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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Wouldn't want to be the guy in the dark blue shorts.
  2. Hi Evil can i ask you to review a little French restaurant Le Freelax down the Soi behind the Buffalo bar.
  3. The tonkatsu meal (280 baht) and beer (70 baht) added up to 250 baht," I get 350 is your meal price a typo.
  4. We used it via Singapore once overnight in Singapore costs more that what we saved. But it was an experience, I would be more likely to use it again flying down from Chiang Mi. When I booked there was an option to book a shuttle pickup from Central Shopping Center, we went with a local taxi 500 baht took about an hour.
  5. You seem fit what did you think of ramayana water park and would a couple of old people get any thing out of a visit. We like fishing and there is a few new fishing parks that have opened up in the last 12 months. We will be there after the 3rd maybe we will cross paths.
  6. Hi all just and update on Bad Boys health problems after about 9 months on testosterone replacement therapy with no change he stop the injections the end of 2012. Now present day After we returned from Thailand in March this year he had a barking cough and feeling unwell, when to the doctor and was given a course of antibiotics. These helped a little but the cough came back, so he went to see another doctor this time I went with him and told the doctor all the symptoms he had in the last 6 months. He has an annoying cough (which is currently worst) he has lost about 10 kg and some times faint. He gets the shakes which started in his hands but now in his legs, the doctor witness this when he stood up to check his breathing. Blood test were ordered and the results were the cough was from Whooping Cough 2 weeks of strong antibiotics cured this. But it was the other results that amazed the doctor, his thyroid level was of the chart. ( Hyperthyroidism is a disorder in which your thyroid gland makes and releases more thyroid hormone than your body needs) basically his body eating its self to stay alive. His chest xray showed that 2 of his vertebra had collapsed and fused which is another symptom of Hyperthyroidism (brittle bones) his bone density test came back high risk. He Immediately started taking a high coarse of tables to slow the Thyroid, that he may have to take up to 3 years. After 6 weeks he has gained a little weight but he had low blood pressure a side effect of the drugs. Blood test show all his levels were in the normal range, but his TSH were still high so the dosage has been drop to half. He still has to start treatment for brittle bones, one part was changing his diet which we all ready done(more protein, dairy and non starch vegetables). Now here is the interesting part his floating testosterone levels were low but natural testosterone were normal. The doctor reviewed his old blood test from 3 years ago and with every test his Thyroid was increasing and was even in red writing. The first doctor never pick this up and just tried to treat the testosterone level. It has been only 10 weeks on the tablets but things in the bedroom are on the up and up.
  7. Found this one today walking down the street behind the market that the watch lady is in. behind the school on the cnr of 2nd road and Pattaya tai ?
  8. Yeah the last one is the one I was talking about at Soi Bukow market, I thought they would of pointed you in the right direction.
  9. Have been twice and loved it,if you like things with motors you won't be disappointed. We have never been able to figure out whats on when. It would have already started and late on Sunday night bikes will still be rolling in. We pay a baht bus to take us out and then we catch motor bike taxi back to the main road as it is bumper to bumper traffic when leaving. Again can't tell you whats on when but there are things like trick rides out in the car park and battle of the stereos (in cars), this cool although its is very loud they are all hooked into the same DJ. There is a large Oval and walked around it twice on both days and still did not see every thing. http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/47679-burapa-pattaya-bike-week-february-2010/
  10. Hi I have never had any keys cut but notice 2 places over the years of visiting. Next to Soi Buakhoa markets far side there are a row of bars/cafes, the end one closest to beach road has a key cutting section, the old man use to do the cutting but over the years I notice the a younger one does, probably father and son. At the end of Soi Lengkee corner of 3 rd there is a hardware store, they do key cutting. I think it has been run by a family over the years, as when we ask a couple of technical question about a concrete grinding disc they got an old man from out the back, him and Paul had a good chat about different things. Just saying they have both been establish for years, if they can't they probably know who can.
  11. Dear Boyfriend (ATM) I not hear from you for along time. I write to tell you news from farm. My prized Braham Bull got sick had to take him to the vets this is going to cost a lot of money. My brother was rounding up the cows and fell of his motorbike he has a broken leg. Will have to employ someone to round up the cows this will cost a lot of money. It has not rained for along time and the Kangaroos are eating all the grass that was for the cows. Will have to buy hay for them this will cost a lot of money. Grandma is too old to live out on the farm and wants to move to an old peoples home in town this will cost a lot of money. Do not send money to the farm, as I don’t live there any more. My brother had work cover insurance and will be paid while he is not working, insurance will also cover his medical bills. The Government declared a drought so was able to get drought relief package to feed the cows and now it is raining and the grass is growing. I sold my Braham bull to pay the vet bills he was not sick as all the cows are in calf he was just warn out. Got a good price as proven stud bull. Grandma was a war widow so is entitled to a RSL retirement villa and moved in last week only has to pay part of pension. I have not employed any one to round up the cows as I sold the farm for a VERY GOOD PRICE as it was green and all the cows were in calf, man pay cash. I moved to Thailand and now live in Pattaya next time you visit I buy you drink. Love always Pom Pom.
  12. Soi Dianna is good because you can walk through Mike Shopping Mall to the beach and which is also a good land mark for getting on or of the baht bus both on 2rd and Beach rd.
  13. Ahh past lives I was a champion breast stroker in the day, it still comes in handy.
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