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  1. Good ...... less food wastage. I never understood when there is so much hunger in the world , people still throw food away or allow food to expire!
  2. Kiss , MacDonalds , KFC Street food off carts , som tam , fruits , Denmark Hamburger , 7-11 or Family mart's packed food
  3. Good luck Mick ; your spirit of sharing has inspired many and many more (incl me) thank you for that. Get well asap Cmon guys , write a little larger so he can see it better!
  4. I tried the Sabushi jap buffett at the Aveune 2nd floor. 500B fo all you can eat. Not bad but not great either. Sushi Fried tofu and jap curry - loved the tofu but not the curry! Tim Sum - nothing special either Tappanyaki pork , beef salmon and something else , - very nich and juicy. The squid in floor balls and steamed egg. Usually loved the squid balls but this version was cold and had too much gnger for me. Steam egg was great!
  5. At a thai resturant somewhere in between some quite soi! All I know its near Don Maung or a shopping centre called Future Park Jim Jum No idea whats its called but its deep fried pork. I prefer the version with plently of deep fried garlic Deep fried duck beak Deep fried fish and grilled squid. You can see what remind of the duck's beak! Some porky clear soup complmentry from the cook.Some left over grilled pork in the back ground We had ten dishes between 3 of us and didnt pay corkage for the duty free JW Blue. Cost us under 1kB
  6. Banana Roti Prata bought in 101 locations in Pattaya! BBQ pork parts bought close to closing time on LK Metro. Dont ask me what parts!
  7. Stayed there the last few days and they were removing ALL safety boxes in the rooms and replaceing them with WORKING ones! hahah ... about time! Anyway , nice redo to their lobby , still some reno going on to their cafe and the swimming pool will be grand new and moved to the 3rd floor. They have fitted new aircons in all the rooms and the place has really has been cleaned up. Bad point - the wifi signal is still very weak!
  8. Be glad you are not talking about the Pattayaland 3 BF!
  9. I am sure we can definitely do better than to lose to 10men and after going 1 up in the 1st minute at home! We'll do a Leeds on you this year!
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/18791016 The Al-Hasawi family have completed their takeover of Championship side Nottingham Forest from the estate of Nigel Doughty. Doughty put the club up for sale in October but his death four months later added complications to the deal. In a statement the Kuwaiti family said: "It's an honour and privilege to assume control of this great club. We look forward towards a successful future. "You can be assured of our best efforts in bringing the Reds back to the top." The family's interest in the football club first emerged at the end of May, but there was no comment from Forest at that time. Businessman Fawaz Al-Hasawi had been chairman of Al-Quadisya Sports Club in his native country, but his decision to step down was a precursor to interest in investment within English football. Doughty, a genuine Forest supporter, helped rebuild the club financially although recovering past glories has proved difficult - with relegation to League One in 2005 a major blow for the former European Cup winners. Forest eventually returned to the Championship after a three-year absence but, after two consecutive unsuccessful play-off campaigns, they failed to recapture that form last term, finishing 19th. The Al-Hasawi family intend to hold a press conference on Saturday, 14 July at the club's City Ground.
  11. Not everyone likes or have quick access to videos. Remember the old days when you wait 1hr for a 1mins video! Also you fail to see the point of labelling you vids in the first place so we can find it! We're trying to help you out here with proper feedback.
  12. Agreed , nothing but a budget airline with some full pledge services like meals. As mentioned , no on board screen , bring your own tablet or pc.
  13. Good point , I was searching for the location and when I realised it was lost in the vids , I lost interest. Surely the owners dont expect us to trawl the videos to find the location of one of the thousands of bars in Pattaya , do you?
  14. To anyone interested , the hotel will undergo renovations mid July to mid Aug I sent them an email on my 'maybe' Sept trip and they quoted me Low season period (1st May - 31st October 2012) Standard room: 700 baht per night Balcony room: 800 baht per night High season period (1st Nov - 24th December 2012) Standard room: 800 baht per night Balcony room: 1,000 baht per night I thought it would be higher but I also expected the renovations be more extensive
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