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  1. best coffee I have had in Patts...is at beachfront au pain ...next to hungry jacks...
  2. I agree with u there and ALWAYS ask for it extra hot and send it back if it isn't...Having said that, when they do make it hot for me,,,it's pretty good. I've found this at any number of breakfast places...cheap and good ingredients but not hot enough The only place I found that was always hot and good produce was reteraunt In Soi Bukaao, turn left out of Sutus and 1st resto and u hv found it
  3. I eat anything and everywhere in Pattaya, but gotta mention a few places that for ME , are getting it right! 1. Lone Star Soi Lengkee......Fri Special Ribs, corn and 2 sides, all magnificent , went twice and was perfect for ME 199 baht 2. Jockeys , next door,.....1st time had a Gammon steak, fries, egg and peas, it was so tasty, and fresh, loved it, 2nd time had the Sat special a Mince and Onion Pie with mash and beans and it was special, washed it down with the best banana shake I've had in Pattaya in 8 yrs. 129 baht 3. Good well Restaraunt attached to Maleez hotel! next to Sutus
  4. arrive QF23from sydney 25 /1. 735pm taxi booked ...1000 baht if anyone interested to split fare?
  5. 1000 baht taxi organized....I'm going to LK Metro I arrive QF1 2315 hours on 14th Dec 2011 if anyone wants to share...
  6. Im arriving Qantas QF1 2315 on Tuesday 25th October Have taxi 1000 bt organised Anyone to share??
  7. hope to live that long hahahaha
  8. as stated above ....anyone wanta share ..i arr qf1 2315 HOURS on 5th july
  9. juice on soi lengkee havethe usual bfast 99 for all the usual... But the difference is its quality produce cooked well....not greasy and cheap like alot of them around town
  10. Arriving 2315 hours on 5th May 2011 Taxi booked 1000baht Airport to Pattaya if anyone wants to share
  11. As a follow up to all the above...i booked bay breeze for 2 weeks...but moved out after 1 night, Rooms were good and in a good situation but the room they put me in was on 2nd rd and opposite is the beer bars with LOUD music till 2am every night. They have thai performers there and the music is bad I asked that night if i could change rooms and was assured that I cd in morning. Unfortunately no room became available so I moved on I wouldnt write off this hotel BUT just b careful where in the Hotel they locate u...
  12. Was wondering if anyone knows how much baht u can take out of thailand when leaving??? Thought good idea to cash up with baht while exchange rate is so good. Thanks in advance for ur reply..
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