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  1. Are there any Japanese here? Question to them. What would you advise for a truly Japanese restaurant? Concept of Japanese food among foreigners differs from native Japanese. I heard a lot of tourists praised super cheap Thai sushi at Night Market.
  2. Hello everybody! Is it possible to get from Bangkok to Pattaya after 23:00? I'm going to the concert at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre and need to be in Pattaya by morning. What are the options? Thank you in advance
  3. I'm a coffee lover and can't live without it. Could you please advise me few places worth to come and have a cup of coffee? Except Starbucks.. Thanx
  4. Hello everybody! Could you please recommend me good restaurant with romantic atmosphere? cool for having a date or dining thanx
  5. Hello everybody! Please tell me what are the good karaoke bars here in Pattaya :) Desperately want to sing rock songs in English. As I understood one has to pay for the entry not for the each song, right? Thanx!
  6. That's kind of stereotype among foreigners :) Anyway I can't see any connection between Kiev rallies and sex on Pattaya beach
  7. Hello there! Are there any public libraries or second hand bookshops in Pattaya where I can have books written in English? Don't want to spend much money on books but read every day. Reading from PC or smartphone is not ok Thank you in advance.
  8. Hello, dear friends? could you please tell me is it legal (officially) to drink alcohol, sing songs at night and have sex on Pattaya beaches? If it's not what are the fines for breaking that rules? Have you ever heard that somebody got fined because of that? P.S I've heard that it's not appropriate to sunbathe topless but are there any official rules for that?
  9. Hello everybody! Could you please tell me what vegetarian restaurants in Pattaya are worth to visit? Those who serve veg food only, not just veg menu. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello everybody! I decided to continue my study of Japanese language after moving to Pattaya. I'll be very grateful if you suggest me proper language courses. Or maybe you have Japanese friend who is willing to teach one diligent pupil I have passed N4 and familiar with 200-300 kanjis. Thanks in advance!
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