to that the dynamic and ever changing fare structure and I will be happy to use alternative flights where I never seen to pay over NZ$1000 even if there is a small stopover" Feel free to add your comments related to airlines.
  6. Done 1. a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Heading had Thaiways and content of post was about pricing and booking and then posts related to airlines, booking and price continued. Until it was hi jacked by 2 people including one who is a moderator with unnecessary comments Yeah posts counts up quality content now nearly in the negatives.
  7. And you wonder why people don't post on here any more.
  8. Yes A discussion is when 2 or more people share information. Discussing how we have, do or when we book flights is on topic started by @teelack and he is a big boy and if he had problem I am sure he will tell me next time I have a drink with him. Do you have some thing to add to the a discussion about flights or are you trolling. A trip report is after you have been. You are.
  9. Not sure what your asking? This sale was free seats and I paid for taxes, Another good sale for us is 2 for 1 sales as there is two of us flying so half prices.
  10. I love Air Asia short flights are great but had two horrible long haul flights form the Gold Coast to Bangkok via KL so never do more that 4hr flight with them now. I book at least 6 months ahead and take advantage of their sales. This trip Air Asia Bali to Kl 3 hr flight 1300 baht staying 3 nights, then Kl to Da Nang 1.30 hr flight 800 baht staying 5 nights. Changi Mi to Utapo was 400 baht While deciding how to get to Changi Mi they changed the time so I got a credit. Now flying Da nag to Can tho with Vietnam airlines 1.30 hr flight 1000 baht staying 1 night and then private boat u
  11. Wouldn't want to be the guy in the dark blue shorts.
  12. Hi Evil can i ask you to review a little French restaurant Le Freelax down the Soi behind the Buffalo bar.
  13. The tonkatsu meal (280 baht) and beer (70 baht) added up to 250 baht," I get 350 is your meal price a typo.
  14. We used it via Singapore once overnight in Singapore costs more that what we saved. But it was an experience, I would be more likely to use it again flying down from Chiang Mi. When I booked there was an option to book a shuttle pickup from Central Shopping Center, we went with a local taxi 500 baht took about an hour.
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